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A Very Sexy Story I Found On The Web

Hello all! The following is a rather long and very exciting story I found online. Due to its length, i'll post it in divided parts, according to the agreement that you all manifest. Comments are very welcome. Enjoy!



"High heels can be painful"

Isabelle and Sharon had, as usual, taken a walk downtown during the
They were in a hurry back, since they had forgotten about time
during their
chat in Mrs. Stratton's coffee shop. Isabelle's heels clicked on the
"Shit!, I have to change my shoes and stockings, also." Isabelle
"Yeah, we're going to have Ms. Everson on the history. You got a
last week." Sharon reminded.
"No more detentions, thank you, it's soo booring."
"Yes, and remember what happened to Lara."
"Yeah, she got the cane." Isabelle said.
The dress code of the St. Andrew's School permitted only shoes with
heels no
higher than one inch, and socks no higher than up to the knee.
Detentions were
fairly common, and they were very strict. Further, misdemeanours
would often
result in a more severe punishment, usually a couple of rattan
strokes to the
behind or the palms of the hands. The Andrew's School for Girls
guaranteed to
"Make ladies out of girls" and the rules were distinct. Parents had
to sign for
that they allowed corporal discipline.
Isabelle had changed to her black heels with about three inch
heels, and black
pantyhose stockings for the walk.
"We're going to be late if you're going back to the room and
change. We will
be in pretty bad trouble for that also." Sharon said.
"Yes, it's only four minutes left." The lecture started at one a
"I bet you don't dare to have those shoes and stockings again?"
"Ms. Everson is always kind to me, but still she gave me a
detention. I can't
figure her out."
"Yeah, I've noticed, she's harsh to everyone else. I think she
like your
stockings." Sharon teased.
"I bet she does, she's strange."
"Come on now, don't be yellow. She probably won't even notice, we
sit in the
back. She saw you last time only because you had your presentation."

"Yeah, ok, we'll be late for sure otherwise." Isabelle
They just made it. The other girls in the class was entering the
classroom and
they catched up among the last.
Ms. Everson was a rather attractive woman, in her thirties, with
long blonde
hair. As she began the lecture, Heather Collins, a not so good
friend of Isabelle
raised her hand, after having a glance at Isabelle.
"Yes, Heather, what is it this time?" Ms. Everson was irritated to
"Miss, why is Isabelle allowed to wear pantyhose, when we others
"No, Heather, she is not." Isabelle felt a wave of dread sweep
over her.
"But, look at her then." Heather insisted.
"Stand up, Isabelle" Isabelle slowly rose to her feet.
"Isabelle, it is not the first time, this is on the carpet. Is
"No miss." Isabelle swallowed hard.
"You know very well, the dress code. Doesn't it apply to you?" Ms.
tone was still unpleasantly soft.
"Yes, but the other shoes are so ugly..." Isabelle tried but
couldn't find a
way out.
"Come over here, to the desk, please, young lady." Oh no, this can
only mean
one thing, Isabelle thought.
"So, you are a big girl now, and want to walk around in high
heels, on tip
toes? Fine, I'll make sure, you walk on tip toes!" Ms. Everson's
voice was still
soft but Isabelle sensed the menacing intentions.
"This is an excellent opportunity to keep up the old Asian
traditions of the
school. Do you know how children are sometimes punished in China?"
"Nn...no miss."
"You will soon learn then. Take those shoes off, and put them on
the desk!"
Isabelle obeyed. Ms. Everson fetched something from the cupboard. It
was a
switch, about two feet long and quarter of an inch thick, made from
The classroom had now, an almost electric atmosphere, and Isabelle
felt the fear
and embarrassment rise and tingle, inside her. This was too much, to
be caned in
front of the class. She could see Heather giggle quietly, while
wispering to her
"Sit here on the desk, please" A bit confused, Isabelle,
hesitantly sat down
on the desk.
"Hold up your right foot, grasp your right ankle with your right
Isabelle obeyed, still confused.
"There, good. I will give you six strokes on the sole of each
Oh no! She would be caned on the feet!, and twelve strokes! Normally
there would
only be four strokes to the palm of the hands, and only one of the
Isabelle felt like she was going melt by humiliation, but the
tingling feeling
in her stomach wasn't completely unpleasant. Ms. Everson made a
false stroke in
the air. The sound made Isabelle wince. Then, she took aim by
pressing the cane
against Isabelle's pantyhose clad sole. Isabelle clenched her teeth
together, in
anticipation. Ms. Everson brought her arm back. Isabelle closed her
It seemed to take several minutes, but the tingling feeling in the


I was almost a release, Isabelle gasped, but no cry escaped her
lips. The cane
hit her sole, over the arch, just below the ball. The pain was
stinging, but it
wasn't at all as bad as Isabelle had figured it would be. The
tingling had her
stomach and crotch in a firm grip.
"Open your eyes, girl. Look at the cane!" Isabelle had forgotten
for a moment,
that every eye in the class was focused on her poor foot, and even
looked scared. However, Isabelle didn't care about that now. She had
never felt
like this before. The feeling in her stomach, and lower... Damn it
felt good!


The second stroke was harder, and a little lower on her sole. It
really hurt,
but there was something good about the pain. Isabelle was beginning
to feel a
little dizzy. Ms. Everson took aim again, lower, on the pad of
Isabelle's heel.


An even harder stroke. It was, actually, not the first time Ms.
Everson let a
girl taste the rattan on the soles, but she was surprised by
Isabelle's silence.
The previous girls had howled and yelped, at much lighter strokes.
didn't even look very agonized, or pleading. She had expected
Isabelle's tender,
sexy feet to be much more sensitive. Ms. Everson felt the warmth and
softness as
she adjusted Isabelle's foot that had got slightly out of position.
Ms. Everson
delivered three strokes in rapid succession

ShhWHAP! ShhWHAP! ShhWHAP! "Aaaaaaah"

Isabelle opened her mouth and moaned. It wasn't only the pain that
made her moan,
but she couldn't control it. She felt unsteady. Something was
building up
inside her...
"Left foot, please." Ms. Everson commanded. Isabelle heard, but
was like
immobilized. The tingling made her clench her legs together.

SshhhhWHACK! "Owwww!"

The hardest stroke yet! Isabelle cried out from pain for the first
time. her
rather squeaky voice, almost sounded funny.
"Switch to your left foot, girl!" Isabelle jumped on the desk.
"Y... yes, miss." Isabelle, shakily, held out her left foot.

ShhhhWHAT! "Aaaaah"

Another stroke fell. Isabelle had her mouth open and moaned, but the
pain was
being subdued by waves of pleasure washing over her body. Several
more strokes
fell, but they only felt like taps under her foot as she climaxed on
the desk.
"Aaaaah, Aaaah, Aaaaaah, Aaaaaaaaaah" Isabelle moaned. Only the
last stroke
was beginning to sting again. Isabelle remained in position, and as
she opened
her eyes, she saw Ms. Everson was looking down her crotch, with a
beginning of a
smile on her lips. Isabelle quickly lowered her leg.
"Well, have you learned your lesson now?"
"Yes, miss." Isabelle sobbed, and wiped the tears that had formed
in her eyes.
"Remove those stockings, and put them at your shoes. You are to
walk barefoot,
until the end of the todays lectures!" Isabelle pulled off the
stockings. Her
soles ached a bit and had also a little numb, tingly feeling, but
they didn't
hurt particularly bad as she stepped down on the floor. She put the
stockings in
her shoes.
"Back to your seat now, girl" Ms. Everson stroked her back gently,
lovingly. Isabelle, confused, walked back to her seat. Damn! she had
an orgasm,
maybe the best she ever had. Isabelle felt a coolness from her
wetted panties.
She avoided Heathers gloating eyes as she walked past her.
"Now, you all know what happens to feet who walk around in these.
I hope I
don't have to see anymore of this." Ms. Everson pointed, with the
cane, at
Isabelle's shoes on the desk. Isabelle sat down beside Sharon, who
had a
concerned look on her face.
The lecture continued as normal, with some increased whispering
however. Isabelle guessed her recently smacked feet was the main
subject. It was
very unusual with a punishment in front of the class, and foot
punishments was
something new, to everyones knowledge. Heather threw some glances in
direction, with a smile on her face. Sharon didn't dare whispering,
but wrote a
note for Isabelle. "I'm really sorry, Bel. Does it still hurt bad?"
wrote back that it wasn't that bad. The lecture ended, and as they
were on their
way out, Ms. Everson called Isabelle back.
"Come to my office at four, please, we are to fill in the
punishment book."
"Yes, miss." Isabelle didn't even dare asking, if she were to get
her shoes,
back. Sharon and some other of the girls waited for her. They
questioned her
about how it felt e.t.c. and expressed their concerns for her, and
how they
hated the sadistic Ms. Everson. Isabelle answered she was ok.
Ms. Everson closed the door and stayed for a while in the
classroom. She took
out Isabelle's stockings and felt the foot ends. Maybe they were a
little moist.
She put them to her nose and inhaled deeply, possibly there was a
little smell
also. She thought about the spot she had seen in the crotch of
Isabelle's white
panties. She didn't think she had seen wrong, and Isabelle had
really behaved
strangely. Hmmm... the little sweetheart likes a little pain.. She

Re: A Very Sexy Story I Found On The Web

Unfortunately i have no idea what happened to the author... the list closed down after yahoo groups was started... and as more websites started contributing content everyone stopped doing mailling lists.... most of the famous providers at the time disappeared....

Its a shame what happened to such great content providers... there was the Tbill archive with all the pics posted on it... there was the Foot discipline list... and the ASFF.... all gone :(

Re: A Very Sexy Story I Found On The Web

I have written a second part for this story. Hope you enjoy it.

Isabelle Part 2

By the time 4PM came round Isabelle was pleased to get to the quiet of the corridor outside Miss Everson's office.

The unusual caning she had received had been the talk of the school.

Most people were sympathetic and would certainly not give her hassle anyway. Isabelle was a popular pupil and generally held to be the coolest girl in the school. She was someone others admired and did not mock. However, the fact she had received strokes to her soles and ofcourse was in bare feet had drawn a lot of attention and by the end of the day Isabelle wanted some peace and time to contemplate.

Miss Everson was not in her office and so Isabelle sat on a chair near the door and waited.

She stared at her now dirty feet and thought about her reaction to the punishment. Isabelle had been dying to get this time to think about it. She could not believe she had had an orgasm as a result of this treatment but there was no denying it was the case. Clearly her pleasure had not been visible to those who had seen her punished but Isabelle knew and she was confused. She would be ashamed if others did know and really wanted to understand why she had orgasmed at having her feet beaten.

Isabelle also wondered if Miss Everson had noticed. These thoughts of confusion, shame, and uncertainty whirred through her head as the sound of Miss Everson's heels began to reverberate down the corridor.

Isabelle looked and saw the teacher striding towards her. Isabelle stood up immediately and said Hello Miss as the teacher drew close.

Miss Everson replied in a light, calm tone and opened her office door. She told Isabelle to enter and put her hand on the girl's shoulder as she followed her through. Isabelle heard the door shut and turned to see Miss Everson turn the key in the lock.

Once the room was secured, Miss Everson turned and smiled at Isabelle.

"Please sit down," she said, beckoning her charge to a chair near her desk.

Isabelle had been to this office before. At that time it belonged to a Mr Hargreaves. He was fond of discipline, for even the minorest misdemenours. He would cane hands for bad spelling in even an A grade essay.

Isabelle's hands and buttocks had received some caning in this room but nothing had ever provoked a reaction similar to that experienced today.

As Isabelle sat down she noticed her shoes and stockings on Miss Everson's desk. They were very neatly arranged. The shoes were straight and together with the toes pointing to Miss Everson's side of the desk. The stockings were laid out one on either side of the shoes. They had been stretched out to their full length and the thigh parts dangled over the desk infront of Isabelle.

Miss Emerson sat, fixed the barefoot student with a stare, waited until Isabelle looked her squarely in the eye and began to talk.

"So Isabelle, what was your reaction to the punishment you received today?"

Isabelle shuffled her bare feet together as she thought.

"It took me by surprise Miss Everson. I did not expect to be beaten in that way."

"No I imagine you did not," Miss Everson smiled encouragingly at Isabelle before continuing.

"The punishment is called the bastinado or falaka. It is used widely in eastern and middle eastern cultures, but is a novelty in the west. I knew it had not been used at this school as I looked through the punishment book.

"Did you find it to be painful and humiliating Isabelle?"

"Ahhhh....well....errrrr.... Yes Miss I did."

"You sound unsure Isabelle. Did it hurt more than the hand and bottom canings you have had in the past?"

Isabelle shuffled her bare feet awkwardky as she pondered the question. She was begiining to think Miss Everson knew she had orgasmed at the treatment and wondered whether she should say anything. in the end she was too embarrassed and opted to be vague.

"It was errrrr..... different Miss to previous punishments. It was errrrr....."

Miss Everson gazed kindly att Isabelle as she attempted to express herself. Isabelle shuffled and mumbled and in the end just said: "Miss. I have been in confusion since this morning. I had an orgasm when you punished me and I don't know what it means. I feel ashamed and embarassed and I don't know what to do."

When she finished speaking, Isabelle lowered her head in shame and waited for Miss Everson's reaction.

The teacher smiled to herself, stood up, walked round the desk and perched on it in front of Isabelle. She took her hand and began to comfort her.

"Look at me Isabelle," Miss Everson said nurturingly.

"You have nothing to feel ashamed of. I could see that you had an orgasm during your punishment. I could tell by the way you moaned and also from the patch in your knickers."

Isabelle shirked with enmbarassment but Miss Everson merely gripped her hand tighter and continued.

"The truth of the matter is I thought that it was possible that you would have that type of reaction."

Isabelle looked at her quizically as she said this.

"Look Isabelle," Miss Everson continued. "I noticed you when I first started to teach here. You stood out. There was something about you I could sense that was different. You give off a charge that the other girls simply do not have.

"I was attracted to this and have been watching you closely. On the outside you seem rebellious and controlling but I could see that part of this confidence contained hidden depths, a sort of sexual spark that was intriguing to me."

Miss Everson could see that Isabelle was confused and she tried a different tack.

"Do you know what a masochist is Isabelle?"

"It is somebody who enjoys pain Miss," Isabelle replied.

"Yes it is. And I take it you are aware of what a sadist is Isabelle?"

"Someone who enjoys inflicting pain and suffering."

"That is right. And what about a fetishist. Do you understand this term?"

"That is someone who is obsessed with something because they get sexual pleasure from it."

"Well you see the thing is Isabelle, I am a sadist. I enjoy hurting and humiliating. I get a sexual kick from it. I am also a fetishist as I love female feet.

"I have held these desires for a number of years and I get a sense an instinct as it were when I encounter a true masochist. And I have felt that with you Isabelle.

"You have a need to be beaten Isabelle. It is a part of you you will not be able to control and need to learn to live with.

"You also need to learn to express it and let it out otherwise you will find life to be very sad. And at just 16 years old you don't want that do you?"

"No Miss I don't," Isabelle replied.

Miss Everson's words were making sense to Isabelle. It helped to explain what had happened and she felt calmer and could see the reason behind the orgasm and feelings she had held for some time but not been able to express.

The teacher could see her words were bringing comfort to the pupil and continued.

"Not many opportunities will present themselves in life for you to express these emotions and give vent to who you really are. You must take them and our meeting like this is such an opportunity. Do you agree Isabelle?"

"Yes Miss Everson I do", she replied, smiling.

"Good. We must be very careful though. Whilst you of an age where you can pursue adult relationships it is obvioulsy troublesome being your teacher. However, I am sure you will provide me with plenty of chances to punish you won't you Isabelle?"

"Yes Miss Everson, ofcourse I will."

The teacher stood and handed Isabelle her shoes and stockings.

"Wear these again to the lesson tomorrow. We both know what I will have to do so sleep well and prepare yourself. You may go. You can put your footwear on outside."

With that Isabelle grabbed her things and shuffled towards the door. Miss Everson followed in order to unlock it. As she turned the key, she turned to Isabelle and said: "By the way. If that bitch Heather Collins smirks as she did today when I beat you tomorrow, she will get the same treatment."

"Thanks Miss," Isabelle said. "I look forward to it."

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