This is a relatively short story from my Agent Angelle Series. In this one, lovely Angelle gives chase to a suspect and ends up out on a hot roof.... in her bare feet!! Ouch!! The suspect gets away and Angelle ends up with burned tootsies!

BSDM: Predicament - Trapped out on a hot roof in her bare feet
Consensual: Yes
Nudity: No
Tickling: No
Bondage: No
Shoe play/dangling: No

Agent Angelle LeVoxx vitals: Female, unmarried, age: 29, h: 5' 8", w: 134 lbs, hair: blk, eyes: grey, birthplace: Louisiana USA, current home: Miami FL USA, languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Education: BA MBA, special training: electronic surveillance, diplomatic corps, financial systems controls, Hobbies: Running, biking, swimming

Angelle and her partner track a 22 year old woman wanted for questioning in a fraud case to her job. As soon as they get there and meet the plant manager, the suspect is tipped off and the girl takes off. Angelle takes off after her through the plant. Angelle is quite the site, running in her tank top, tight black jeans and 4 inch heels.

Angelle is having a tough time keeping up with the fleeing girl, so she kicks off her fashionable high heel loafers and continues the chase in her bare feet!

The girl takes a flight of stairs to a second floor storage area with Angelle finally beginning to gain on her. When the girl takes a door out onto a roof area, Angelle follows, discovering too late that out in the afternoon sun, the metal roof is PLENTY HOT!!! Angelle stops and returns to the door she exited through only to discover that the door has LOCKED!! DAMN!! The roofing is burning her feet and there is no shade anywhere.... Oooowwwh!! Owwwh!! Aaaah! Poor Angelle is in quite a predicament!! She hops from one stinging foot to the other!! Oooooch!! Owwwwwh!! Ssssssssshhh! Aaaahh!!

By this time, the suspect has crossed the roof and is heading back into another section of the building though a door over on that side.... It's about 20 yards away. Angelle decides to make a run for that door. She HAS to get off the hot roof!!

Angelle is careful to avoid some broken glass and a few rocks scattered on the roof, but does not see a couple small sheet metal screws left during an earlier repair and steps right on them!! She lets out a loud 'Owwwwwh!! and stops to grab her foot!! As she rubs the injured foot, Angelle's other foot suffers!! Ohhh!! AAAAh!!! She continues across, watching where she steps!!

When Angelle finally reaches the door, she finds that the girl has placed a broom handle to block it!! SHITTT!!! Angelle quickly decides that her best chance is go back across the roof to the first door. Her partner surely will have caught up by then!! Poor Angelle has to cross the blazing hot roof AGAIN!! OWWWH!! AHHHH!! This time Angelle avoids the painful obstacles but her poor feet are frying!! Every step is torture!

Angelle reaches the door and pounds on it as she hops from one burning foot to the other!

Fortunately for Angelle, her partner and a plant security guard arrive moments later and open the door to let her off the roof. Angelle steps onto the cool concrete floor and lets out a long 'aaaaaahh' of relief!! By this time, the suspect is long gone!

Angelle retrieves her shoes, but decides not to put them back on. The balls of her feet are blistered! Wearing her high heels would be impossible!! It's embarrasing for Angelle, but she has to carry her high heel shoes as she and her partner walk past all off the guys waiting to punch in from break. She knows the guys are stareing at her cute, painted toes... wondering why she's barefoot!

Unfortunately, all Angelle has to show for her effort that afternoon is a pair of blistered tootsies!

- end -

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