Closing our website

[align=center]Closing our website[/align]

Dear members,

I believe we made a great job for our foot torture community starting this forum website. We have one of the best management team with Limun, Hellboy and moderators. Limun deeply changed our base doing his enormal technical and design job on our Icy Phoenix forum system.

But now it's time to go for me. It's time to close this community.
I don't have the time and power anymore to finance our projects. Many things in my life have changed. I'm spending so much time in my job that I'm not able to do much for our PX Group projects. Our management were able to manage this website but I'm not able to continue.

I want to start a new website where I want to focus 90% of our projects in one community. So many other websites will be closed too. The new website will include foot torture too but it will be based on general fetish and BDSM.
I hope you will become a member too.

We will close this website on Monday.

Thank you being a member of this great community.


If someone of you would like to buy the domain please contac me


Parox Dark - Gabriel Azrael

Re: Closing Our Website

What's going so wrong Parox?
You already said it in past, we are not surprised but so many many sad :( And really I don't understand what is going wrong.
You want close it because you have "no more time and power to finance" but you will start a new project !?? So you still have power :wink:

You are right, you have so many websites, so I can understand you want close some of them. But please not, it is not a basic website, it becames the reference between all your websites, it is ONE community. There is no other community like that; but there are so much communities based on general Fetish and BDSM on the web....

For financing the , why don't you required a membership to get access to the clips? just 5$ by year to have access to te clips, and pictures section remain free... It is just an idea. You already try by creating VIP member and after you create member silver but it was maybe to expensive for many members... and now you close :( :o
I do not want to blame you at all, I am just too too sad :cry: . Thank you so much for this website.

PS : Please wait a little bit before closing it, 3 days is too short, many members will not be inform untill Monday. The website is working since 2003, you can wait a little month more? Please :cry:

Re: Closing Our Website

Oh my that's quite the shocker! I honestly didn't see this coming. It's a real shame that this site is going down. But if it's for the best, then of course there's not much we can do. But thanks a lot for making and keeping the site for as long as you did. I'll try to meet you guys in the other site, but it's been great here for sure! Thanks again and take care!

Re: Closing Our Website

We all kinda knew this day would come. I mean, come on! bastinado is such a small niche in the fetishes, so small compared even with plain tickling, and not even say BDSM overall.
I guess eventually someone else will come up with a new forum where we can gather again, and so on.

Thanks to everyone in the meantime!

Re: Closing Our Website

Geez... It seems like only yesterday I signed up here, and already it's going away. So... there goes the only place I ever found online that I could find people with my tastes. It really does make me wonder why I even keep the internet around...

So long, everyone. Thanks for a few good memories.

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