This is another story from the ‘ Girls of Delta Mu’ series…. These gals keep getting into situations where their tootsies end up tickled or … worse!

/F Distress - College gal ends up with a long walk barefoot and has to cross hot pavement

Nudity: No

Tickling: No

During an argument with her boyfriend about him flirting with other girls at a party, Courtney decides she's had enough and demands that he let her out of his car... ' Right Then and There!!... she'd rather Walk! '... the rest of the way back to campus.

As soon as her bare feet touch down on the street, Courtney realizes she may have been a bit hasty with her request!! It's already close to 90 degrees outside, with the sun beating down through a cloudless sky.. and she still has a LONG walk to campus!! Nevertheless, Courtney is too pissed off and too proud to go back now and ask her now ex-boyfriend to drive her the rest of the way.... She'll just have to suck it up!! Courtney had a friend drop her off at her boyfriend's apartment earlier that Saturday morning. She had not planned on being out in public and is wearing only a flimsy tank top with no bra and a pair of cut off jean shorts.... and of course, she's barefoot!

Fortunately Courtney has a large bottle of water and sunglasses with her. Of more concern is her lack of sunscreen and lack of shoes!! The sunscreen is actually of less concern, in fact Courtney had planned to lay out in the sun and work on her tan this afternoon anyway. Being out there barefoot is another story. It isn't unusual for Courtney to go barefoot, even when she's running errands, but not when she knows she'll be walking outside on hot pavement. She's definitely in for a challenge this afternoon!

Courtney quickly discovers that the concrete sidewalk beneath her bare feet is plenty hot, but if she keeps walking and takes advantage of shady spots along the way, she'll be alright. Crossing the asphalt-paved streets along her route will be a different story!! Courtney comes to one just a short ways into her walk. It's just a narrow side street.... Courtney steps off the curb.

It only takes a few steps and Courtney is feeling the heat!!! She mouths out 'ouches' and 'owwwhs' under her breath... by the last few steps, Courtney's feet are stinging. Wheeewwww!!! She's glad to get back on the sidewalk after that! What Courtney doesn't know is that that was probably the EASIEST street she'll encounter!

Courtney finds that some stretches of sidewalk are hotter than others too! As she crosses in front of a little strip shopping center ' Ooooh!! Aaaah!!! ' the concrete is H-H-H-HOT!! The next couple streets she has to cross are no picnic! Each one seems to be HOTTER than the last!! The poor gal has to hurry across, her feet are burning up!

As Courtney approaches the edge of a wide street she steps off onto the grass by the curb, hoping to give her feet a little break from the heat before she crosses. She dreads what's in store!! This one's going to be lot further. Courtney steps off the grass onto the blacktop pavement. It only takes a couple steps before her feet are getting HOT!!! 'Ssssshhhh!!! Aaaaaah!! Owwwh!! Owwwh!! Owwwh!! ' Courtney is still only half way across and her poor feet are BURNING UP!!! 'OWWH!! OWWWH! ' She heads over to the faded cross walk line hoping the paint isn't as hot as the pavement ... 'Owwwh!! Owwwh!! ' Not much better! She finally reaches the other curb and lets out an AHHHHH of relief!!

As if Courtney's poor feet aren't in for enough punishment, some of the streets in that area have recently been repaved. Courtney knows what that means!! Their jet black pavement has been soaking up EVEN MORE of the blazing sun's heat!! Ooooooh!! Courtney stops when she comes to the first one of these to give her feet another break on the grass. She looks across to the other side... it looks like a MILE! Courtney gets her courage up and sets off across.

Right away, Courtney can tell that the pavement is a LOT hotter!! Ohhh!! Ssssh!! Owwwh! oooooh! Wwwwhooo!! Courtney doesn't get half way across before she takes off running. You would think the girl was crossing HOT COALS!! Ooooh!! Ssssh!! Aaaah!!

The road construction zone poses another challenge for Courtney. One street has had its old pavement removed using some sort of scraper equipment, leaving its surface lined with jagged grooves and strewn with small, sharp stones. Courtney gingerly steps off the curb and quickly discovers that not only is the roughed up pavement torture to walk on... its ALSO burning hot!! Yeeeouch!!!

Courtney's poor feet are 'burning up' but she can't hurry!! Owwwwh!! Owwwwh!! Finally, with a few yards left to cross, Courtney decides to ignore the rough pavement and 'quick step' it to the curb. Oooh!! Aaaaaah!! Owwwwwh! She's glad to be across that!!

Courtney continues her walk... Her poor bare feet are in for more punishment!

As Courtney is recovering from crossing another hot street, a car with some guys passes and one of the guys wolf whistles at her!! How embarrassing. Here she is, a marketing graduate student, out walking the street in Daisy Mae shorts in her bare feet like some horney little trailer trash! No wonder the guys are honking!!

Courtney finally reaches Franklin Street, on the edge of campus. Crossing its busy 6 lanes is REALLY going to be a challenge!!. She figures that if she times it right, she can get half way across and dash the rest of the way. Her strategy appears to be working, until a pickup truck towing a long flat trailer veers into the turn lane, cutting her off.... Poor Courtney is stuck out on the hot pavement!! Owwwh Owwwwh!! Owwwh!! Courtney resorts to the 'hot feet' dance, lifting her feet like she is 'marching' in place!! But that, and stepping on her heels and the outsides of her poor feet isn't enough!! The pavement is HOTT!!

Courtney decides to try to go around the truck rather then wait for it to turn. She heads to the front, wincing as she steps on all the sharp stones strewn on the pavement. As she reaches the front, Courtney realizes that the truck is sticking too far out and abandons that plan. She heads back... pavement still burning her poor feet! Now she decides to step over the trailer tongue and cross that way.... She finally clears the truck and trailer and is out on the main lanes... She fidgets from foot to foot waiting for her chance.. Finally she gets a break and hurries across the hot pavement.... When she finally reaches the sidewalk, Courtney rubs her feet!! Wheeeew!!!

Courtney reaches the shade of the campus! Her poor feet are sore!! Every little twig or acorn shell hurts to step on. When Courtney finally reaches her Sorority house, the shares her 'mis adventure' with some of the other gals. They wince at the thought of THEM walking barefoot on the HOT PAVEMENT.

- end -

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