Re: Falaka For Males

This week end i made a foot torture video, im a male and my feet tortured by a woman she can use nails in my toes and cigarrete to every toe many bastinado objects canes and whips and heater in my baresoles then more bastinado, do you want more torture? please tell me.

Re: Falaka For Males

I'm a lover of male bastinado in so far that I'm a switcher (as my nick already says ;P) and thus like to be bastinadoed by a female. That's it. But I rarely consume any erotica with male subs, only when I kind of like the femdom there, because I'm perfectly straight and no part of the male body is arousing to me. Neither the feet nor anything else. It is important to me to have some erotic and aesthetical aspect in BDSM, it's not just about the pain and that's it.

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