Forum Rules

1. Welcome to As in every other forum, it might be important to state some facts at the beginning.
First of all respect our rules, every member and every one, who gives its efforts for a better community. Please respect that we need to understand each other. So we just allow the English language for our whole community and you can share in German and Turkish language in special areas of our community.

2. As Fetish and BDSM are touchy topics, and people are personally involved with their innermost ideas and feelings – please respect other opinions and ideas. You’re free to discuss everything, but accept, if the other person does not react, or bids you to stop.

3. Please understand that some people here take very good care of their identity – so don’t bother each other with personal questions, people will give information whenever they feel the need to it.

4. Please be as authentic as possible – you would not want anyone to make fun of you, don’t you?

5. Please participate as much as you can, but don’t be disappointed when you don’t receive an immediate answer to any of your posts, sometimes people need their time – and we all got a real life, and duties to fulfil.

6. Please remember the copy rights and other possible rights when sharing files, clips and pics. Please be free to ask any questions you have.

7. Sharing content with children, brutality, animal torture and suchlike is forbidden! We support RTA and we are strictly against violence against children!

8. Please try to post your topics in the areas they belong to, so that others can easily find them and you’re sure where to look for the things you are interested in.

9. Please use the PN System for personal discussions or problems, maybe others don’t know how to handle your conversations otherwise.

10. Please don’t be offensive, especially with women – and don’t expect every slave to behave in a devoted way, just because you call yourself a dominant person.

Falaka Info Management

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Chat Rules
1. Members entering the chat room are expected to salute other members who are already in first.

2. Members should respect other members’ opinions and privacy.

3. Members should be respectful of other members in the chat room and avoid being forward and too personal specially if they are new acquaintances.

4. Members should be careful not to use bad language or terminologies that others might find offensive or inappropriate.

5. Members should communicate in languages that are understood by all others inside the chat room.

6. Members who wish to remain in the chat room but cannot communicate due to being busy or away etc… should indicate this status accordingly by choosing the appropriate one from the options available in the bottom left button in the chat room page. Accordingly, other members should understand that any member who’s status shows that they are away or busy or BRB might not be seeing and/or responding to any messages addressed to them in the chat box.

7. Members are requested to refrain from sending any pms to other members when asked to do so by such members who do not wish to communicate via pms.

Falaka Info Management

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