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I couldn't understand your point of view as well, i am not an active member as many other but i have nothing new to share. This forum considered as my second home and the starting route to falaka world for me and for many other members. In term of sharing our private clips, as the other members said it not easy to upload it because the biggest disadvantage of the net is uncovering the personal privacy as the clip will be spread to all related websites within days. I think the main purpose of this forum should be based on combining all falaka lover in one community to express our feeling, sharing the clips and stories and decrease the psychological repression that originate from the unique fetish of us.
In this occasion, I want to thank you Parox for your great efforts and all the best in your life.

Re: Future Of Our Forum

I remember when I first discovered this forum and was amazed that there were other people who shared an interest that I had previously been very embarrassed about. I know I have not nearly been as active as most people on this forum and I guess I have never really expressed my appreciation properly but I have loved this forum from day one. So thanks to you guys who have made this possible. Like several people mentioned if you don't have a significant other to make videos with its kind of tough to create new content. Hopefully, I can turn out a couple new videos every week or two now that I am with a girl who enjoys this kind of thing.

Thanks again Parox and all the others who have made this forum great

Re: Future Of Our Forum

Parox wrote: Maybe it's just time for me to go.

Well, if you want to go because a top urgent business calls for that, then God be with you and all the best of luck. But if you want to go just because of your disappointment with us, please let's know exactly what your expectations from the forum are and if there is any thing we can do to make you change your mind. Let us please be frank and clear about this subject.

In the very disastrous case of your still deciding to go, please do not at least stop making falaka movies. Not only the forum is unique. your falaka movies are unique too ... the most realistic and the most intense and the most beautiful.

Re: Future Of Our Forum

i am one of those girls that like to be barefoot and submit to tickling and foot spanking. sharing is a problem for me as telling someone this is what i like is hard and taking pictures is even harder.

i like this forum, i posted clips and pics when i found something new and i hope the forum will live on as it is active and vibrant and the best place i know today for bastinado.

please keep it up...


Re: Future Of Our Forum

Parox... I do not know u and u do not know me and it is ok.
But the only one thing I can tell u is that this is the best forum which I have ever seen. This is something what I will not find anywhere.
Even if u think it is dead, it is still alive... I can not say more. Just thank u for what u have made.


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