Future of our Forum

Dear forum users,

I want to know your opinion about our forum and the future of it.

I don't have the power and time to manage this forum. You know I'm offline for weeks and when I'm online I can't do more than doing some support and technical work.
For me...this forum isn't anymore the project I've started. It has become a platform for:
- sucking content,
- sharing illegal content,
- and advertising.

This community don't create something new and don't really share self made content. We're one of that forums which sucks the work from others.
I'm not able to find any reason why we should continue the falaka.info project. This project has started to concentrate bastinado on one platform to share and build something special.

We've made so much for our forum. Limun, especially your efforts are unbelievable. I know every active member has spent much energy and time for falaka.info (although we have too much passive users who sucks your efforts and give nothing back to the community).

Maybe I don't have so much energy. I think about giving up this forum. Can you understand me?

Maybe I can't see the good sites of it. Maybe your opinion is more objective than mine.

What do you think about the future of our forum?


Parox Dark - Gabriel Azrael

Re: Future Of Our Forum

Dear Parox,

What happen? you are right, you and Limun made so much effort for this forum, and it is normal to be tired sometime, but I don't really understand your point of view...
When you wrote "this forum isn't anymore the project I've started", now this project is a Monument !!! There is no other forum so important as your regarding bastinado. How could you think about giving up this forum? It is like making a forest tree after tree, and now you want burn it...
And when you wrote "sucking content, sharing illegal content, and advertising" this is unfortunatly the savage law of Internet :| Every forum or website face to the same problem, even Youtube...
Your forum is very clean, well presented, no popup every 5 seconds, it is a real pleasure.
For sure few members share content like Exsanguinous, Bastidash, Daniday, liam_dev (who share clips from his own production), falakastan, Kris38 (one of the biggest poster on the past), footmarshian, tabanfan (also an important poster on the past), now sashafoot2, toper2222 and also Will (from MFT)... and others ... and some others profite, but what to do?
Not everybody share, that's true, but not everybody have a production or have clips to share...
If there is so few self made content, i think it is because of people try to hide their private life. It is not easy to make a clip of our self and sharing it on public... :oops:
You also wrote "to share and build something special"... What is something special for you? I think this forum is already special.
I don't know what to said, when i read your topics i feel so sad: you did something greate, and i hope many members are grateful to you, and you seem disapointed :o

Please compare your forum to other forums or blogs and you will see the difference: how other forums are "sucking content, sharing illegal content, and advertising and more."?
But falaka.info, is different, it is a Jewel :yee:

Re: Future Of Our Forum

I have to agree with kazyk on the part about not sharing private clips and whatnot. I don't have a girlfriend or wife to share videos of. However, I'll try to post drawings that I create whenever I have the chance if that is of any consolation. Also, my experience here has been great too, although I'm guilty of not being very active I've had a great time and the site itself is very approachable and professional.

Re: Future Of Our Forum

I couldn't of said it better imcooltight, this forum is awesome, but sometimes life takes on a greater importance than posting sometimes i'm afraid. I will also try to post more when I can when I'm not traveling for work. :) :mrgreen2:

Re: Future of our Forum

Parox, I forgot to mention something in our previous disgussion. Now that there is this topic, I can say something about private clips.

Some of us can live this bastinado fantasy with only our girlfriends. And most of us can't even open up about it. Because of the sexual nature of this, people might hesitate to share. This situation drops the "sharing ratio" down. Well, for instance, i never shared a private content before bacause I can't do it without my partner's permission and I wouldn't want to make her feel unconfortable about giving an answer about it.

However, number of private clips shared here is more than expected I think. And considering the "free" nature of this place, I agree with kazyk about the tidiness of this forum. As long as there is internet, there will always be suckers. And even us can be suckers in many other sites. Apart from that, we have pretty decent members here.

But your expectations about here and other expectations might differ in some ways. You created this forum obviously with some thoughts in your mind. Your perception of here, as creater might differ from perception of others, as members. We would of course understand you if you feel compelled to shut down here with your reasons but there is no alternative of this forum in net and I think this alone can make falaka.info special enough to go on.

However, as I (maybe a little pessimistly) said before, I don't think we can do something about some of the rooted problems that you mentioned. This is a free forum and we either ignore suckers or stop being open for everyone (but this would kill the spirit of here).
Only when the last tree has been cut
The last river has been poisoned
And the last fish has been caught
Will we realize that we cannot eat money

Re: Future Of Our Forum

to keep a forum alive is hard work, but this forum is the best forum about bastinado in the worldwide internet.
I know that some people here are really active, but to the others:
if everone (also my person) here try to give a little bit more, if it´s just only a reply to a post and share some stuff like ideas keeps
the forum active again, and you have more reasons to keep it alive.

Re: Future Of Our Forum

I don't post often, not because I don't want to, but because I don't have anything to share.
All I can do is find things other people have posted elsewhere, and I don't know if that's allowed.

This is the only forum of this kind that I know of, so I hope it stays for a long time.
I'm very greatful for all the things other people post, even though I'm not able to do the same.

Re: Future Of Our Forum

First let me say how sorry I am that you feel let down by your own wonderful product. But I think you see things a bit too bleak.

To some extend the forum is a victim of its own success. You have managed to attract many willing contributors. Every contributor in turn will get numbers of people who just look and consume. But that is normal! You have that in every place where people share.

And in the internet that comes with all sorts of side effects. Suddenly some people feel they are called to be the taste-police and only what they like is the true and the real stuff. And you get useless debates, hurtful remarks, spiteful comments in the threads.
But in your forum there still exists a certain live-and-let-live ethos. (Even when one commits the cruel crime of providing pictures of male feet. :mrgreen2: )

And – yes – some (few) people feel an urge to advertise more than actually give. Well – that is part of the internet again and it is not that bad in your / our forum.

Lastly it seems that only very few people contribute. Well – true in a way but then as kazyk pointed out so well: only few people can do so with long, professional clips, with studio-photo series.
But if you look around there is a good range of photos in the personal galleries of some members, there is writing of stories, there is the odd home-made clip. I like to look around all this small scale works. I love to browse he galleries. I like photos. And often I come across a little side-thread where someone has just made two or three photos and sometimes there are real gems.

You have a good forum there!
Really good!

Thanks by the way!


Re: Future Of Our Forum

Your announcement surprised me a lot. I always thought you were happy and proud being a manger of this fantastic community. I'm sorry you feel this way. But regardless of the feelings, this forum is far far far better than any other forum on the net. I've been on the net for years and have never seen any thing like it.

Regarding your comment that we only share copied material. Well, Parox, I have already bought most of the clips for sale and have tried to subscribe as a V.I.P member, but I can not create my own material. Most of the users in this forum can not do this either. Even if one of us is currently practicing falaka with a girl friend, only rare girls would accept to have their sessions published in a forum.

If it is a matter of money, I'm personally willing to contribute any share for the continuity of this great forum. But please help us in the paying method. PayPall does not accept credit cards from my country ... but I have no problem when I buy from clips for sale.

I sincerely hope that this Forum will continue forever. It would be a great disaster if it does not and thank you PAROX and all other mangers of this forum for your loving care and support.

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