[quote:b38bb5a953="cüneyt"]but how can i post a screenshot :oops: ???[/quote:b38bb5a953]
you have option -add an attachment -

Yes,i support the idea.Info on is it male or female falaka,size of file,how long it is etc..If someone dont know how to post a screenshot,we will help you.

well for me the most important thing is how long, becoz some clips
are so high quality, u download 200 MB for 1 min clip
c'on am not gonna spend ages on the net for 1 min clips

beside, u can try to tell us about quality, like, good, bad, very good
and another thing
am just wondering, why dont u guys use programs like
hacha, or hjsplit,
u can cut the movie into pieces, and upload it here,
so in this case, u dont have to upload huge clips
beside, u also can get it anytime, becoz there is no time limit

thats my thought

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