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In Heaven There Is No Place For Both Of Us

there is no place for both of us,
in your heaven,
it's filled with desire, with
pleasure, with joy.
with clouds smiling on women
i've never been

So leave me to your hell,
where the clouds are chilled
i never begged for seeing you again
only for enduring your pain

don't ask me how i live without you
always under water, with a needle in
the eye, and a soul deep dry

there is no place for
both of us in your heaven
but in hell life goes on
always sounding the same tune

without it I can't sleep
rolling tears and dreadfull thunder,
my lullaby
the heart finally broken
but the bones
still trying to smile

there is no place for us
but in hell we meet each night
keeping awake a dream
when the shadow is long gone
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