My Fortune "Koky"

Along shiny wet pavements, determined strides take me
To meet my dearest fortune
A magical engagement veiled within a mystery
Shall greet me with pleasant tunes
For at the end of my hot meal comes my fate concealed
Within a golden biscuit seal, it awaits to be revealed…

Bearing my hope with her hands, my host looms in remarkable style
I was desperate to understand, the secret behind her silent smile
But as to me, my destiny treat, she tenderly passed
She whispered softly in my ears “you saved the best for last”

Racing my hands, eager eyes seek to bare the shell
Impatient to discover what the inside has to tell
Like a spark, a golden light burned from within
Glowing in the dark, it wraps around and seizes me in
Its web of hope and fear, shall coat me for the night
As the words now clear, fill emptiness with delight

“If loving her is wrong
You don’t want to be right
In her embrace you belong
From this moment till the break of light”

These magical words tossed and turned me
Touched my within and flew me on a journey
Wanting to be in this embrace where I belong
But not only until dawn, but for much too long
And in a flash the words suddenly disappeared
Only to reveal others which so pleasingly appeared..

“You have not seen her with your eyes
But with all your heart
She is destined to realize
From its seize she will never part

You have never felt her touch
But sensitively touched her feelings
A great sensation as such
Melts down her defensive ceilings

Her soft voice never whispered in your ears
But all meanings magically flew
Straight from her senses they were steered
And to your profoundness guided through

Her silky scent, you could only long to inhale
Yet you have breathed her very soul
With yours entwined, tells a beautiful tale
Of the greatest encounter of all

The taste of her in your wildest dreams
Had tortured all your senses
In all its splendor made you weak
And left your soul defenseless

So fly away, ride the skies
Make your dream come true
For no one ever can realize
Your own dreams for you”

And like a whispering wind that passes by
The words withered away
Leaving me there with a foolish smile
Among desperate thoughts I sway
Until to her I gathered nerve to fly
And by her side forever stay

So I close my eyes and ride those skies
Hoping for the land of far beyond
To show my heart where its salvation lies
And wish for the eternal bond
That ends the pain and silences the cries
For to another my heart will not respond

There she lays, as the river water plays
With her feet caressing her soles
My soul starts to shiver as I try to deliver
An offer to the river to swap our roles
But the Nile just grins and says “it would be a sin
For to attain such bliss I was even ready to crawl!”

The Nile in all its might was ready to crawl
While I stood light, but impatient to fall
Through the depth of her eyes to her soles then rise
And dwell a heart full of love, my only wishful prize
Suddenly she turns around, towards that inevitable sound
That of my heart that has never beaten so profound

And with just a smile that captured my own
Was the warmest greeting that I had ever known
“You’re here” were the first words that melted in my ear
Reached me like the sweetest rhythm that I can ever hear
“Welcome to my world of warmth and golden sand dune
I’m glad you followed your heart and listened to your “Koky” of fortune”

The beginning…

Nice and one who i understand better ...
i see Our Cristine becomed popular here ..
Did u felt in love with :shock: her ? :)
Anyway nice words man for nice girl...
Thank you

i don't know what to say
it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet
it is toooooooo much for me

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