How would you torture her feet?

Total votes: 183 (58%)
Inserting needles in her soles
Total votes: 45 (14%)
With fire
Total votes: 41 (13%)
Biting them hard
Total votes: 17 (5%)
Crushing her toes with an hammer
Total votes: 8 (3%)
Using a knife
Total votes: 17 (5%)
With hot water
Total votes: 5 (2%)
Total votes: 316

#2 the moment there are 20 votes for "bastinado": so here is a photomanipulation showign Ida's soles after a basrinado section!

Keep voting and tel what you'll do to her feet!

Re: idas feet

[quote:4c20fde55f="torquemara"]why don´t you show us her feet at a real bastinado session?

good luck


... i'd love to do that! But i don't think she will let me do it... :(

After a long thinking....wat kind of punishment ..would the feet of the girl deserve...we cannot decide ..unless we have a close look to the bottoms of the feet...and i think ...that us the picture with the description.." Ida,s wetsoles " > So...our decision...we think...a special Lash must be made up fron pure leather..thin and very stingy...a special Falaka-Lash (black) > The girl must lie on her belly....feet up ..then she must get her hand , legs and feet well tied up . I would say .....a special well-trained Punisher could be brought for performing the punishment . We would say...the girl (wauu ..very nice-looking)...must get good 70 Lashes on the soles of her feet .

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