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Dear member,

now our website is on a new server. Now we have a faster forum, much more place for picture and video sharing and the chance to realize new projects we couldn't do in the past because of the limitation of our old server.

I want to thank the VIP Silver members especically and the customer of prodcuts from this forum. They make it real. They give us the power to buy a new server. Please help us in future to make more possible.

Please, help us to become more effective, more qualitative and powerful to make better projects. Help us by buying our products or becoming a VIP Silver member. We need your help because we produce niche content and we invest in quality and not in porno. We have less customer than the big producers who mostly get their income by kinky BDSM and Fetish productions. We produce pure and absolute Fetish and BDSM productions which are based on quality and art.

We want to go this way in future. So please power this project with your help.

Yours respectfully

Parox/PX Group

Parox Dark - Gabriel Azrael

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