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foxpromaster wrote:I just found you today. I don't believe we're back. Thanks for re-opening
We need a few time and now many people make holidays or they don't get online because of the good weather. But I'm sure we will arrive a level like before and become better after it.
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Re: Online Again

Great to find this alive and kicking!

I only realised when I got an auto-mail that a reply had been posted to a thread I watch. That seemed like a call from the grave and then I log in to find this very much alive. Good news!

Many, many thanks for making that happen!
Sweet memories and happy anticipation of new things to come.

Did the old user galleries survive?
Will there be something like them again?


Re: Online Again

Thank you TPP. Nice to see you back again too :)

We had used the forum system ICY before we closed the forum. When we have reopened the website ICY wasn't an option to continue. So we went back to PHPBB to have a platform which can be upgraded by any software in future. But we weren't able to convert everything as we decided to do. A minimum of content is damaged but if you give us links to topics you want to be repaired we can try it. Old rapid and other outsourced content links are maybe dead but they are out of our control :)
Most of our old content which was host on our server before is now online :wink:
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