Online Again


nice to see you again :wink:

After nearly 2 years our forum is online again. I didn't want to open it again. I wanted a new owner who follows this way. But no one was able to finance and/or continue this project because of private reasons.

But most of our users bugged me. They want me to open our forum again. I spoke with hellboy and he agreed to continue this job. I hope we will see our old management members again too.

We had to change the system from ICY to PHPBB. We successfully converted the whole system. Just a few codes couldn't convert clean so we have some code bugs like [ font:8345534
Many clip and pic links are dead because the hosters of some companies are down or the links are too old. But let our whole attachment archive is nearly 99,99% online again. Now we can continue to share our falaka and foot torture passion.

Best Regards

Parox Dark / FalakaInfo Management

Parox Dark - Gabriel Azrael

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