Interactive story - puppet footsie

Hello everyone. This is an interactive story. It falls under the barefoot peril category. Feel free to read a premise and then comment on the number and letter you choose for progression. I also will be posting further stuff like this over at my deviant art page called Daysox. If you liked this feel free to go check that out too.

You slowly open your eyes. You feel as if you have been asleep for many hours. Groggily you release a heavy sigh. Feeling the hard chair under you, Confused, you check your watch and notice it reads 1:30 am in the morning.

Feeling a bit woozy as you look around the room trying to understand your surroundings. The room looks quite rich with red curtains hanging and a window that looks out over the cityscape. You notice a small old tv in front of you. It is switched on and relaying some video of a woman who looks just as confused as she may have just woken up as well. She is sitting in an old rundown house nothing like the luxurious room you are sitting in. You immediately notice the big suspended soles of the woman pointing toward you. The soles take up the majority of the screen and they seem to be restrained to some extent. Confused but intrigued, you gaze at them for a second getting lost in the woman’s plump toes and wrinkled soles.

Moments later snapping out of it and focusing on the task at hand you also observe a series of buttons on the table in front of the tv monitor. You also take notice of a clipboard with some information on it.

It reads as follows

Greetings stranger. Welcome to the little experiment we would like to call Puppet footsie. There are two players in this game, one of which creates rules, the other follows the created rules. As you may have observed you are the player who holds the control of such rules hence the series of buttons in front of you.

Let’s introduce the other subject.

Barefoot girl: She is a 25 year old yoga teacher. Not only known for her good looks but also pampered feet. She always gets weekly pedicures and is known to tease whoever she can with her painted toes. A lesser known fact is that currently she is stealing from her employer and also having an affair with one of her clients husbands.

Fun fact: This foot girl has solved a rubix cube in 10 minutes. With her hands of course.

Now for the controls.

Mic- this mic allows you to interact with the barefoot woman in front of you. This means will be able to hear you from the speaker positioned behind her.

Switch pad on your right
1. Red button- Turns on the torches positioned above her toes. Recommended only pressing 2 seconds at a time for non permanent effect.
2. Green button- sprays itch powder from nozzles position in front of her soles. Very potent.
3. Pink button- Activates a fiberglas stick that swings across her positioned soles at one stroke per press.
4. Purple button- retracts and activates spikes on the rubix cube. One press will activate them the other will retract them.

Big buttons

Red button- blows the bomb
Blue button- releases the foot girl.

Final thoughts- The bomb timer is set to 20 minutes regardless and cannot be stopped. It can only be expedited by pressing the red button. You also have no repercussions as far as any action you take. Weather you press the red button, blue button, interact with the foot girl or just walk outside the open door behind you. Nothing will be told of this.

Good luck…

Just as you finish reading the paper you start a cold sweat. You can see the panicked woman struggle against the restraints.

“Hello! Anyone there... Anyone?!” She yells around the room.

You approach the desk with the monitor and controls while glancing at the door.

Choices (choose a number and then letter)

1. You press the green button letting the poor foot girl go.
A. Just press it say nothing.
B. Tell her who you are and that you are getting her out of there. Then press the button.
C. Tell her the situation on what got her into the mess but tell her your getting her out.

2. You start a conversation with the footgirl by using the mic. Talking to her about her wrongdoings.
A. Introduce yourself, tell her the situation re affirming that she is going to be okay but the reason she is there is probably related to her issues.
B. Ask her who she is. Ask her why she did the things she did to get her into this mess.
C. Annoyingly and firmly demand she understand the issues she has. You put your hand over the buttons to let her know you mean business.

3. You use the mic to demand a foot show and showing her you mean business by pressing a few buttons on the switch pad.
A. You talk to her a bit and let her know she is not in a situation to argue. You let her know that she can get out of the restraints as well if she follows a few commands. You tell her instructions on how to position her feet.
B. You go straight to demanding a few different foot positions while showing her what the repercussions are by preemptively trying out some of the buttons.

4. You instruct her to begin solving the rubix cube with her agile toes whilst telling her she has 20 minutes to finish it or else.
A. You retract the spikes and try to have her solve the cube normally also while discussing the issues she has. You also help her when she asks questions about the colors facing away from her, working together.
B. You protract the spikes from the rubix cube and demand she start to solve it. Watching her struggle against the spikes is interesting and you try some buttons.
C. You tell her to solve the cube or the bomb blows. You really don’t care about her solving it. You also make sure the spikes are retracted so that when she puts her feet flush against the smooth surfaces you activate the spikes. You also press buttons to make it more interesting while she panics and tries to solve it.

5. You take advantage of the situation and just start pressing buttons to observe what happens.
A. You try the buttons. Not speaking just to see how it works. Slowly introducing yourself you also talk with her but never give instructions just trying the buttons.
B. You mock and inform her what’s going on as well as what’s to come next. Pressing all the buttons in a manic order. You give her no instructions so she just knocks the rubix cube to the ground by flailing her feet around.

6. You press the red button blowing the bomb.
A. You let her know what’s going on. Then pressing the button to see if it was real.
B. You just press the button and walk away.

7. Other

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