When does bastinado become dangerous? Is there real risk of injury?

I have no consistent conclusion about this...

On the one hand, i see some claim that feet are extremely delicate and that you may have broken bones and tissues if you hit too hard.

On the other hand, some claim that feet are actually very resistant since it's full of fat and muscular and other protective tissues that are flexible and thick, preventing any real injury.

I have also seen some videos, most of them by Parox, that seem to be really, really hard, and there has been no injury (at least that i am aware) and the girl has walked afterwards.

So... how hard can feet be beaten until serious bone injury actully happen? Or is that a myth and you can go full extreme without any real risk despite the pain?

I am, of course, talking about using leather belts, rattan and bamboo canes, riding crops, single tail and multitail whips and paddles, not super heavy wooden sticks or metal sticks.

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