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Bine esti venit, Reka :) Romania is a nice country. I only have been there on a transit trip, using the trains from Germany to Chisinau, though. But I like the landscape, the sound of your language and the few of the Romanian spirit I could catch :) You're a masochist if I understood you rightly? If you could travel to Germany (or perhaps I to Romania somewhen), we could perhaps meet up for a few falaka sessions, too.

Re: I Am Reka

wizard261 wrote:
2020/10/10 - 20:42
Hi Nice to meet you. What age did you first get falaka and have you used it on your daughter yet
Now that you mention it... if her daugther was 12 in 2010, that means now she's 22... interesting how time passes! I didn't realize this post was from 2010, so at first I was like "wtf dude you want to bastinado a 12 year old child?" xD

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