Goody no shoes

Hey guys I am back. I didn’t know the story I posted had 32k views at least I think that is right? Well anyway I made a new page on deviant art it is called Daesox and here is one of the stories.

Goody no shoes
"Fine, we will try it your way. Reinstating corporal punishment will be allowed for now." Said the principle to the Mr. Brooks. "I promise you, detention will be empty and our test scores will go up…" Mr. Brooks responded with glee.

It was always his plan. Ever since he discovered the old practice took place only a decade ago, he campaigned for it. Now finally to his surprise the principal agreed to his plan. Step 1 was completed.

With a smile and a ponder, he knew that his focus should shift to his next plan, Step two. It was already underway as thoughtful planning went into the task. Get Jenna to detention. Not such an easy feat as most regarded her as a goody two shoes. Now being 18 years old he would finally hold her accountable for her crime. Unknowingly having the most flawless set of feet he had seen. Not only that, showing the school that the best behaved student could be punished would be an example to improve everyone’s behavior.

"Look Nick, this is the second time I caught you smoking on campus. We can expel you..." Mr. Brooks said to the delinquent. "No come on man, I’m not hurting anyone..." he begged. Mr. Brooks smiled inside. "Well there is a way we can keep this our secret." He said quietly.

"Sure Mr. Brooks, what is it?" He asked Desperately. "I need you to sneak this into Jennas backpack." Mr. Brooks said as he presented a test answer key to Nick. "Uhm... why?" He questioned now curious about the outcome would be of such a task. "Well it is part of an experiment I am trying, but if you don’t want to do it, we can just go to the principals office..." he threatened.

"No wait... fine, I’ll do it." He said stoically taking the answer key. Mr. Brooks smiled.

"Okay class the big test is tomorrow, please make sure you are all studied up!" Mr. Brooks said as he let his class go. The students started to shuffle out of the classroom. "Oh and Jenna can you see me after class please..." he asked politely. Jenna was stunned, she never was held after class being the straight edge student she was. Nodding her head she approached his desk. As she walked over her black flats made a squeak sound. Mr. Brooks wished she would lose the annoying shoes then and there.

"Well now Jenna, I am missing an answer key and I heard that you knew something about it..." he said with a straight face. Jenna looked horrified. She was never accused of such things.

"No I don’t know anything about that. I wouldn’t need an answer key, I have never cheated in my life..." she said panicked.

"I believe you Jenna, you were always a good student. Can I check your bag?" He asked sternly.

"Yes of course!" She said as she took her backpack off and handed it to him. Just as he grabbed the backpack he let out a small smirk knowing he won in that moment. Almost frantically he unzipped the zipper and revealed the planted answer key. Jenna looked at it with wide eyes. "No that’s not mine! I didn’t take it!" She said almost crying. "That’s what they all say. Look Jenna I know you are under a lot of pressure but I am going to have to fail you tomorrow for this." He responded.

She immediately looked at him in disbelief. "No please I promise I didn’t take it. I need the grade it’s my last class for my gpa please..." she begged. "Well my hands are tied... unless maybe..." he stuttered.

"Maybe? Please Mr. Brooks, anything I need the grade." She responded with hope. "Well I could use an old rule and still let you test tomorrow but I would need you to be back for detention today." He said almost deviously. "Okay detention... I can do that as long as I don’t get the demerit..." she bartered.

"Of course not, I’ll let it go if I see you back here after last period." He said with a smile. "Oh thank you Mr. Brooks, I promise I will..." she said as she headed to her next period.

"Phase two completed..." he said now pleased with himself while opening up his desk drawer. "Hmm I wonder if she is going to like you?" Smirking as he pulled out a long black wooden paddle. Observing the shape and weight of it, he found it to be comfortable in the hand. "Whifff..." it made a terrifying noise as it cut through the air. Of course the paddle wasn’t regulation. It was a replica made originally for Persian prisons but the principle didn’t know such things.

Finally the clock rang 3:30 and the last period closed. Jenna made her way to detention as she planned to perhaps study during such period. Being a good student, normally teachers let her do such during downtime’s. She figured detention would be no different.

She walked in. "Welcome in Jenna, please have a seat." Said Mr. Brooks as he anxiously waited for his retribution. "Yes sir..." she said as she looked around for an empty seat. Normally the class was full but now only about six trouble making students sat in the empty room.

"Oh and Jenna please follow the rules on the board." Said Mr. Brooks as if it was an ordinary request. Jenna turned around and read the board. "Uhm... no shoes or socks?" She asked puzzled. "Yes miss, deposit your shoes in the bucket please." He said and he grabbed the bucket and brought it to her. She hesitated. "If I may ask, why just me?" She said not wanting to part with her flats. Now visibly annoyed he tapped his hand on the bucket. "Now please! Your offense carries a heavier punishment." He said sternly. He was anxious to bare her feet.

Not questioning it further, she slowly removed her black flats. One by one her milky white feet made their appearance. His heart fluttered as he felt victorious. She always teased and dangled her flats during the periods but they never left her feet. Never once. Now her once selfishly shrouded feet were commanded to leave the comfort of their tight encasing.

"Uhm okay... can I study at least?" She asked timidly while standing barefoot in front of the six other delinquents. She felt embarrassed. "No... this is detention..." he said quietly while pulling up a stool.

Jenna sat down in the desk as her naked soles felt the cold tiled ground. It was a strange feeling as she only went barefoot in her bedroom. She could feel eyes on her causing her already sweaty feet to perspire.

"Jenna please come to the front of class..." Mr. Brooks said while tapping on the stool. Jenna looked at the stool and was puzzled. Trying to be a good student she complied and walked to the front of class. Mr. Brooks loved the sight as the barefoot girl putter pattered over to the front of the class. Now sitting on it, she faced toward her classmates.

"Alright Jenna I didn’t want to do this but you have chosen corporal punishment. I want you to lift your left foot towards me." He said as the barefoot girl looked at him horrified. "Corporal punishment? What are you going to do?!" She asked in a panic. Without saying anything he pulled out the nasty paddle. "Wait no I didn’t agree to this!" She proclaimed as the class stayed silent. Watching as the situation unfolded.

Mr. Brooks paused for a second. Knowing full and well she could opt out of her punishment and take the demerit instead. "Look Jenna, I can write the demerit and fail you or you can take a few paddles." He said while nervously now clinching the paddle. It was as if it yearned to meet her soft soles.

"Wait I swear I didn’t do it!" She tried to proclaim her innocence not wanting to partake in either punishment. "Stop Jenna! Now raise your foot or fail the class!" He said as he raised the paddle. With her arm she forced herself to show her sole to the paddle. Now seeing it in it’s full glory Mr. Brooks plan was complete. Jenna’s sole finally was going to get what was coming to it.

The paddle made a swish sound as it made its way to her foot. "Thwat" the paddle landed flush on her thick meaty sole. "Aaah!" She yelled as it hurt more than she thought. "Keep still!" He yelled as we went for another strike. The sound echoed in the room as Jennas soles took the paddle. The whole class went silent seeing the curious sight of the cute barefoot girl get her soles slammed by the instrument.

"Aaah how many more!" She yelled trying to keep her foot up. Getting carried away Mr. Brooks was only supposed to do five per foot but had already done seven. "Okay other foot now..." he said as he didn’t want to leave it unbeaten. Jenna now in tears raised her other foot up.

Another seven strikes were given as she was reduced to tears. "Okay Jenna, feet on the desk for the rest of the hour..." he said as he tapped a near desk. Without thinking of the command, she propped her red beaten feet on the desk. Putting her hands over her face she was just glad it was over.

"Let this be a lesson to the rest of you! If I see any of you back in here this will be your fate!" Yelled Mr. Brooks. The whole class saw the sweaty, crying barefoot girls soles and noticed how they had the imprints of the paddle all over their surface. Horrified they took it to heart.

The clock went by and detention finished finally. The silent delinquents filtered out of the room as Jenna finally was allowed to put her feet down. "Can I get my flats... back..." she asked Mr. Brooks.

He looked in the bucket at the shoes and then at Jennas round perfect toes. "No you may not, now get out of my classroom, I don’t want to see you here again..." he said as Jenna didn’t argue. The barefoot girl stammered out confused on why she couldn’t get her shoes back. Not wanting to question him she walked home barefoot that evening.

"Aaah no more detention and a trophy..." Mr. Brooks said as he held the black flats in his hands. They smelled the same as her sweaty nervous feet that presented themselves for the paddling. He would never get a chance to paddle her perfect feet again but every time he wanted to relive the memory, the smell of the old flats reminded him of the day he turned a goody two shoes to a goody no shoes.
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Re: Goody no shoes

Tony wrote:
2020/10/25 - 05:52
Very good, veeeeeery good! I just read this one and Chapter 2 on your DeviantArt, you are pretty good! Really liked these, hoping for more! ^^
Also, forgot to mention, not only do I love the stories, but the pictures as well! How they perfectly link with the stories and help you picture everything so much better... Very nice!

Re: Goody no shoes

Tony wrote:
2020/10/25 - 12:37
Tony wrote:
2020/10/25 - 05:52
Very good, veeeeeery good! I just read this one and Chapter 2 on your DeviantArt, you are pretty good! Really liked these, hoping for more! ^^
Also, forgot to mention, not only do I love the stories, but the pictures as well! How they perfectly link with the stories and help you picture everything so much better... Very nice!
You the man!

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