Chat and Future of the Board

That conversation post106924.html#p106924 moved me to start this discussion. We are thinking about a general upgrade of our system. Is it worth it? What would you do if we supported a chat system in the forum? Would that have any advantages or would it be even quieter? Would this allow us to have more creative exchanges or would we just exchange videos illegally?

I would also like to use this discussion to talk about the future of our forum. Is it still up to date? Do we still need it? Or are the other social media platforms sufficient? Despite the unbelievable silence in the forum, we have a lot of page visits. Unfortunately, that doesn't help us at all, because the main focus here is on exchanging content, getting people to your own websites, consuming content for free, etc.

Unfortunately we don't talk. We don't have an exchange. Nothing is created. There is an expectation without wanting to do anything in return. Does our forum have a future under these conditions or should we close the doors for good?

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Re: Chat and Future of the Board

I think at this point there is nothing left to lose, so we should go full on trying new things and upgrades in hopes they could potentially bring this community back to life, and maibe if they still fail, then close the doors for good... but I think we should try our best once more before giving the forum up. ^^

Re: Chat and Future of the Board

I remember that several years ago this forum used to have a chat room, and it was quite good and well frequented. But times are changed, the Interned has changed, so who knows whether it will be a nice addition to the forum or not? Yet, for sure, it is well worth a try!

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