Barefoot Nanny Agony

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How did this damsel get herself in this situation? Find out below!


“Alright here we go…” Lauren said as she wasn’t exactly excited to start her new job tonight but she was at least happy a gig finally came through for her. The job wasn't for the pay but for the 200 hours of childcare she had to log in order to be qualify for her masters program. She was happy this nanny gig was a step in the right direction.

With her backpack and pink trainers in tow, she approached the large residence of her new wealthy employer.

“Ding dong…” the doorbell rang as Lauren stood in front of the door. She could audibly hear kids screaming behind it. “Sigh” she took a deep breath as they sounded extremely rowdy.

“Oh welcome in, I’m so glad you’re here. I’m literally on my way out.” Ms. Hoschild said as she herded Lauren into the home with her left hand while using her right to put her earrings in. “Thank you ma’am.” Lauren said politely. “Well any questions?” The frantic woman responded. Lauren thought for a moment. “What time is bedtime?” She asked as it was her favorite part of watching children. “Oh they don’t really have one. I guess just when they are tired.” Ms. Hoschild replied to her dismay.

“Anyway, I have four kids, Sarah, Jack, Charles and Richard. Although Richard is in college and usually stays in his room most of the time so you won’t really see him often.” Ms. Hoschild said as she rushed out the door. “Oh and please remove your shoes if you don’t mind…” She said to Lauren as she noticed her standing in the front room with her pink trainers. “Oh sorry ma’am.” Lauren responded as she kicked her trainers off and put them by the door. “Oh and your socks too please have a phobia about socks that aren’t from my home. Sorry!” Mrs. Hoschild made the strange request while looking down at Lauren’s blue socked feet. “Uhm… okay…” she said a bit puzzled as she never heard such a request before. “Oh thank you for understanding” She said as Lauren’s bare feet made their appearance. “Alright well I’m off! Goodluck! Don’t forget to order pizza!” She yelled while quickly walking toward her car.

After a quick wave goodbye Lauren shut the door while holding her socks in her hand. Not wanting to lose them or hold them further due to the emitting smell, she decided to tuck them into her shoes by the door.

Just as she finished she heard a voice. “Who are you?!” Lauren looked to the staircase where the voice originated. “Well hello there. I’m your new nanny. My name is Lauren, what is yours?” She asked him politely, wishing Ms. Hoschild gave her an introduction. “I don’t have to tell you!” The child yelled back defiantly. Lauren noted the disrespect and shrugged it off. Now looking around, she took stock of the home. “Hmm nice place…” she said to herself as she made her way into the living room. She saw the flooring changed from tile to carpet and welcomed it as her sensitive soles were getting cold from the harder surface. In anticipation of her first step on the plush carpet, she was rudely surprised. “Ouch!” She yelled as she felt her foot get jabbed by some sort of sharp object. “Haha haha!” A young voice laughed behind her as she cringed in pain “Who is there!” Lauren said, trying to talk to the child. Of course she got no reply.

She now looked down at the painful culprit and saw it was a metal jax that was left in the doorway. Thinking it must have been an accident she looked over to her socks by the door. “She wouldn’t notice. I’ll just make sure to take them off before she comes back” Lauren said as she went to walk back to retrieve her socks for protection against other toys that could be scattered around the home. Just before she got there two kids ran out and grabbed her socks and shoes and took off running. “Hey stop!” She yelled, feeling violated that the bratty kids were running with her belongings. Trying to walk at just a fast pace, Lauren stepped on another Jax. “aaaah shiiioooooot” she said, trying not to use harsh language around the kids. They erupted in laughter at her pain as she removed the stuck jax off her soft soles. Lauren grew tired of the ridiculous game of keep away and attempted to subside it with a kind request. “Please can I have my shoes back?” She asked in a motherly soft tone. “Well why did you take them off in the first place?!” The kid gave her attitude. “Well it’s your mother's house rules…” Lauren almost said with an attitude. She also noticed to her dismay, all the kids were actually wearing shoes in the house. “Haha barefoot lady! Barefoot lady!” The they yelled as they took off running again.

“Ugh…” she grunted to herself as she noticed the respect they had for her was lacking. “We will give them back to you if you play a game with us!” Another child spoke. This one is a bit older. “Is it Jack I assume?” She asked, trying to guess their names, hoping Ms. Hoschild listed them by ascending age. “Barefoot lady. Just say yes! You can have your shoes back if you play with us!” He responded.

“Okay Jack, first my name is Miss Lauren, not barefoot lady and secondly, what game did you want to play?” Lauren asked, just trying to build some sort of rapport. “We are playing cops and robbers and you’re the robber boss!” The kid yelled as he started to chase after her. The kid quickly tagged her as Lauren didn’t try to escape. “Oh well looks like you got me!” Lauren said, trying to play along. “Yes we did now we have to take you to jail barefoot lady!” They said as they guided her to their playroom. Lauren, slightly annoyed at her nickname, played along finding it curious that they had a fascination with her feet. “Okay now I’m in jail what now?” Lauren said as she sat on the ground of the playroom. “Well this isn’t much of a jail if you can just walk away. Tie her up!” Said one of the children. “Oh well maybe just for a few minutes.” She said as she saw one of the kids grab what she thought was toy handcuffs. They moved her to the couch and clipped the cuffs behind her back. They made a loud clack sound. “Uhm guys, where did you get those?” She said a bit frantic while noticing they felt like real handcuffs. “Our mama's bedroom!” They said loudly.

“Oh haha..” Lauren snickered, finding it funny that Ms. Hoschild was into such kinky things. “You need to take them off, they are not a toy..” she said sternly as she didnt want anything to do with her arms actually trapped behind her back. The kids of course didn’t listen as they brought her shoes in and began to pull the laces out of them. “Hey don’t do that!” She said angrily as the prospect of putting them back in would take her forever. “Hey quiet prisoner! No talking!” They yelled at her in return. “Listen, you all need to listen to me. I am your nanny and I’m in charge.” Lauren said now dropping the kind motherly act and now trying to regain control of her situation. She was outnumbered as three rowdy kids circled her like hyenas. “We are almost done, please just go with it…” said Sarah as she began to wrap Lauren’s pink shoe laces around her big toes. “Why my toes?” Lauren asked as they became locked together. All the children looked at her restrained toes, fascinated by their perfect shape. They then used her laces to tie her ankles together. “Okay just not too tight…” she asked nicely.

Adversely as she requested, one of the kids yanked on the shoelace as hard as he could. “Okay they are going to knot up if you do that, it’s too tight!” She said as her feet were locked together at the ankles and toes. “It’s not our fault you came in here barefoot!” Another kid yelled at her. Lauren knew at this point she was losing control. “Hey who wants pizza?” She asked hoping that would coerce them to stop their bondage game.

Just as their faces lit up with the prospect of their favorite dish, it was snuffed out as a voice was heard from the doorway. “We don’t take lightly to bribery…” an older teenager said standing at the door. Lauren looked toward him. “Oh hey are you Richard from All state university? I did my undergrad there!” She said trying to establish a connection to hopefully the one mature level headed person in the room. “Yes that’s me. I’m in my first year. Thankfully I don’t need to do side jobs like you.” he said arrogantly, “Oh well anyway, hey can you help me out here?” She asked him as she struggled with her poorly tied restraints. “Oh of course!” He said to her as he looked on her exposed feet. Lauren felt objectified as he stared deeply at her displayed toes. She remembered reading about fetishes in psychology class and specifically learning feet fell in that category. Lauren always took care of hers. Getting pedicures and proper foot care was part of her routine. Being tied and barefoot in the same room with a young adult with an affinity for feet meant she was as good as fetish prey.

Richard got close after his daze of staring at her toes. He then observed the pink laces. “Well that’s the problem…” he said as he looked at the tied laces and then her exposed feet. Lauren sighed hoping Richards good nature would kick in resulting in freeing her tied toes. To her relief he began to untie the amateur kiddy knot. Before she could thank him, he quickly and methodically rerouted the laces around the base of her big toes, evenly tightening them while looping them over to secure them to her ankles. “Hey what are you doing?!” Lauren said panicked as the stronger, older Richard more strategically restrained her feet. “Let me out!” Lauren yelled at him. “Boys give me her socks!” Richard said as his little minions handed him her socks. He wasted no time in pushing them deep into Lauren’s protesting mouth. “Mphhh!” She yelled as her damp sweaty socks were forced into her orifice. “Laces quick!” He said as the other shoe lace was now tied around her head securing her socks deep in her mouth.

“Mmmmphhh!” She yelled as she struggled against her own laces. Alright kids let’s get this robber to talk!” He said as he started to bark orders to his siblings. “Sarah get your hair dryer.” “Jack get your airsoft gun” “Charles grab rubber bands from the kitchen!” He ordered as Lauren’s eyes grew wide. The kids ran off to gather their supplies leaving just Richard and a barefoot tied Lauren alone in the room.

“So you think you can just walk in this house with these feet and we would listen to you?” He said as he put his hand on her toes. “I took freshman history last semester at your alma mater. Did you know the Ottomans would bare their captured enemies feet just like this just to embarrass them?” He said as he caressed her soft soles. “What kind of authority did you think you have here shouting commands at me? You are vulnerable and exposed…” he said while lightly running his fingers along the underside of her wrinkled soles. “Mmmmmph!” She yelled into her socks angrily. “Oh don’t worry there will be time for that.” He said as he looked intently at her feet. If he was honest with himself, he loved the sight of her restrained tootsies. It was a learned behavior as his Mom's ridiculous rules of having maids, Nannys, cooks go barefoot due to her fear of socks had an adverse effect on him from a young age. After learning earlier that day that the beautiful Lauren would be abiding by such house rules, he wanted to make sure he was involved in her barefoot stay as much as possible.

To Richard, Lauren was a beautiful woman who would never look twice at a guy like him. Always being shy, it was as if this was his chance to get back at the girls that denied him his desires.

“We got the stuff!” His siblings yelled as they dumped the items in front of him, snapping him out of his daze. He looked at the items and sorted through them. “Okay guys let's make this educational.” He said as he plugged in the hair dryer. “Everyone feel her toes.” He said as his siblings listened. “They are cold!” “Yeah they are!” The kids said as Richard smiled turning on the dryer. “Correct, they are also dry! Now do you know what happens when excessive heat is applied to skin?” He asked as he put the blow dryer up to her toes. “Mmmphhh!” She yelled into her sock gag in response to the stinging heat.

“Why is she pulling her toes back?” Sarah asked. “Oh she is trying to avoid the heat, it doesn’t feel very good!” He said to her as he continued to heat up her toes. He then moved on to her soles. “Mpphhhh!” She yelled now that her tender soles began to heat up. He continued for a few minutes, enjoying her small foot twitchy movements making sure to just cause them discomfort and not damage. “Okay everyone touch her toes and soles now.” Said Richard as they all complied. “Ewww they are wet!” Charles said aloud. “Yes they are. Her body produced sweat to cool off her feet due to the excess heat. Pretty cool eh?” He said as they all got excited.

“Let’s see.. what next. Want to play a game with her?” Richard asked as he got out a piece of paper. “Why are we playing a game with the robber? Isn’t she a bad guy?” Asked Jack. “Well yes, but we must be good police, she will only get punished if she loses or refuses.” He said as he wrote a tic tac toe board down on a black piece of paper along with an X. “Okay it’s Footgirls turn.” He said as he put the pencil in between her toes. “Why did you call her Footgirl? Isn’t her name Lauren?” Asked Charles. “That’s a good point but I think it’s a better name for a Lady that just comes to our home barefoot” Richard said as he pointed at her feet.

“Draw a circle it’s your turn!” Richard said as Lauren didn’t comply with the request. A grown college graduate was not going to play tic tac toe with her actual toes. “Mmmmphhh!” She looked at him frustrated. “Okay fine..., she forfeits.” Richard said to everyone’s disappointment. “Awww no fun!” They said in harmony.

Richard looked at her sweaty soles and decided to entice her. “Jack give her a shot on her sole!” He said as jack took his air soft gun and shot a BB inches from her soles. “Iiiiiioooooooooooophhhh!” she squealed into her gag as the plastic pellet accelerated into her soft sole, leaving a little welt. “Alright let’s try it again.” Charles said as he drew another tic tac toe board along with an X. Trying again he carefully placed the pencil between her big toe and index toe. Lauren, freshly remembering the pain of the airsoft gun, did her best to draw a circle. “I can’t even see the board!” She thought to herself as she knew the game wasn’t fair. They all looked in wonder as her tied toes attempted to draw what normally would be an easy shape. She carefully guided the pencil down by bending her toes and moved them to the left then back to the right in order to create a circle.

Charles was amused that she was complying. “Wow, she actually did it.” He said as he drew another X. He first showed her his move and then placed the pencil back between her toes, allowing her to make her next move. Lauren did her best to draw a circle blocking Charles' three Xs in a row. Little did she know he intentionally moved the paper a bit to the left leaving him open for a win. “Oh sorry Lauren that was a stupid move, you let me win.” He said deviously as he completed his third X in a row. Pushing the paper in her face she complained about his cheap tricks. “Mppphh!”

“Okay she lost, punish her.” Charles said as Jack took his airsoft gun and shot her again, this time in the right sole. “Mmmmmphhhh!” She yelled again as now she knew it was no use, they were going to find every excuse to torture her poor feet regardless of her actions.

Lauren turned out to be right as her thick toes and soles were at her captors mercy. Richard being the ring leader wanted to bring as much pain to her naked exposed feet. It was no surprise that he was attracted to them. The feeling of not being able to act on his desires drove him mad.

The doorbell rang. “Alright kids, the pizza is here. Charles give the delivery guy the money by the door and make sure you all eat in the dining room. You can watch TV if you want. I will take care of our robber while you all eat” he said deviously. Lauren began to let her mind wander. Obviously Richard was the worst one of the bunch and being left alone with a foot torture enthusiast, while her perfect pedicured toes stared at him helplessly was not a great thought.

“Mphhhhh!” She yelled as she knew he was sexually attracted to them. After all his throbbing manhood begged to join in. He knew that acting on such actions were too far. “Don’t worry footgirl, I may be a bastard but I am not a fucking bastard.” He said as he got his hormones under control after a deep breath while redirecting his energy. “So now that the younglings are gone I have some questions.” He said as he began to remove the gag. “Cough, cough, hack” she tried to expel the smell of her own sweaty socks as she finally got fresh air through her mouth. “Fuck you!” She said angrily, as she finally was able to talk to her captor. “Oh Lauren… that’s no way to talk to your employer.” He said as he grabbed a rubber band and put it against her foot. “You’re not my employer. You’re just a sadistic loser who is obsessed with feet!” She yelled at him not holding anything back. “Haha you are correct. Although I don’t know how far insulting me will get you.” He said as he began to snap the rubber band against her soft soles. “Aaaah!” She yelled as it stung over and over. He didn’t relent as the pain rang through her soles like fire. “So that was thirty rubber band snaps. Every time you don’t answer a question of mine, I am going to snap it 30 times against your soles.” He said almost softly while caressing her stinging soles. If Lauren was honest with herself, the soothing caressing motion did ease the pain but that thought was washed away when she knew he caused it in the first place. “You are an unbelievable piece of shit!” She said to him aloud.

“Okay… my question is, have you ever sucked on your own toes?” He asked with a twisted smile. She gave him a disgusted look. “I’m not answering that you foot freak!” She proclaimed. Richard wasted no time bringing the rubber band back to her feet and snapped it against her soles. “Aaaah okay stop I’ll answer! Please! No I haven’t! I haven’t sucked my own toes before!” She yelled at him. He didn’t care, he was carrying out the prescribed punishment of 30 rubber band snaps.

“Okay that’s thirty, you know, if you’re not going to answer the questions I’m just going to probably keep smacking your feet with this band.” He said as he positioned the rubber band back at her feet. “Wait stop! What’s your question?!” She frantically replied as she didn’t want the relentless rubber band to continue its assault. “Hmmm… my next question is, can you unlock your phone with your toes?” He asked as he grabbed her cell phone from her pocket and positioned it at her tied toes. Without questioning it, she began to unlock it by typing the code in. Surprisingly it wasn’t too hard as she noticed it read her toes just like her fingertips. “Is that enough for you or do you want me to also write a blog post with my toes?” She said sarcastically as she felt like a performing circus monkey.

“Hmmm… not quite that but how about saying the words. I’m a footslut?” He asked the bound barefoot girl. She gave him a disgusted look as she shuttered her eyes. “But I’m not…” she retorted. Richard in response immediately grabbed the rubber band and approached her soles. “Wait fine! I’m a footslut!” She said just wanting the pain to end. “Okay good girl…” he replied as he raised her phone up. To her demise, he recorded her saying it on her own phone. “Wait what did you do?!” She said frantically as she was now digitally copied on her own phone. “Oh not much, I just wanted you to have a memory of tonight on your phone…” he said as he played the video. “I’m a footslut!” She heard her voice loud and clear with her kinky restrained toes filling up her entire phone screen and then her shocked face coming into view. “Delete that!” She yelled at him now realizing that her nightmare could have lasting consequences.

“No… I sent it to myself on your social media sites. Now I have a direct trail back to your phone. If anyone hears about the events that unfolded tonight, your video will be plastered on every website I can imagine. That means saying goodbye to your masters program as I don’t think they are accepting footsluts right now.” He said as he stood up throwing her phone next to her. “You bastard! Fuck you Richard Hoschild! I know your name!” She yelled at him while he stuffed the socks back in her mouth. “Haha yeah that’s my mom's maiden name. She took it after she divorced my dad. My actual name is Richard Brooks, I want you to remember my name as I too am going to school to work with kids someday...” he said to her while tightly securing the socks to her mouth.

Just as he finished gagging her again, little footsteps could be heard headed toward the room. “Oh can we play some more!” The kids yelled now running to the defeated barefoot damsel, still tied up where they left her. “Sure kids, I’m going back to my room, I have studies to do. Just remember, don’t permanently damage the art, those tootsies are flawless and we should keep them that way for the next person okay?” Said Richard as Lauren felt objectified. “Okay big brother!” They said as they began to grab rubber bands to snap them against her soles. “Oh and don't forget, I left candy in the pantry so if you guys get tired just eat some and that will give you an energy boost so you can keep playing into the night.” Richard said as he winked at Lauren.

Richard said his final remark as he exited the room now walking down the hallway. To his delight the sounds of her moaning against her sock gag continued but began to fade out the further he walked. Richard was just glad he left her in capable hands.

Later that morning as Ms. Hoschild returned from her late escapades. Finding a sweaty tied up Lauren, she immediately fired her as kinky bondage methods were not appropriate for her children. Lauren left without saying a word or ever reporting the incident out of fear of her footslut video getting leaked.
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