Fiction. This is another one from my 'Agent Angelle' series. Angelle is always getting herself into situations where her cute feet end up facing 'distress'. This one should interest those with a foot fetish and bastinado interest.

Situation: /FF Bastinado

Tickling: No

Nudity: No


Agent Angelle LeVoxx vitals: Female, unmarried, age: 29, h: 5' 8", w: 134 lbs, hair: blk, eyes: grey, birthplace: Louisiana USA, current home: Miami FL USA, languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Education: BA MBA, special training: electronic surveillance, diplomatic corps, financial systems controls, Hobbies: Running, biking, swimming


While working undercover as a reporter in a middle Eastern country, Angelle has several run-ins with local authorities for ignoring the conservative dress code for woman in public buildings. Her skirts and high heel sandals prompt several warnings. Finally, the magistrate has had enough. He decides to make an example and sentences Angelle and a young British reporter named Samantha to receive the traditional punishment for insolent wives and daughters.. BASTINADO! The girls are taken directly to a center where they are ordered to kneel onto wooden frames. Then the soles of their bare feet are whipped with a short, flexible whip called a Kourbash.

Unable to move their feet more than an inch to escape the sting of the Kourbash, Angelle and Samantha grimace and groan out a chorus of 'oooches' and 'ouches' with every stinging stroke!! By the time the girls have received their prescribed 40 strokes, every square inch of their soles is criss crossed with hot, red welts!!

The magistrate isn't finished with Angelle and Samantha at this point. For ignoring his earlier warnings, he directs the guards to tie the girl's toes back and give their soles 20 MORE strokes with a multi-tail flogger!! The leather tails cutting across their stretched soles stings like fire!! You could have heard Angelle and Samantha carrying on all the way outside the building!! As Angelle and Samantha are being released, the Magistrate explains to them that if they are ever brought before him again, they will receive DOUBLE what they've just experienced. Further, they should spread the warning to the other female reporters in their community. From now on, he will deal harshly with any of THEM too!!

No surprise, as word gets around ALL of the female reporters wear long skirts or pants and plain shoes after this!!


Complete Story

Angelle is enjoying her latest assignment in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) positioned as a reporter tracking the comings and goings of a prominent government official. She takes advantage of this cushy duty to flirt with the many male reporters and keeps a very dating schedule!! Despite the strict dress code for woman in that region, Angelle and a few other woman in that circle often wear their western outfits, including short or slit skirts and high heels. The third time Angelle is brought in to the same magistrate's office for an 'inappropriate' outfit, she has a very unfortunate outcome! The magistrate has another similar case to deal with... a young British TV journalist named Samantha. The magistrate decides to set an example and sentences BOTH ladies to receive a taste of the traditional punishment for such offenses... Bastinado - whipping of the soles of their feet!

Samantha and Angelle are taken to what had once been a school, but is now used by the authorities as a 'detention' center.... a euphemism for interrogation center in this repressive regime!! The girls look at each other nervously as they are led into the center and taken to a large room which apparently was the school's gymnasium. Samantha sees what appears to be torture equipment and asks Angelle 'What are they going to do to us?'. The guard escorting them tells Samantha to be silent. Angelle knows they are in trouble when she sees that the magistrate who sentenced them has come to the center to PERSONALLY supervise their punishment!

Angelle and Samantha are led before a pair of heavy wooden frames then ordered to remove their shoes and kneel onto one of the frames. One of the guards directs them to remain facing forward, kneeling, while their ankles are locked in stocks behind them. Angelle is familiar with the Bastinado practice. She's heard of it being used in South America and recognizes the term 'Kourbash', a short flexible whip made of Rhino hide!! The Kourbash was once a common tool of torture, but now is primarily used in this country just for Bastinado of mistresses, wives and daughters!!

Two guards, each holding a Kourbash whip, takes up position beside Samantha's bare feet. One guard lifts his Kourbash and brings it down hard across the arch of Samantha's right foot... whissssh ... Snaaapp!! Samantha lets out a loud 'Owwwwh!!. A moment later the other guard repeats the process to Samantha's other foot!!! After each stroke, Samantha winces and pants out a chorus of 'oooches' and 'ouches'. After the fifth stroke to each foot, the guards move over, behind Angelle. Angelle holds her breath... whisssh.... SNAPPPPPP!! She fights the pain and manages to remain silent!! whisssh... SNAAAPPPPP!!! By the tenth searing stroke, Angelle is barely able to remain quiet. The men return to Samantha to deliver her next round!!

The magistrate admonishes the guards for going 'too easy' on the ladies. He advises them that he wants to 'hear them sing'... meaning they should make Samantha and Angelle cry out in pain from the strokes to their feet!! Sure enough, the first stroke lands harder than before across the ball of Samantha's right foot!! whisssh ....'SNAAAAPPPP!! Samantha lets out a loud 'Aaaaah!!'. The guards are going to show her no mercy!

whisssh ... SNAAAP!!! Owwwh!! Ooooh! Weeee!! OWWWH!!! Samantha has to fight to keep from cursing - she knows that would only make things WORSE!! whisssh ... SNAPPP!! Owwwwh-Aaah! Aaaah!! Owwwh!! This time they deliver 10 stinging strokes to each helpless foot!! Samantha is panting and tears are running down her cheeks by the last lash.

The magistrate is interested to see how Angelle reacts this round. The guards settle in. Angelle bites her lip.... whissh...SNAAPPPP!! Angelle grimaces and groans under her breath... She recognizes immediately that this round is going to hurt a LOT more!! whisssshhh ..SNAAPP!! whissssh.... SNAAPPPP!!! When the whip bites the ball of Angelle's left foot a second time, she can't hold back... 'Owwwwwwh!! OOOOOHH' Angelle regains control and manages to remain silent for the next two strokes... then she can't hold it in any more!! whissshhhhh ...SNAPPPP!!! Owwwh!! Owwwh!! Aaaaah - Haaaaah!! After that.... Angelle cries out with each stroke!! whisssh ... SNAPPPPP! Oooooh! whisssh.... SNAPPPP!! AAAAAH!! HAAAH!! OHHHH!! By the last of the 20 strokes, Angelle is panting and groaning! Her soles feel like they are ON FIRE!!

Then its back to Samantha.... She shakes her head and begs.... 'No!! Please!! Nooo!' whisssh... SNAPPPPP!! Ohhh!! AAAAH!! OOOH!! The guards deliver the next 20 strokes hard and slow... allowing time for the pain of each stroke to sink in before delivering the next one. Samantha's feet jerk and her toes curl each time the whip lands on her tender soles!! Poor Samantha is regretting her outfit decisions now!! The final ten strokes are really painful for Samantha. From just the sound of the Kourbash striking her soles, Angelle can tell they are striking her even harder!! Samantha inhales through her teeth as the whip cuts across her soles!! Sssssssh!! Aaaaah!!

It's Angelle's turn again. The Magistrate comments again... ' Much better!!! Give this one more of that!' Angelle knows what that means!! She's seen how Samantha was suffering and dreads having her feet whipped any harder!! whissshh...SNAPPPPP!! Sssssh!! OWWHHH!! OWWWH! AAH!! The Kourbash seems to find the most sensitive spots on Angelle's soles!! It feels like the flesh is being cut to ribbons!! whisssh... SNAPPPPP! OwWWHH!! OOOH!! OWWWH!! OOOH! By this point, Angelle's soles are red and cris-crossed with hot, red welts. Each additional stroke cutting across her already throbbing welts burns like hot lava!!

The guards delivering the strokes aim their kourbashes carefully, making sure each one delivers the maximum pain! Angelle is unable to move her feet to avoid the full sting of their lashes. One of the guards glances down at Angelle's strappy shoes lying on the floor beneath the stocks. Personally, he loves to see gals dressed in these, but knows they take a risk doing so. These two woman are getting what they deserve.

Finally the whipping appears to be over. Angelle wiggles her toes slowly, trying to relieve the throbbing sting. She hears the magistrate explain to the guards that he has decided to add to the girls' punishment!! These 'Western' women disregarded his earlier warnings... they need to pay for that! He directs the guards to tie their toes back and use a multi-tail whip on their soles! 20 more strokes!!

One guard begins placing loops around Angelle's toes. Every nerve ending of Angelle's feet is on overdrive from the whipping!! Just him touching her feet tickles... its maddening! He pulls the attached cords together and loops them to a bar running under the stocks. Angelle realizes that he's pulled her toes back, leaving the sole of her foot stretched taut. He repeats the process to Angelle's other foot.

Meanwhile, Samantha's feet have been tied the same way. She turns her head back and sees the guards taking up position behind her trapped, bare feet. She begs... 'Please Please... Nohh!! No More! Please!!! ' The magistrate orders Samantha to face forward, which she does. A moment later, the sound of leather across sole rings through the room. 'OWWWWHH!! OWWHH!! OWWWWH! ' Samantha cries out!! The leather tails cutting across welts left by the Kourbash stings something awful!! It feels like they've spread hot coals onto her soles!! Angelle glances over to see Samantha's reaction to this latest torment. Angelle's feet are already throbbing, she doesn't know how she'll be able to take this new cruelty!

The guards continue to work Samantha's feet over. With each stroke, her soles get redder and redder!! The sting of their floggers striking across her taut soles is unbearable!! The tails seem to find EVERY sensitive spot!! SNAPPPP!!! Ooooohh!! SNAPPPP!! OUCH!!! They wrap around and sting the sides of Samantha's feet as well.

The men finish with Samantha, leaving her crying and babbling... Now its Angelle's turn!

Angelle closes her eyes and tries to focus herself to ignore the coming pain..... SNNAAAPPP!!!! The searing pain makes Angelle instinctively try to clench her toes, but she CAN'T. The laces hold them in place and leave her soles presented for them to lash again!! The other guard cuts the tails of his whip hard across the ball of Angelle's other foot... OWWWWH Ooohohhh!!! The magistrate steps up closer to get a good look at the whip striking Angelle's soles. He rarely officiates over any of the sentences he hands down, but in this case, two lovely, young woman, he's finding this very pleasurable - he particularly enjoys watching Angelle's feet receive the whip!

Angelle grimaces and pants out ouches with each stroke!! Her poor feet!!

After the last lash with the flogger, the guards step back and begin to release the girls' ankles from the stocks.

As soon as Angelle and Samantha are free, they are directed to stand and step over to a nearby bench. The girls limp over gingerly... their feet are in horrible pain!! They take a seat and immediately reach down to rub the soles of their feet. Angelle checks out her soles. They are red with even redder stripes criss crossing them!

The magistrate steps in front of Angelle and Samantha holding their shoes. Before he gives them to the girls, he gives them a lecture, warning them that if they are EVER brought before him again for their dress, he will bring them here again and they will receive DOUBLE what they just experienced!! Further, they should spread the word. Any other Western woman brought before him will face the Bastinado!

Finally, he tells the girls they are free to go and hands them back their high heels. The girls take them but when neither puts hers' back on, he tells them.. 'You like to wear these shoes... Go ahead and put them back on!'. He knows full well that wearing them with their sore feet is going to be additional punishment!! Reluctantly Angelle and Samantha slip their feet into their high heel shoes and stand. OUCH!! The pressure on the balls of their feet hurts SO BAD!!! The guards lead them out of the center. Every step KILLS their feet!

The girls manage to grab a taxi to drive them to Angelle's hotel, which is close by... There is NO WAY they can walk even a short distance after what their feet have been through!!

As soon as they reach Angelle's room, they have their sandals off! Angelle orders ice and they use it to reduce the pain.


As word gets around of Angelle and Samantha's cruel treatment, the other female reporters immediately shift their dress to long skirts or pants and plain shoes!

One very attractive South American reporter named Marianna ignores the warning and pays dearly! Hoping to catch the eye of an American reporter she has a crush on, Marianna ignores the warnings and wears a short skirt and platform pumps out one evening. Unfortunately for this Latino beauty, her hot outfit gets noticed all right, but by the authorities! She gets picked up and taken before that same Magistrate. He takes one look at Marianna's skirt and shoes and sentences her to the bastinado! Once again, he personally supervises the delivery of her punishment!!

Marianna receives over 60 stinging lashes of the Kourbash and 40 more with the multi tail whip!! Her soles are red and swollen when they are done with her!! This young woman won't be wearing high heels for a while!!

- The End -

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