Alisa was a bad girl... She came home late, she was in a night club with her friends. She comes at 6 AM and her boyfriend desides give her a lesson.
Well, she's tied to a chair, her hands are tied to her legs, her big toes are tied together. At first she's smiling, because she has no idea what kind of punishment is awaiting for her. But her bf knows that her feet are very sensitive... And he are going to punish her soles with a whip.
He orders her to keep the feet straight and pull the toes back. The punishment starts. He whips her feet for quite a long time, she obeys and starts to understand the lesson.
He tells her that the last 25 strickes is coming and orders her to count the blows out loud. 1...2...3... The last one.
During the punishment Alisa moans very sensually, it seems that she enjoys it. It looks just hot. But it hurts, so she tries to held it and she does it well.
At the end he tells her to sit for a while and think about her bad behavior. He puts a ball gag into her mouth. Some close-ups of her sexy soles and gagged face on the background. The end.

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