Fiction Bastinado story
Concensual: No
Bondage: Yes

While working on an extended assignment in New York City, Cindy, a computer system consultant by day, takes a walk on the 'wild side' and begins doing modeling gigs for Fantasies Fulfilled Inc (FFI) on the side. Cindy starts off with some simple 'window dressing' roles in a video and a couple parties but soon progresses to some racier gigs including 'stranger tease' assignments where she has a guy pursuing her while she is out shopping! Her latest gig seems too good to be true!! She'll have to take an afternoon off her day job, but it pays $500 plus a very generous allowance to purchase a 'white dress with black poka-dots' the client has requested. With the advance money, Cindy gets a sexy white dress with black dots and accents, plus a white bag, hat, and killer pumps to go with it!! The pumps were quite expensive, but she just HAD to have them even though they have a bit higher heel than she normally wears. She's in heaven getting such a sexy outfit out of the job!!

The day comes, a really warm, sunny late spring afternoon! Cindy follows her instructions to the letter.... walking down Broadway and breezing through a few shops... She knows her 'mark' is watching her so she REALLY pours on the teasing! Pulling up the hem of dress, reaching up on her tip toes!! Really hot stuff!!

Cindy's instructions take her down an empty side street where two guys grab her and pull her into a limo. Cindy is a bit scared at first, but then figures it is just part of the gig and plays along. The men place a blindfold on Cindy and take her to a warehouse on the East side where she meets Carlos. He's a nice looking guy, maybe in his early forties.

As soon as Carlos lays eyes on Cindy he likes what he sees!! Cindy, 32, is 5' 5" with light brown hair and shapely legs!! She knows that those legs catch guys' eyes so Cindy makes it a point to wear high heels whenever she can. The pair Cindy picked for today definately catch Carlos's eye!! He is practically drooling at them, especially the way the tops of her size 6 feet are almost vertical due to the height of the heels. He could watch Cindy walk in those high heels all day, but he has plans for those sexy feet!

After complimenting Cindy on her lovely spring outfit, Carlos explains that the REAL purpose for hiring her is a demonstration he needs to give one of his clients. Suddenly, one of the guys who had brought Cindy to the warehouse comes up from behind her and 'escorts' her over to a strange bench on the other side of the room. He sets Cindy on it while the other guy secures her wrists together. Carlos guides Cindy's ankles into what looks like heavy velcro restraints securing them to the bench. Her feet extend out over the end of the bench. Cindy tries to move her ankles but finds that she can't. Now Cindy is getting worried!!! 'Hey Come On!! This wasn't in the deal! Let me go!! '

Carlos flips on a spot light directly over the bench. Then he lays Cindy's hat and purse on a nearby table and returns.... 'I apologize for scaring you. You'll be fine, we just want an hour or so more of your time! '

Cindy is confused... 'Look, just let me go I won't tell Fantasies Fulfilled anything, you don't have to pay me anything!!'

Carlos smiles... 'To be honest with you, I'm 'bypassing' your service. My needs for a model are a bit 'different' than what they normally deal in. ' Cindy is getting REALLY concerned now!

'I perform services for wealthly foreign visitors. I have a client from South America... in fact he'll be here in a just a minute... with a pretty, young wife who has become a little too involved with one of the men she's met here in the city. He's asked me to arrange a little lesson for her... nothing excessive... just a little Bastindo session!!. She'll think its related to the guy's gambling problems! It should teach her to be bit more careful with who she hangs around with!. '

Cindy looks even more confused by all this!

Carlos continues... 'Before he gives me the go ahead with her, he wants to see a demonstration of the Bastinado. That's where YOU come in!! '

Cindy is panicing now, she's heard the term Bastinado before... beating the soles of the feet!!! She realizes that Carlos is going to 'demonstrate' it on HER bare feet!

Carlos steps over to the table and picks up a length of stiff rubber hose. He holds it up for Cindy to look at it. Then he slaps it across the outstretched palm of his hand.... Cindy hears the snap and cringes. 'Traditionally, Bastinado was pretty nasty..... but with the application of modern technology, you can deliver quite a bit of pain, with no permanent harm!! '

Cindy shakes her head... ' No Please!! Let me go!! Please'

Carlos's client arrives and is escorted to a chair a short distance away from the table, in the shadow where Cindy can't see him.

Cindy's little 'assignment' isn't looking very good right now! It's obvious that FFI has no idea where she is.... no one does!! and this guys intends to whip the soles of her feet! Then it hits her...

She glares at Carlos. ' Is all of this just part of the gig? Someone's perverted fantasy? '

Carlos laughes... ' Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Either way, I have my job to do.'

Carlos notices the soles of Cindy's pumps. Her shoes look new, all of the wear looks fresh !! He wonders if this was the first time Cindy has worn them. He gently grabs the heel of the left one as he holds his hand under the front and begins to pull it off Cindy's foot. Cindy resists, clenching her toes. Between the high heel and the low cut sides, Cindy's effort is in vain, Carlos lifts the shoe off and sets it on the bench, then he proceeds to remove Cindy's other shoe. Carlos picks the first shoe up and sets both of Cindy's high heels over on the table next to her purse and hat. Seeing her pumps standing upright there on the table, Carlos can't help but notice how tall and sleek the heels of the empty shoes are. They have to be 4 1/2 inches high!! Cindy looked really good in them! He notices that these shoes don't have any 'platform' beneath the front. Women find that a little platform gives them the sexy high heel look they want, without the higher heel torturing their feet as much - a bit of a 'compromise'. He smiles... he pegged Cindy for the kind of gal who would sacrifice comfort for fashion!!

Carlos returns to the end of the bench and checks out Cindy's now-bare feet. He expected them to be cute, but they are even nicer then he has imagined. Cindy's toenails are painted a frosty pink shade. He checks out Cindy's fingers ... Indeed the same color!! Nice!! For fairly small feet, Cindy's toes are long and straight. Carlos notices the marks Cindy's pumps have left on the tops of her feet . After a day chasing around Manhatten in those high heels, Carlos isn't surprised. He wraps his hand underneath the ball of Cindy's left foot and gently kneads her toes with his fingers. Cindy doesn't say anothing, but he can tell that his little 'massage' feels good to her!

'All that running around this afternoon... Especially in THOSE shoes. These HAD to be getting tired.' Carlos continues to gently rub Cindy's toes... ' I bet they could use a nice foot rub!' He moves his hand over to Cindy's other foot. 'Unfortunately, that foot rub will have to wait... Right now I have a client who would like to see these pretty feet get something else!!'

Carlos ends Cindy's massage, steps over to the table and picks up the rubber hose. He returns and positions himself slightly to the side of Cindy feet. Cindy keeps an eye on what he is doing down there. She braces herself for what's coming! Cindy hears a faint sound 'whissssh! then SNAPPPP! She feels a stinging pain across the middle of her right sole, SNAPPP!! then another, slightly harder. Then again, and again and again over and over.

Carlos watches Cindy's soles squirm and twitch as he lashes them repeatedly with the hose. Over and over the stiff rubber hose lands on her soles. Each stroke is measured and precise, striking the same tender spots again and again. He smiles as Cindy's soles began to grow pink. He isn't even striking them hard yet, no, this is just the warm up.

Cindy's toes clench and unclench when he catches her just right and it REALLY stings. She tries to pull her ankles free but nothing gives. She hasn't made a sound, she isn't going to give him that satisfaction! Cindy feels blow after blow striking her soles, and slowly the stinging pain of each stroke builds and blends until it becomes something more, a burning pain spreading through her feet, growing with each stroke until she wants to cry out. She fights back by remaining silent, but tears are running down her cheeks.

After over 20 strokes to each foot, Carlos stops. He takes out a handkerchief and wipes the tears from Cindy's cheeks. He returns to her feet and runs his finger up the sole of Cindy's left foot. She fights back a giggle and tries to pull her foot away. Cindy's feet are EXTREMELY ticklish normally, but the lashing has made them even MORE sensitive! She hopes he isn't going to tickle them!! She can't STAND having her feet tickled!!

'OK, now that we have all of those nerve endings woken up... Its time to get down to business!!'

Cindy looks at Carlos in disbelief... What she has just endured was NOT the demonstration!!! Oh No!!!

Carlos resumes whipping the hose across Cindys' helpless soles!! Harder than before!! Cindy can't remain silent any longer... With each stroke she blurts out... 'Owwwh!! Owwwh!! SSSSH!!! As before, he carefully picks where to strike.... spreading out his strokes from heel to toe, but making sure that he returns over and over to her most sensitive spots!!

After twenty hard strokes to each foot, Cindy's feet feel like they are on fire!! She lets out a yelp with each additional one!!

Carlos turns to his client, much like a magician to his audience. 'Does that give you a better idea of how this works? ' Carlos asks. Then he turns back towards Cindy and asks her... 'I think our lovely model should give you her opinion.... How was that on your feet?'

Cindy replies .. ' Yessss! It REALLY hurts!! '

Carlos steps over to speak with his client and even shows him the length of hose he used on Cindy. Meanwhile Cindy clenches and unclenches her toes, trying to ease the burning sting!!!

Carlos returns and smiles... 'Very good.... He was very impressed with my technique, and your bravery!! '

'Please ... let me go!!!' Cindy pleads.

Carlos steps over to the table, sets the hose down and picks up what looks like a plastic paint stirring stick on steriods. Its over a foot long with slots running down its length and rows of square openings. He holds it up. 'We have a little time left on your visit. I wanted to show you a completely different tool I've been developing for a BDSM client! She intends to use it on some of her clients' asses, but I have an idea it might be VERY effective on the soles of a woman's feet!! ' Carlos runs his fingers up the sole of Cindy's right foot noting how red it is!! Cindy begs ' Oh godd please don't!!!'

'Please don't what?', Carlso asks.

'Please don't tickle my feet!!'

Even as she begs to be spared from tickling, Cindy is even more concerned about what Carlos intends to do with that paddle!!

'Let me demonstrate my project'. Over Cindy's protests, Carlos squares off at the end of the bench and takes a swing, striking the flat side of the paddle squarely on the ball of Cindy's left foot!! Splaaat! The searing pain makes Cindy grimace and yelp... Owwwh!! AAahh Haaa!! aaaH!!

Carlos is delighted with the feel the paddle has, and the reaction it gets from Cindy!! 'What do you think? Let's do that again'. Carlos delivers 5 more strokes of the paddle to Cindy's arches!! Oooooh!! Hooo!!! Hooo!. He runs his fingers under the hem of Cindy's dress and 'accidently' gets a feel of Cindy's trim thigh. 'My guess is you are the type of gal who REALLY likes to tease us guys!!' Then he steps over to the table and picks up Cindy's little purse! 'With things like this!! I gave you money for it, but I think you need to pay for it... Lets see.. How about 10 strokes?'

Carlos step back to the end of the bench and delivers 10 more hard strokes with the paddle!! Cindy's poor feet!!!

Carlos returns back to the table, holds up Cindy's hat, and laughs.... 'This is quite nice... It looked really cute on you' Cindy bites her lip, recovering from those last whacks with the paddle.... 'I'd say that this should cost you say... 10 more?

He lays the hat back down and gets back into position with the paddle.... Thwwaaack!! Owwwh! Owwwh!! Owwwh!!!

Thwaaaack! Oooh! Noh! PLEEEZE!!! STOPPP! By the tenth stroke, poor Cindy is a wreck!

Even in her agony, Cindy knows where Carlos is probably going... He's saved her highs heels for last! He isn't going to ignore them!!

Just as Cindy expects, Carlos continues, 'And finally, we have these.' Carlos picks up Cindy's pumps by their backs and holds them up!!. 'Shoes like these!! Very naughty! They can cause men to drive their cars up telephone poles!! These should cost you at least 20! Don't you think? '

Cindy shakes her head...'Nooh Nooh!! Please! ' Her soles are throbbing!!!

Cindy's poor feet suffer with every one of those 20 strokes!! Carlos knows that each one falls across welts left by the hose!! Owwwwh Oooooh!! Ssssh!!! Cindy could never has imagined anything as painful as this!

After giving Cindy's poor feet that last going over with the paddle, Carlos lays it down beside her leg, gently grasps the toes of her left foot, and pulls them back so he can get a better look at the sole. 'Ooooh! These are REALLY red, aren't they!! ' Hey begins gently rubbing her foot.... ' They'll be OK... Now let's get you on your way.'

Carlos releases the cuffs that had been holding her ankles and helps her swing her legs over the side of the bench. He removes the restraints from her wrists. Cindy holds her foot up so she can see the sole... Ooooh!! its really red with angry welts !!

Cindy slips down from the bench. The concrete floor feels cool to her feet. Carlos hands Cindy a bottle of water. She is really thirsty and drinks it all. Meanwhile, Carlos gets her things. He set the purse and hat on the bench, then sets Cindy's shoes on the floor in front of her.

Cindy grimaces as she steps up into her shoes.... Owwwwhh!! Her weight pressing on the throbbing balls of her feet REALLY hurts!!

Carlos smiles... 'If you want to, you can leave those off!' Cindy isn't about to take any chances that he has some other torture planned for her... She's going to keep her shoes on despite the throbbing pain!!

Carlos hands Cindy her hat and purse.... 'I've put your money in there! Thank You. You've earned it!! '

One of the guys slips the blindfold over Cindy's eyes again and leads her towards the car. Every step KILLS Cindy's feet!! When they finally reach the door of the car he gently guides her in. A few minutes ride and the car stops... Cindy is instructed to get out, walk down the block, she'll be able to grab a cab at the next corner.

It turns out to be exacrly as the guy explains, but unforunately for Cindy, walking in in her heels is not fun!! The balls of her feet are throbbing! Cindy is so glad to finally hail a cab. Once in the cab, Cindy reaches down and pushes her pumps off to ease the pain. She looks at the soles of her feet. They are beet red with even redder stripes in a few places!!! She reaches down to rub them.... Oooooh!!! She's got to get ice on them!! Soon!

When she finally reaches her corner, Cindy pays the fare, then reluctantly pushes the heels of her pumps back on her feet!! She dreads the two block walk ahead of her to her hotel!! She gingerly places her foot down on the pavement and gets out of the cab.... OUCH!! During the short cab ride Cindy's soles have swollen more.... Her shoes REALLY smart!!


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