Culture Clash /fff Foot Torture

Culture Clash - Perdicament /fff


This story is based on drawings from a Deviant Art site contributor - Red Script. He does many fine drawings, including some depicting cute Western gals getting pretty much what this story contains.... A hot foot!! No offense to any one...

Orientation: /fff
Consentual: No
Bondage: Yes
Distress: Locked barefoot in booth with hot floor
Nudity: Topless

CULTURE CLASH - The Viewing Booth

The three young women can't believe this is happening.... After a sham of a hearing before a magistrate for outfits they were wearing earlier that afternoon to go shopping, they have been brought to this Bagdad back alley, made to strip down to just their bras and panties and placed in a large glass box.... one that can only be described as a 'display booth’ - raised maybe a yard or so off the ground with a bare metal floor, an open top, and a single door, which was locked after they were placed in the booth. Mindy, Cassie, and Jo, college students from the US, have not been in the country long and can't understand all the fuss about their outfits. Mindy had on a short skirt, flirty top and high heel platform wedges. Cassie had on tight pants, a sleeveless top and 5 inch heel pumps. Jo's choice was a light tunic top with tight Capri pants and platform espadrille sandals. What was the problem with any of that? Standing there in just their bras and thong panties, out in public is far worse than their outfits!! How humiliating!! How STUPID!!

Within a few minutes the girls notice the guards who escorted them to this place are doing something below the booth. Jo realizes what they are doing... they are lighting something! She tells the other two, they share her puzzlement.

As this is going on, a group of about 8 women ranging from fairly young to middle age, dressed in conservative traditional garb including head scarves, show up and stand in front of the box. Now even more confused... the girls wonder what these women are looking at. Jo gets concerned when she sees smoke coming from underneath the booth. About that time, Cassie raises the alarm... 'Hey, this floor is getting hot!!' The girls are REALLY puzzled and concerned now... Maybe this isn't all about the humiliation of being on display half naked!!

The crowd of ladies surrounding the booth soon grows to over a dozen, all watching the girls in the booth. Mindy begins lifting her feet off the floor.... 'Man, this IS getting hot!!!' The girls begin pounding on the sides of the case with their fists, demanding to be let out!! Soon Jo cries out... 'Owwwwwwhhh!! This is burning my feet!!! It’s like they've built a FIRE under this floor!!'.

Jo is correct. The guards have lit a small stack of wood underneath the floor of the 'Viewing Booth'.... a new tool the Taliban of this area have developed for use with women who repeatedly ignore warnings to stop certain 'Western' ways. Though the fire is relatively small, the floor of the booth will get PLENTY hot!! Hot enough to punish the girls inside the booth and make them DANCE!! The metal floor is designed to spread the heat evenly too, so along with the slick glass walls, there no way for the young ladies can escape their punishment. The audience invited to witness this spectacle consists of women from a very conservative organization who agree that Western-oriented women should be taught a harsh lesson!!

The onlookers draw closer as the three young ladies begin to lift their feet up and down with more earnest, alternating standing on their heels or the outsides of their feet. Their whining and protests are getting louder and more frequent as well!!

One of the ladies watching the spectacle points out the college girls' painted toenails, which had been exposed by their 'slutty' shoes. ' Such blatant disregard to our culture' she comments! 'Those painted red toes deserve to burn' another adds! Obviously these women are biased against the college girls' views on women’s dress, rights, and freedoms!

'Owwwh!! Aaah!! My feet are too hot! ' Cassie whines! With the most sensitive feet of the three, Cassie is past the 'uncomfortable' level and is already beginning to suffer! Jo and Mindy aren't doing much better.... 'Ssssssshhhh Owwwwwhhh Owwwwwwwh!! This is crazy!! All we did was go out shopping ', Mindy protests!! '. My feet are going to blister!! '.

The temperature of the floor is rising. Cassie begins hopping from one foot to the other!! Owwwh! Owwwwh!! Aaaaah!! The onlookers seem amused to see this first tramp dancing. They look forward to seeing the other two join her. It isn't long before Mindy, and finally Jo are dancing too!! Already, the floor is hotter than the hottest blacktop pavement these girls have EVER walked across at the beach or at pools... MUCH hotter! and unlike any of those past painful experiences, there is NO WAY off this heat! No grass to run to! No cooler spots!! Everywhere they step is Hot! Hott!! Hott!!!

The guards monitor a thermometer on the floor. It’s 140 degrees at this point!.. There is no way the girls can stand still more than a moment on that heat! During earlier uses of the booth, the floor temperature topped out at almost 160 degrees!! Hot enough to fry eggs on and CERTAINLY hot enough to fry these young women’s tootsies!

The three young college gals are quite the site!! On display in the booth in their skimpy bras and thong panties.... Putting on a 'floor show' to save their feet from the burning hot floor! Ooooh! Aaaah!! Owwwwh!! The site of all three gals hopping around frantically amuses the guards as well as a few other men who have gathered around the booth. The girls' long trim legs pumping up and down on the hot floor definitely has their attention! The girls' 'oooches and ouches' can be heard for a block!

The guards leave it up to the onlookers to decide when the young ladies have had enough.... and right now the ladies are not showing much sympathy for these American girls!! They'll continue to let them dance!! All three girls' soles are turning crimson from the heat!

Poor Cassie is doing every dance step in the book, trying to save her hot feet!! ' Owwwh!! Sssssh!! Ohhhhh!!! PLEEEZE!! LET US OUT OF HERE!! ITS TOO HOT FOR OUR FFF-FEEEETTT!! '.

Jo comes to the glass, stands on her heels and pounds on the glass to emphasize her pleas for this torment to stop! Her protest is brief, cut short when her heels can't take the excruciating pain any longer!! Unfortunately, the women are not satisfied that the college girls have paid the price for their indiscretion yet... One of the older women speaks up.. 'Let those whores dance a little while longer!' Several others agree with her. The guards let the three girls continue to dance.

The gauge is reading 150 degrees now!! Yeeeeouch!!! The girls are dripping with sweat from all their hopping around.... Mindy's large boobs are bouncing so much that she is struggling to keep them in her flimsy bra. When one suddenly flops out, she pauses her dance for just a moment to stuff it back in.... AAAAAH!! Mindy goes BALLISTIC, hopping around in agony from standing on the frying hot metal floor just that brief moment! Hoooo! When her boob slips out again a few moments later, Mindy just lets it go! She's more interested in saving her feet than saving her dignity at this point. Soon both of Mindy's boobs are exposed and bouncing merrily in rhythm with her dance!

The balls of Cassie's feet are almost as red as her painted toenails now and she's so tired that she can barely keep dancing!! Stopping to rest is NOT an option for these girls! Certainly the ladies watching this punishment can see that the girls have had enough and will step in!! The women talk among themselves and finally notify the guard that the girls have suffered enough!! Satisfied, the women begin to disperse.

Jo sees one of the guards making his way up the four steps beside the booth's door - he's carrying a towel with him. She hopes that means he is going to let them out!! The others see him as well and begin to beg and plead to be let out! The guard unlocks and opens the door. He orders the girls to back away from the door. The girls continue their dance, desperate to get out. Instead of letting them out of the booth, the guard tosses the towel onto the floor over towards the wall opposite the door... ‘Here’. It lands in a heap on the floor. The girls in unison make a mad dash to step on it, resulting in some pushing and shoving!! Finally all six bare feet find a place to stand.

The guard lets the girls recover a moment. He's amused by the way the girls are perched precariously on the towel, desperate to keep their feet off the scalding hot floor. He tells them to take their bras off and toss them over to him. The girls are confused... 'Hey! What's going on? Jo inquires. The guard points at the glass.... The girls see that the women are gone, but there are several guards standing around now. He repeats his order... 'Get those bras off... Unless you don't want that towel'. The girls definitely don't want to lose the only thing protecting their poor feet from the scorching hot floor!! They quickly slip their bras off and toss them across the booth to the guard. He smiles, knowing that the girls' 'first' dance was for the old women... now it's time for them to entertain him and the other men!

Once the girls are all topless the guard explains ' With all three of you dancing around at once, we couldn't really get a good look at any of you. Now each of you can have a chance to perform solo for me and my comrades'. The girls are still confused. 'One at a time, I want you to step off that towel back onto the floor... and DANCE for us. Once we've gotten a good look at you, I’ll let you out'. The girls look at each other... Goddd! They have to go back out on that hot floor again? He continues... ' If any of you hop back onto the towel... Well, she'll have to start HER dance all over. OK, who wants to go first? If no one goes, I'll take the towel and you'll ALL dance! Remember, don’t try to get out until I say you can!'

Jo speaks up... 'I'll go first....' Cassie and Mindy are quite OK letting her go first. There's no telling how long he'll make her stay out on the heat!. Jo looks at her friends, and then bravely steps back onto the hot floor - Ooooh! Owwwwh!! Aaaaah! The men looking on enjoy watching Jo's long legs pumping up and down and her perky boobs bobbing as she hops around. The floor hasn't cooled a bit; in fact it’s probably gotten hotter! SSSH!!! Aaaaah!!! Jo yelps each time she sets a bare foot down on the hot floor! The other girls watch as Jo suffers and cringe. They know that they'll have to do it next!!

Finally, the guard opens the door and indicates that Jo can come on out. She hurries across the floor through the door and onto the platform. She lets out a long 'Aaaaaah' of relief, then heads down the steps to safety. She walks awkwardly, her feet are blistered!! Another guard, directs Jo to a bench they have waiting for the girls as they come off the platform.

Cassie speaks up... She wants to be next to exit the booth. She hesitates for a moment, then steps off the towel... She immediately begins hopping around like a cartoon character!! Owwwh!!! Goddd!! My Feet! Owwwwh!. Her boobs are bouncing - delighting the guards! Then the poor girl can't stand it any longer and hops back onto the towel next to Mindy!!.... Mindy recognizes the gravity of this!! Poor Cassie!!

The guard shakes his head... ‘OK then, the other one can go, then we'll get back to you'. Cassie is crying... 'I can't do it... It's TOO HOT for my feet!!'.

All this is not encouraging to Mindy.... her bare feet are going on the hot floor next!!. She takes a deep breath and steps off the towell onto the floor. This is the gal the guards have been waiting for. Her large globes are sure to put on quite a show. Sure enough, her melons bounce around like firm jello!!! Awesome!!! Meanwhile, Mindy's feet are burning up!! Ooooh!! Sssshhh! Aaaah!!! As hot as the floor is, Mindy isn't about to head back for that towel... she wants to get this over with!! Mindy lets out 'ouches' and 'oooches' as the balls of her feet take turns on the hot floor. Ouch!! Ouch! Ouch! The guard finally opens the door and lets Mindy out. She stops for a moment on the landing and lets out an 'aaaah' of relief...then glances back at Cassie. Mindy hopes that Cassie can do it this time.

Cassie knows it's time for her to try again… Her poor feet!! She pleads with the guard, but he's deaf to it. Finally realizing that she can't get out of it... Cassie prepares herself to go out on the hot floor again. Her poor soles are so red!!

Cassie takes a deep breath, then steps off the towel .... Ooooh! Aaaah!! Within seconds, the coed is dancing from one foot to the other. The guard tells her to turn around and face the glass window so his buddies get a good look at her perky boobs, bouncing freely!! It’s taking every bit of Cassie's self-control to keep from hopping back onto the towel... Her feet are FRYING!! Ooooh! Owwwwh Haaaaah!! A couple guards whistle, enjoying watching Cassie dance in just her thong panties.

Satisfied that this last American girl has danced for them long enough, the guard finally lets her off the hot floor. Cassie grimaces as she steps down to join the other two. Her feet are killing her!! She plops down on the bench next to Jo.

The three girls are a pitiful sight.... Still topless, their thong bare ass cheeks on the rough wooden bench, tending to their red, blistered tootsies!! None of them could have imagined they could get into this mess!!

Funny thing, even after all three get the rest of their outfit on, NONE has put her shoes back on!! Cassie you can understand.... Putting her burned feet into those tight 5 inch heel pumps? No way!! But Jo and Mindy aren't up to it either! The girls better hope that they don't get cited for 'indecent exposure'... by going barefoot!.

- End -

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