Nudity: No

Bondage: Mild - handcuffs

Consensual: Yes

Distress: Yes Sub walks barefoot on gravel road

This little story involves a S/M Dom/Sub husband & wife. She makes him a promise to do 'anything' he asks and he cashes in his fantasy of watching his lovely partner play out a 'stranded' predicament where she has to walk down a gravel road, handcuffed and barefoot! It was inspired by a series of 'outdoor distress' pics posted by FTMench and others in the TMF tickle site. I believe it was a girlfriend in his case. Anyway, I hope some folks enjoy this sort of story.


My wife Lori and I were enjoying a mid-summer mini-vacation when her work called and asked her to return to handle an account issue. Lori felt bad cutting our fun short but 'work is work'!! She said she would 'make it up to me' by promising to do ANYTHING I asked. With us being a Dom/Sub couple, she knew that could lead to something very kinky, but Lori was sincere in her offer.

The next day while we are driving home, I can't keep my eyes off Lori. She is looking really hot.. tanned, wearing a flimsy top without a bra and, a pair of short shorts! The way she is resting her tanned bare feet on the dash is getting to me. The more I watch her, the more I realize this may be the time to fulfill a fantasy I've always had involving Lori stranded out in the middle of nowhere!.

We are in a pretty remote area and I have an idea. I come to what looks like a construction drive heading into a wooded area. Lori asks where I am going... I tell her to wait and see.... that I have a surprise for her.

I drive the car a little ways up the gravel drive and stop. Lori has put her sandals on and gets out of the car. I explain that I want to cash in the promise that she made to me yesterday. Lori whines that it's hot out! I assure her that it's just a little walk.. not too far.

I reach back into our bag and produce a pair of cuffs... Lori laughs, 'Ohhh I get it!'. I've mentioned my fantasy about her stranded out in the middle of nowhere before, so she figures this is it! She holds her hands out towards me but I motion for her to turn around. She turns an puts her hands behind her and I slip the cuffs on.

I get my camera out and direct Lori to head back down in the direction we just came from... down to the main road. She complies and begins walking. I'm sooo glad Lori is wearing those shorts... she looks so hot in them!! I let her get a few couple steps ahead so I can watch her walk in the Scholl's exercise sandals she has on. Lori's pair have the white strap and are well worn... I've always enjoyed watching her walk in them and hearing the wooden soles slapping against her heels.

Just a little ways further, I ask Lori to stop and I step around in front of her. 'Ahh... One more detail of this fantasy'. I point down to her sandals... 'Take those off'.

'Oh, come on!!' Lori hadn't anticipated that I'd make her walk barefoot on the gravel road. I laugh... 'Yes! Now!'

Lori always tries to be an obedient sub in our 'play' and is pretty brave about challenges... She bites her lip, contemplating what she's in for then steps back out of her Scholl’s onto the gravel. 'There you go!'.

I pick up Lori's sandals and step off to her side... 'OK... Perfect. Get going!'

Lori continues down the drive, wincing and mouthing out 'oooches' and 'ouches' as she steps on the stones. She looks over at me... 'I wish I had known you planned to torture my feet! I would have skipped my pedicure last week!'. I love her sense of humor!

A little bit further, Lori starts stepping along the ruts left by truck wheels to avoid the rocks.... 'Stay in the middle', I direct her. Lori complies and steps in an exaggerated pattern, leaning forward, trying to shift her weight off the really sharp stones. The gravel is REALLY punishing her feet! Lori pauses and groans .. ''Oooooh!!!' when she steps on a really sharp rock!!

I know Lori's feet are sensitive and I don't want her to get hurt, but I LOVE watching her reactions to the sharp gravel!! Her cute chorus of 'oooches'' and 'ouches' is priceless! As Lori approaches a stretch of larger stones she sarcastically comments... 'Oh Boy!... This is going to be fun!!'. She pants out 'Owwh!! Owwwwh! Owwwh!' AWWWH!! as she steps across.

The last stretch, closer to the road is out in the full sun. After a few steps, Lori comments... ' Whew! These stones are HOT!!' She's getting double punishment now!! The stones are too hot for her, but she can't move any faster because they're digging into her feet! I tease her... 'Aaaah... that will keep you moving then!'. Lori doesn't find my comment funny!

When we reach the edge of the paved road and stop, I offer Lori a drink... then laugh... 'Oh right, your hands are tied!!' I hold the bottle so she can get a drink. Meanwhile Lori's lifting her feet on and off the hot stones. I tease her.. 'Ohhh Those stones are a bit hot? '. She gives me 'the look!'... 'No!! Not a BIT!' she replies sarcastically.

I'm sure Lori assumes that we will turn around and head back to the car, but instead, I point out at the blacktop road... 'OK. walk across that and come back'. I'll get some pictures.

Lori looks at me real serious.... 'Ooooh! That's got to be hot! ' She knows that if the gravel beneath her feet is as hot as it is, the blacktop pavement will be REALLY bad!!!

I laugh... 'Be glad you don't have far to go then... '.

I'm certain Lori is regretting making me that promise now!! Her size 9's are paying dearly for it!. As I said, Lori is a willing sub and will test her limits... She knows that hot pavement is definitely going to test her today! Lori steps forward, trying to avoid stones scattered on the edge of the pavement... She is facing away from me, but I can hear her panting out 'owwwh Owwwh!! Aaaaah! as she gets further out on the pavement. Lori begins lifting her feet up and down, sort of like she is 'marching' in place... Finally, she hops around from one foot to the other, then hurries to the grass. I've seen Lori do the 'hot feet' dance before at the beach or on out deck at home.. I don't want to see Lori injure her feet, but I love to see her hopping around that way!

I remember one afternoon at the beach when Lori and her cute friend Gloria bravely left their sandals off for a restroom trip to the pavilion a ways back from the water. It was a scorching hot day and the sand turned out to be a LOT hotter then the girls anticipated!! I enjoyed watching them in their bikinis, hurrying across the burning sand! The stairs heading up to the boardwalk were congested so they had to wait in line out on the frying hot sand! They both did the 'hot feet' dance! Then on the return trip, they were carrying drinks and had to go slow. They had a long way to walk! I vividly remember watching and hearing them carrying on as the sand fried their feet.

There was another time at the beach when Lori had to walk out to our car in the parking lot. She was in her bikini, barefoot and the blacktop that afternoon was HOT! She managed to sprint out to our car, but then had to stop and get something out of the trunk. The poor girl did every dance step in the book as she unlocked the trunk and then hunted around for something to toss down and stand on! Once she finished at the car, Lori still had to come back across the hot pavement and this time, had to stop and wait on traffic. She put on quite the show, hopping from one foot to the other, up on her heels, on the outsides of her feet!! Lori's cute little tootsies were getting fried on that pavement!! Once the traffic cleared, Lori took off like she was crossing hot coals!!

Lori turns back towards me... 'Ohhh! That's HOT!! I can't walk on it!! Let me have my shoes! '.

I hold up Lori's sandals, laugh and shake my head! '... No, you're not getting off that easy young lady. Come on back.... and this time... NO running!! I want to get this.' Lori sees I have my camera ready! She looks across the stretch of pavement before her, then gets her courage up and steps out on it. Lori gets about three steps before she begins... 'Owwwh! Owwwh! Owwwh! Hot! Hott!!'. This time I can see the faces Lori is making. 'SSssssh!! Aaaaah!!!! Owwh!! Owwwh!! She can't stand it any more and takes off. She has to slow down to dodge the gravel when she get close to my side... OWWWH! OOOOH!! AAAAH!!

Finally she hops onto the gravel!! 'AAAAAAHHHH!! THAT IS SOOOO HOTTT!!! '

'OK, Now back to the car!!'. As Lori starts back up the gravel road, I notice she is struggling more on the stones even more than she was before. I figure her feet are even more sensitive after her walk out on the hot pavement!. The last thing she needs with that sharp gravel ahead!!! Right now the hot gravel is keeping her occupied... She mouths out 'Sssssh!! Aaaah!! ' as the hot ground stings her feet.

As Lori struggles along, I get pictures from a few different angles. She's dripping with sweat.. her nipples showing through her clinging top. Lori has entered a few 'wet tee shirt' contests in the past just to tease me!!

Lori's glad to get off the sunbaked stones, but she still has that stretch of larger stones to contend with. After a few steps on them she pants out... 'Whewww... These are killing My feet! '. I watch the way she steps, trying to avoid the sharp stones. A few times she winces and steps quickly off a stone which is digging into her foot.

We finally reach the car and I undo the cuffs. Lori stretches her arms which were getting cramped by that position. 'I hope that gets that fantasy out of you!' she laughs!! 'My poor feet!!! '. I give her a kiss and tell her how much I appreciate her being such a sport!.

I toss Lori's Scholl’s into the back seat of the car. I don't think she'll be putting them back on! As we get going again, I notice Lori checking out her battered soles!! I can't wait to REALLY 'thank her' this evening!! A little 'clitty licking' will help her forget those sore tootsies!

- the end -

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