Fiction. This is another one from my 'Agent Angelle' series. Angelle is always getting herself into situtations where her cute feet end up facing 'distress'. This one should interest those with a foot fetish and a foot tickling fetish (there is a little bit of that in here too!)... but those who enjoy HF will REALLY enjoy it.


Bondage: Yes Feet and Hands tied

Distress: Hot Foot! Bare feet in front of a hot stage light.

Nudity: No

Consensual: No

Agent Angelle LeVoxx vitals: Female, unmarried, age: 29, h: 5' 8", w: 134 lbs, hair: blk, eyes: grey, birthplace: Louisiana USA, current home: Miami FL USA, languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Education: BA MBA, special training: electronic surveillance, diplomatic corps, financial systems controls, Hobbies: Running, biking, swimming


Angelle is tired of working dull, cybercrime cases, so when she uncovers information about a patent theft ring, she decides to do some digging on her own hoping to get a promotion to a field agent! She even manages to obtain a time and location of the ring's next meeting with team who has stolen the plans. As far as Angelle can tell, the contact is to be made with a woman named 'Lil'.

Angelle arrives a bit early and parks her car a short distance away from the old warehouse. She walks down the alley, looking into windows hoping to see something... or someone. Suddenly a man pops out from a doorway, grabs Angelle, and practically drags her through the side door of small office.

Angelle quickly realizes that they believe SHE is Lil and has the information!! She tries to explain their mistake, but the Boss isn't buying her story!. He has an idea how to get the information out of their 'partner'. He directs his men to bring Angelle into the larger adjoining room. This area appears to have once been a dance hall or something. Most recently it has been used as a storage area for a local theater group and their junk is scattered about.

The Boss moves a large bench in front of a section of railing mounted to the floor and directs his guys to tie Angelle's hands behind her back, seat her on the bench, and tie her ankles to a nearby vertical rail. As they follow these instructions, the Boss rolls a large spot light left by the theater group to the opposite side of the rail, directly in front of Angelle's feet.

Angelle doesn't understand what he is planning. She continues trying to talk her way out of her predicament. Once the light equipment is in place, the Boss steps back and confronts Angelle.... 'OK, one last chance!!' Angelle continues to defend her story.

The Boss reaches behind the heel of Angelle's left shoe and begins to pull it off. Angelle clenches her toes hoping to prevent him from taking it, but he easily removes her shoe and goes after the other one. He sets both shoes down on the nearby table and returns to the railing. The Boss takes a good look at Angelle's now-bare feet.... He reaches down and gently squeezes Angelle's left foot, then drags his fingernail up the sole. Angelle flinches and tries to get her foot away.

'Ooooh.. Ticklish are we?'.... He tickles the sole of Angelle's other foot. 'I bet I could get the information out of you just by tickling these pretty tootsies, but we're in a hurry'.... He holds Angelle's toes and checks out the bright red polish on her nails... Nice! Angelle's feet are tanned and soft... It turns out the Boss has QUITE the foot fetish! Not good for Angelle!

'OK... this is your last chance.'.... Angelle swears that she knows nothing about any plans. By this point she's getting REALLY concerned!!

The Boss reaches around to the back of the light and flips a switch. The bright white light of the stage light begins to shine on the soles of Angelle's trapped feet.

It doesn't take long for Angelle to begin to feel the heat coming off the light!! The Boss sits down on the nearby table to watch. He notices Angelle's expression change. She continues trying to explain that they have made a mistake, but soon begins wincing and mouthing out 'owwwwhs and aaaaahs' as the heat from the stage light builds. 'Ssssh!! Owwwwh!! Pleeeze... It's HOTTT!!! '

The boss laughs... 'Take your time.... We're in no hurry!' He figures the young woman will eventually talk when the heat gets too intense for her.. meanwhile he will just sit back and wait!

Angelle is in quite a predicament!! The light is REALLY HOT! Fortunately, Angelle's feet are tied close enough together that she can alternate using one foot to shield the other from the heat for a few moments until the exposed foot can't take it any longer and she has to swap places... Ooooh Owwwh!!! Had her feet been separated further... ooooh!! that would have been even worse!!!

Its sort of a modern day version of the 'foot roast' used in the middle ages to get confessions out of young women accused of even minor offenses. Many a maiden ended up with her bare feet held to a fire or a brazier of burning coals placed near her feet! It didn't take long to get a confession out of them, whether they we guilty of not!

The Boss watches as Angelle's cute, tanned feet squirm and take turns facing the hot light, accompanied by a chorus of 'oooches and ouches'..... He glances down at Angelle's empty high heel shoes, laying on the table next to him. He noticed Angelle's white spectator pumps the minute she walked in! Those high heels definitely caught his attention! He can see the label printed on the insoles. He muses. The brand is something like 'Flair ', but it might as well be 'Fuck Me '. A pair of shoes like that on a pretty gal definitely attracts attention.

The seconds seem like hours to Angelle! Her poor feet are getting 'slow roasted' like French fries under the heat lamp at a McDonalds and she doesn't know the information this guy is looking for!! DAMN!! Its obvious that he isn't about to give up either! Her poor tootsies are in for it!!

'Ooooh! Owwwh!! Sssssssh! Angelle continues to rub her feet together trying to escape the glare of the hot lamp... Her soles are getting red from the intense heat. Owwwh Pleeeeze!! I DON'T know anything!! Aaaah!' The Boss figures its just a matter of time... She'll talk!

Angelle's situation isn't good. If she tells them she's REALLY a law enforcement agent, it could be worse for her.... If she continues to deny knowing anything, her tootsies roast in front of the hot light!! Damn!!

Then, all of a sudden, one of the henchmen alerts the Boss that they may have found the REAL contact. The Boss leaves Angelle struggling in front of the hot lamp and goes into the other room. Waiting there is a woman in her mid-twenties. The blonde, dressed in tight slacks, a tunic top and high heel strappy sandals turns out to be the REAL contact, Lil, they were there to meet!

Once the boss confirms that this gal is their 'partner' he escorts Lil into the other room where Angelle is busy 'oooching and ouching'!. He explains to the blonde that she can either turn over the information - at a lower percentage or THIS is what's in store for her!

Lil takes one look at Angelle, suffering in front of the hot light and agrees to give them the information! She wants NO PART of getting her feet burned that way!! The Boss instructs one of his men to stay with Lil in the other area - he will takes care of their 'other' guest. They will all leave to get the plans shortly.

The Boss returns to Angelle.... She's right where he left her, feet still getting burned! She pleads... 'Owwwh!! Aaah!! You have the information... Let me Go! PLEEEEZE!!' To Angelle's dismay, he doesn't seem to be in any hurry. He pauses to watch her tootsies squirming in front of the hot lamp..... 'Owwwh!! Aaaah!! Aaah!! Oooh!! Owwwh!!!

Finally he steps forward and turns off the stage light. Angelle lets out a long 'aaaaaaah' of relief!

Angelle assumes the Boss is going to untie her ankles from the rail, but instead, he pulls a key from his pocket and drags the tip around on the soles of her feet... The poor girl squeals with laughter. 'Hoooh No! Don't Don't!! 'Aaahh. ' ' You're even MORE ticklish now!!' he laughs!' The roasting has left EVERY nerve ending of Angelle's soles on high alert! The LAST thing she needs is for him to be tickling her feet!!.

He points over towards the stage light. 'I should get one of these at home... you never know when a beautiful gal is going to wander in!' He runs his fingernails up and down Angelle's soles again... 'Nooooo! Stoppp! Stoppp!! '

He finally unties Angelle's ankles and hands.... She immediately checks the damage to her poor feet. As Angelle expected, her soles are beet red... but luckily just shy of the point of blistering! As she is checking out her feet, the Boss tosses Angelle's high heels out into the large room. He explains that she is to wait 10 minutes before leaving... He'll have a guy watching her!

He walks into the other room and leaves along with the blonde.

Angelle waits for what she figures must be 10 minutes, then hops off the table and carefully steps out towards her shoes, dodging the debris and broken glass scattered on the floor. She carries her shoes back to the bench, sits down and begins to brush the dirt off the soles of her feet... Once she has both shoes back on, Angelle stands up... OWWWWH!! Her feet are SO SORE!! Walking in her high heels is not going to be fun!! Every step down the alley and street to her car is murder on her poor feet!

Angelle can't wait to get home and put ice on her burned tootsies!!
- end -

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