the island breeze

The early morning summer breeze
Awakens the sun, caresses the trees
Delicately traces its way through
My unlocked shoreline shed window
Opened to charm and the splendor of this place
Opened to grace and its enchanting portraits

The early morning summer breeze
Danced along with my sweet memories
Of a great passion from the night before
The only witness, a heavenly shore
And a dark starry night adequate to conceal
The dearest secrets we never wish to reveal

The early morning summer breeze
Its entire marvel upon me released
Tickles my face, touches my senses
Hugs my joy that newly seems so endless
With its marvelous brush draws on my lips
A genuine smile, then out the window it slips

The early morning summer breeze
Woke me up from my wildest dreams
As my eyes open up they see
My dreams continue in reality
For in my bed a sleeping beauty in all elegance lay
As the morning sun that rises kisses our hopeful day

The early morning summer breeze
Visited me with a purpose that now clears
It knows I would not wish to waste precious time
When loveliness lies before me so divine
Unveiling the sheet that veils so little of you
My mind wonders astray at the things I wanna do

The early morning summer breeze
Offered me a sip from the wine of disease
If I had known how it would feel to be this ill
I would have asked that the whole glass inside me spill
Becoming sick with love and a great deal of lust
Is but a blissful curse that has thankfully fallen upon us

That dear morning breeze of summer
Awakened my craving with its silent hammer
With all my senses but without much clue
I released my love all over you
Soft kisses tenderly laid on your neck down your back
As though to create an untraceable love track

Reaching slow, I head below
To the greatest reward my being will ever know
As close as ever, my lips start to shiver
Eager to deliver the final breathtaking blow
To a weak mind that has thoughtfully stepped aside
Accepting a fate where desire is the only guide

Between the senses fierce clashes begin
No room for consensus, they won’t give in
Tossing and turning in a vicious circle they spin
Soon the poor senses get back to their senses again
Realizing what a desperate struggle all this had been
For your sole is a battlefield not one of them can solely win!

My senses take turns at your splendidly carved soles
Touching my face I take a deep breath, inhale it all
My hands draw circles round red beauty stains
The lingering evidence of last night’s sweet pains
Impatient lips scatter their warm love bites
Just as my morning breeze they trigger, and you open your eyes

Good morning sweet beauty queen, I hope you slept well
But from your warm tight hug, that, I could easily tell
Like that whispering morning breeze your senses in me flew
Even the longest of years, with you would be few
If only this moment can forever and ever last
You’re in my present; you will enlighten my future, who cares about the past

And the early morning island breeze
Left us both in tranquility and peace…

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