Re: Closing Our Website

Will wrote:I have sent a message to Parox to see about buying this site to keep it open . I will need a lot of support from everyone .
I hope so much that your rescue attempt will be successful Will! :yee:

Please tell me if I can help you to keep this great forum alive! :)

Re: Closing Our Website

Please be patient . I am going to try to buy and keep this site open . I must figure out how to buy it , pay server fees , webmaster fees , etc . Just give me some time to figure things out . For now just keep using the site and enjoy it . Come on to this site and use it everyday .

Re: Closing Our Website

wow this comes as very sad news... This has been such a good place for so many members, there have been so many good times chatting and sharing my personal videos... :sad: I think all of us are grateful for what the forum has done to so many, but I understand the problem of keeping it. Good Luck Parox, its been a blast all these Years :)

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