IMPORTANT Read everibody

It was time that this can happend...
..and happend to faneti.. :(

[quote:457a573756]We have found thousands of video clips being shared on your site without permission. We
will be contacting the local German authorities as well as ICANN to get your site closed
for good unless you remove any and all clips that you do not have model id's and releases
for which is probably your entire site.

You have 24hrs to reply to this and then we will be going forward with a major law suite
in Germany and the U.S. Anyone who has signed up for your site and has uploaded content
is guilty of the same crime and we will be going after some of the users as well. I am
sure you do not want problems so please do the right thing and get on this at once.


there must be deleted all RS link

this can happend also to falakainfo so we must change the rules: more RS live links (as you see al RS links are changed to xxxxxx automaticly)
2.if you post something please use different names like (footcuties to f**tc*ti*s or Ashley Rene to Ashl*y.R*n*)

this is all for now...this topic its gona be updated with more instructions

Thans-Falakainfo team

well since the site is on "warning"
they wont let us go for a while

so even if u put all the clips in a zip file with another name
or changed the files name !!

what r u gonna do about the preview pics :S
they can come here and download the uploaded pic, if the found them
we are screwed :(

what is the "RS" name or whatever u r talking about ?

what is the "RS" name or whatever u r talking about ?[/quote:b6cf8a9ca5]

RS-rapid share

damn, but yeah we should at least hide the names of the real files, and delete this topic so they don't find us talking about ways to trick them :p

well, sorry to spoil the mass panic, but don't you find this a bit strange? I'd say this is almost surely a joke:
1. If authorities find out you have a broken a law they don't give you a friendly warning asking you to remove the clips. They prosecute you and that's it.
From a strictly legal point of view, even if you take down the clips you still committed a crime by distributing them earlier, so if this were real they wouldn't be offering to leave you alone if you take down the clips.

2. Ive is right, lawyers and authorities know how to spell lawsuit, they also know how to construct a sentence and cite laws. This is not the case here.
An official letter doesn't use internet jargon and colloquilisms like "24hrs", "which is probably your entire site", "major law suite", "get on this at once".
Also, at one point it says "anyone who has signed up for your site and has uploaded content is guilty of the same crime" but strangely enough it doesn't mention any crime, or which jurisdiction it is invoking.
3. And finally: officials don't sign themselves "Neil".

I've seen other sites that take precautions like not mentioning site names in full, so those are a good idea, but I don't think we need to worry to much about this joker.

i notis that in the past 2 days no clips has been posted,is that mean no more posting new clips in this great forum?

"Neil" is probably not a lawyer or a police officer. He is probably a film producer or someone who engages in a business related to the type of material posted here somehow. It is also possible that he is an activist of some sort (religious, political, or otherwise) who is fighting the production and distribution of this type of material in general. So he doesn't necessarily have any PERSONAL authority that should be worried about.

What we should worry about (and what he is actually claiming) is that he CAN contact the police or other authorities and that he CAN sue if there is some sort of copyright infringement or other illegal activity here. This is a legitimate concern as most of the world's legal systems are not particularly sympathetic to this sort of material or folks who enjoy it. While his authority is probably weak at best, his threats are not necessarily empty.


Re: IMPORTANT Read everibody

Hello. This me George Rahhal with you once more for the first time. I'm sorry not to have understood very well what we should or should not do regarding the clips that we are posting and specially the RS issue. Most of the clips I post in are finds from the net. Is there any problem with such clips. Many of my posts are also links to some streaming clips in other medias such as YouTube and Xhamster, etc.... So, if you think that the topic is really serious, please re-explain what is required from us in plain and clear English so that we can all comply with the rules and avoid problems.

Re: IMPORTANT Read everibody

From 2007 until today many things have changed. You can share everything from youtube and websites like youtube that give you the permission to share/embed their videos. Also there is no problem sharing content with free license, generally previews or parts of long videos. But we must delete videos if the content owner abuse.

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