Try A Little Tenderness

D. - you now this is just your fault:)

Will all the strength in my mind
I could not fight it
not fighting the silence grewing inside me
with every touch
me becoming the slinky woman
you never knew,
being silenced and giving so much.

No need to fight, no need to ask,
no words in the night, that was cold against my
skin burning under your hands
I could not count the hours, not thoughts, nor minutes
that lasted till your first kiss
or me firstly whishing you to kiss me.
I could not think straight and I never tried to

the girl in the mirror had betrayed me
with her cristall blue clear eyes
asking a questions, when all answers were given
My skin being like a book you red with your fingers
finding all secrets, knowing all fears
and taming them all away.

the taming of the shrew must have been close
like i was close to you
in the palm of your hand i found a voice i once
knew. having nothing to say.
but lot of feeling to do.

If you wont take my mind
to capure my soul, listen to my heart under your hand
and witness the extend of pleasure you can gain
by trying a little tenderness.

Yes I know, I can do better - but i need to restart. (so be kind*g*)
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Re: Try A Little Tenderness

if a fault yields beauty as such, I can only wish i can forever be naughty
for a soft caress and a profound touch, from your words rewards my being faulty

those words, your words, were a great surprize and a true compensation for the endless unanswered rings..
now Im even more certain of how well you know the true value, the real meaning, and the great effect of unexpected gifts..unexpected special gifts from a very special person..

One more word, Brilliant...and the rest, well...later

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