There In The Dark..

Lying beside you, there in the dark
Through the shadows
My desire and your eyes are the only spark

Softly you whisper, make it all come true
In just one night
I want to live it all through

We own this moment, who knows about the rest
For life’s bitter sweet torment
Never to reveal what’s coming up next

There’s much sense, in all you say
Though it makes me tense
For I can’t think of us this way

You are meant to be, in my arms forever
Our fair destiny
Eternal love, not anything other

But I realize still, with every breath I live
A whole night of thrill
Is barely enough for what I long to give

To let time just flow by, would be a sin
It’s the moment that I
To your words must give in

Soft and light, my fingers travel through your hair
But you rapidly ignite
With a caress from your soles my raging flare

And down my spine, runs a thriving shiver
Draws a passion line
From just drops of your endless river

I lay there tranquil, in total surrender
But your soles they still
Explore my being soft and tender

They challenge my calm, dare my persistence
Against their charm
Even nerves of ice would fail in resistance

In no time I’m a beast, before willing prey
But this prey I seized
Had no desire to lope away

Captured with pride, bound in my gaze
Your soles now entwined
With my eagerness, are both raised

Awaiting my blows, in all anticipation
You wiggle your toes
To trigger determination

That to me, was an open invitation
I was meant to be
The maestro of this sacred ovation

I held my bow, eager to play the violin
Which beneath my elbow
Awaited to sing the tunes of sin

Your soles my love, the sweetest instrument ever to play
As from high above
My bow swished its way down to my dearest prey

There’s no use, to trace down the notes
For without rules
Strong beat captured your soles

With every blow, every strike from within
I look at your soles
They’re far from giving in

They share the stain, in perfect harmony
Splitting the pain
Rising from this magical ceremony

As the strikes ignite, marking red lines of pain
Your soles fearlessly unite
Like two strangers falling in love again

I sense the heat, climbing up to my soul
From both your feet
And from under your freedom- bound soles

I lay my palm, on the palms of your feet
The music is now calm
It’s just time to display my defeat

I burry my face, into the open book of notes
That bared the trace
And registered every beat in red lines and warmth

I look at you, your smiling eyes hide traces of tears
I come to you
And your open arms embrace all my fears

We get up entwined, in our everlasting embrace
As the sun rises slowly behind
And marks the beginning of the last of our days

She looks at her soles and smiles
Then looks me straight in the eyes
“I hope that you now see
what your love meant to me

and she walks away…

Re: There In The Dark..

I like it...Love and Pain
but I think there is always pain in love mbf...this time, its in the dark :)

and for u mbf L, I have this message:
(abbey e..offline ho gaya kya, ya Mr.India bana baitha hai? Lal chasma lagaoon kya?)

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