please give me some advice!

I'm facing a tough decision, I'm about to get married and move in with my girl friend, and I have a collection of porn and falaka videos that I do not want to part with because I have worked hard and spent some money on them. what shall I do? shall I get rid of them or keep them?

Has anyone ever faced a similar situation?

Re: please give me some advice!

So dont hide them. tell her "hey, you know i have this and that kink?"... she says yes, then tell her "well, i have porn of this and that kink"... best case scenario she will laugh it off, and be ok with it. it is a kink, which means it is sexual (i assume you mentioned that). and if it is sexual, rule 34 of the internet states that "there will be porn of it"....

in any case, you are worrying too much. and honesty is always the best policy, so be honest. and if you feel too embarrassed about the fact, just put them on a separate drive. Unless she is a computer guru, it will be very unlikely that she will check the drive, un encrypt it, and see its content. even if you had those things on your own pc/laptop, in a hidden folder.

good luck!

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