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This story features one of the 'stars' of the HGTV 'house flipping' series 'Flip or Flop'... the lovely Christina. Christina typically is there just to be 'eye candy', though sometimes she provides her husband Tarek useful design opinions (usually to spend more money!). Where she REALLY contributes is when the house is finally on the market at an open house. Her cute outfits, including 'sky high' heels look great!

In my dream episode, Christina can't pay off a debt she and her husband Tarek owe on a loan they got from a local loan shark. Tarek is out of town and the guy sends his collector to either collect what the couple owes... or teach the cute blonde a lesson!!

Tarek and Christina's latest house project isn't going well. Its behind schedule and over budget! When they max out their normal credit line, Tarek wants to bring in an investor but Christina suggests they borrow 'short term' instead. She has heard about a guy who has loaned money to other house flippers and she arranges a loan from him. The project gets delayed further and now the new loan is overdue! The loan shark sends out his collector to settle the loan or teach the couple a lesson about missing payments! The guys locates Christina at the house, but Tarek happens to be out of town that weekend.

The collector and his assistant drive Christina in her SUV to another house out in the middle of nowhere and up to a flat roof area of that home. Christina fears that they plan to throw her off the roof, down onto the cactus growing below! In reality, the guys have something completely different is store for this cutie!!

Its mid-afternoon in the summer so the dark roofing up there is PLENTY hot! The two men position themselves between Christina and the door leading back into the home. Then the collector tells Christina to remove her cute, high heel, platform sandals and toss them over to him!! Christina assures the collector that they'll get their money in a couple days. He laughs... 'I know we will, but just to be sure you understand the nature of the relationship ... Get those shoes off! '

Christina can feel the heat radiating off the roof around her trim ankles. Sensing there is no way out of this predicament, Christina reaches down and plucks off her left shoe and tosses it over to the Collector. She hesitates a moment, holding her cute bare foot with its brightly painted toenails inches above the sun-baked roof surface. Christina doesn't want to set it down! She knows that roof is HOT!!!

The collector laughs. He is looking forward to what's next.... 'Keep going....'

Christina winces at the thought of what's in store for her. She's walked barefoot on hot pavement before and remembers how bad it stung her feet!! Christina's feet are extremely sensitive too! Just getting pedicures drives her crazy!

Finally, Christina sets her bare foot down on the roof and quickly lifts up her other foot to pull off her remaining sandal. Before Christina can even get that shoe completely off, the bare foot down on the roof is feeling the heat!

OWWWWH!!! HOOOO!! AAAAAH! Desperate to get her left foot up off the burning hot roof, Christina hurriedly gets the remaining sandal off so her feet can swap places but unfortunately her right foot immediately begins to suffer!! OOOOHH! HOTT!! HOTTT! HOTT! Still holding her right sandal in her hand, Christina begins hopping from one burning tootsie to the other!! Owwwh!..... Ooooh!! ... SSSSSHH!!! AAAAAAH-HAAAA!!!

The collector directs Christina to toss over the shoe she's waving about..... She hadn't even realized she still had it. When she does, Christina drops it down onto the roof and proceeds to try to stand on it to escape the fiery hot roof. The collector laughs and asks his assistant to 'go get it'. The burly guy steps over to where Christina is perched precariously on her single shoe. He grabs the sandal and pulls it away, leaving poor Christina once again out on the hot roof.... OOOH!! OWWWH!! OWWWH!! He hands Christina's sandal to the collector.

'Oooooch!! Owwwwh!! Ssssssshhh!! Aaaaah!! The roof has got to be over 160 degrees!! WAY too hot for Christina's pedicured feet! The cute blonde does every dance step in the book trying to keep her bare feet up off it!! In between her oooches and Ouches, Christina is begging for her shoes!!

The collector just stands there, holding Christina's sandals, enjoying the little 'floor show' she is putting on for them. He glances down at the fashion platform shoes dangling from his fingers... very sexy! He loves to see womean in shoes like these... especially young, cute babes like Christina. He isn't going to give them back to her ... just yet. He's going make sure Christina learns her lession first... and... he can watch her dance! In her tight tank top and short summer skirt, Christina looks really 'hot'... especially her shapely tanned legs and feet. Ooooh! Owwwwh!! Haaaa-Aaah Aaah!! He looks over to his assistant and quips... 'Quite the dancer isn't she?'.

Christina is desperate.. her poor tootsies are burning up! She begs for them to let her get off the burning hot roof.. 'Owwwh!! My FEEEET!! PLEEEEZE!!! AAAAH! Its TOO HOT!!'

The collector laughs.... He decides to add a little twist to Christina's predicament. 'OK, answer a few questions and we'll let you off there'.

'OK. How much will you pay on Tuesday?'

Christina pants out ' Owwwh Owwwh! $11,000 dollars '

The collector shakes his head... 'and what about interest? '

Realizing that she forgot that, Christina corrects her answer.... 'That's $11,000 plus $1000 interest!! Owwwh! Owwwh! Please! give me my shoes!!'

'So what is the total? '

'Ooooh!! Owwwh $12,000 dollars Aaaaahh!! Haaa !! '

The collector laughs and steps aside from the door.... 'OK, you can come back inside'.

Christina wastes no time. She hot foots it over to the door and gets inside. The collector enjoys watching her hurrying past. By the time he follows Christina inside, she has parked her ass on the floor and is sitting there cradling one foot then the other. Obviously maintaining her dignity in that short skirt is the least of her concerns right now! The thong panty upskirt Christina is giving him is a pleasant bonus!

Christina whines... 'I'm gonna have BLISTERS!!'.

The collector drops Christina's sandals... 'Here you go... Oh... you're OK, that was nothing. If you don't have the money by noon Tuesday we'll put you back out there on that roof and leave you out there a while to dance! and we'll make Tarek watch!! Do you understand? '

Christina looks at her red soles.. ' Yessss!!!'

The men leave Christina there tending to her burned tootsies!! She leaves her sandals off as she gingerly walks back through the house. When she comes to the front door she dreads having to walk across the hot driveway pavement but knows she doesn't want to put her sandals back on!! 'Ooooh! Owwwh!!' Christina finally is safely back in her SUV and heads for home... sandals on the passenger seat, bare feet on the pedals!

Do you think Christina and Tarek manage to raise the money to keep her off the hot roof?

- end -

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