Tickling: Yes Upper Body, Feet

Bondage: Yes

Nudity: Oh Yes!

Consensual: No

Sexual: Yes. Multiple Forced Orgasm
Summary: NBC Today show hostess Tamron Hall receives a special 'treatment' to cure her fear of being tickled. The lovely Ms. Hall's treatment includes: stripped naked, tied to an X-frame, tickled mercilessly on her bare feet, and having her pussy stroked with feathers! Between her laughter and multiple orgasms, Tamron has quite a session.

Complete Story:

Tamron wakes up... groggy at first but then she realizes that she is held down on some sort of 'frame', We affectionately call it the 'Humbler'. The perfect tool for tickling! Tamron is seated upright with her arms stretched out away from her body. Her legs are bound to outriggers extending out in front of her with her feet just slightly higher than the level of the seat. We have Tamron's legs positioned wide apart with her ankles secured to the outriggers so that her feet extend over the ends.

I assure Tamron that we are not going to harm her. Actually we intend to HELP her! I explain to Tamron that we heard about her fear of 'being tickled' and wanted to help her. She looks at me puzzled. Then she realizes that we are going to tickle her!!! Goddd! Nohhhh!! Being tied and tickled!! She couldn't stand it!!!

'First we need to make you a bit more comfy!'.

I look on as my assistant Wendy carefully snips apart Tamron's dress... finally pulling the last pieces away. This leaves Tamron in a VERY vulnerable situation!! All she has on now is her bra, thong panties, and her high heel pumps!!! (plus her sexy hoop ear rings of course!).

I begin running my fingers along Tamron's ribcage towards her arm pits.... She begins to giggle but as soon as my fingers reach her sexy underarms, Tamron goes crazy laughing. Wendy joins in, she is anxious to tickle the sexy body she just exposed!!

We go a bit easy on Tamron at first, then slowly increase the intensity of our tickling until we have Tamron laughing so hard she can hardly breathe. We keep this up for a solid four minutes... Trust me, its four minutes of PURE torture to Tamron!

Tamron is catching her breath as I step behind the frame holding her in place.... She hears the 'snip' of scissors and feels her bra fall away.... ' No Don't!! Please!!!'. The only thing that could make this nightmare worse is to be stripped naked and tickled! and that appears to be in store for her!

'We think we need to take this off as well.... Two more snips and I pull Tamron's thong panties away....

Wendy steps in between Tamron's spread legs holding a battery powered hair clipper. Tamron looks on, helpless. Wendy smiles with delight as she switches the clippers on and begins to trim off the rest of Tamron's already short pubic hairs.... The trimmer obviously tickles something terrible and I'm certain Wendy is intentionally making that part of the process even WORSE for our guest! After she's finished trimming Tamron, Wendy uses a wide, round paint brush to whisk away all of the cut hairs. I notice that Tamron grits her teeth as Wendy does this... It must really tickle!!

'Now we have you in the perfect position and have EVERYTHING out in the open!!' I step off to one side and return pushing a small table with a wheel mounted on it.... Its just not ANY wheel... its a wheel with three stiff feathers protruding from it. I position the wheel so that the feathers will pass across Tamron's neatly trimmed pussy. Tamron makes a renewed attempt to talk her way out of her predicament. I'm paying no attention. I continue my task at hand. I flick a switch the and wheel begins to slowly turn. I make sure that the wheel is positioned just right so that the last 3 inches of the stiff feathers are slapping across Tamron's neatly trimmed crotch. Perfect. I step back to observe the situation we have our lovely guest in. I hear the low whine of the motor and the 'fwappp fwapppp fwappppp' of the feathers stroking Tamron's bare naked pussy!

Initially, Tamron doesn't react that much to this new torment. Its obvious that it tickles her, but so far, only a mild annoyance. She continues to demand that we let her go! I sense she needs a little more 'incentive'. I step up to Tamron's right foot and begin to remove her high heel.

'No... Please. Not my feet!! Please!!' she begs. Tamron should have known we weren't going to spare her lovely feet!!

As soon as I begin running my fingers up the sole of her foot, Tamron shrieks with laughter!! This gal's feet are obviously her MOST ticklish spot!!

Wendy steps over to Tamron's other foot, plucks off that shoe and begins tickling it as well. Tamron is going crazy!!

It isn't long before I can see that Tamron's pussy is getting moist! Worse (for her anyway), the combination of the feathers and our tickling has gotten Tamron 'excited'. Her clitty is now becoming exposed and the feathers are brushing it vigorouslly!! 'fwappp fwapppp fwappppp'.

I change my tickling tactic. I hold Tamron's foot with one hand and begin dragging the teeth of a comb between her toes... sort of like I am 'sawing' them! The effect is devastating!! The combination of my comb and the feathers to her clitty are too much!! Tamron shreiks and pleads for us to stop.... but we aren't about to do that. We sense Tamron is past the point of no return... she REALLY would not want us to stop!!!

Wendy takes Tamron's tickling torment one step further and begin running her tongue between Tamron's toes.

Tamron, begins to buck and pant, then explodes with an intense orgasm!! OHHH!! OHHH!! NOHHHHH!! AHHHHH!! ' Bingo!! We continue tickling Tamron until she goes limp... laughing a laugh only sexual ecstasy can bring out.

We aren't done with Ms Hall... not by a long shot! Now that we have every nerve in her body on high alert, we intend to INCREASE the level of her tickle torture!!! I can see that the feathers on the wheel are now soaked with Tamron's pussy juices, but they are still delivering the rhythmic stimulation Tamron dreads... and loves. Every flick across Tamron's wet pussy delivers a tingle of electricity! Wendy begins scraping the end of her comb up and down Tamron's high arch.... 'Aaaah!! Hoooh!! Pleeeeze! Noooh!!' I start dragging the teeth of my comb back and forth across the soft ball of Tamron's foot.

Wendy decides to try something different on Tamron. She trades her comb for the spare feather for the tickling wheel. Wendy drags the pointy quill around on Tamron's sole a few times, then begins to drag the coarse edge between her toes. Poor Tamron is besides herself laughing and begging for us to stop!

After maybe 30 seconds of this combination of torments... Tamron explodes again, wiggling and trying to position her clitty to get the most contact with the feathers... I'm not surprised that this gal would cum so easily and quickly! The tickling is torture but it, combined with the simulation to her clitty, is sensory overload!!

As Tamron regains her senses I ask Wendy 'Should we go for three?'.

With an evil grin Wendy replies... 'Definitely!!'

Wendy moves up from Tamron's foot to tickle her underarms and ribs. Tamron weakly begs for us to stop but she knows her pleas are futile. Meanwhile, I position myself so that I can reach both of Tamron's feet.... Then I begin dancing my fingers around on both soles at the same time!! The new combination of tickly torment, plus the continued stimulation to her pussy sends poor Tamron BALLISTIC!!! She's laughing and pleading at the same time!!

Tamron's clothes, lying about on the floor catch my eye. The pretty summer dress she was wearing is now nothing but scraps of material. Her bra and panties are lying where they were tossed along with her discarded shoes. Getting the chance to strip ALL the clothes off this lovely lady is a dream come true!!

I renew my efforts on Tamron's soft soles and she responds with loud gales of laughter. Then, sure enough, she's overcome by yet another orgasm! This one even stronger then the first two!! This girl's insatiable! I laugh to myself!!

Wendy wraps up her attack on Tamron's upper body and steps beside me to watch what I'm doing to the lovely reporter's feet. I demonstrate that all it takes is the scrape of a fingernail on the upper arch and the girl goes wild with laughter!!

'This gal has the MOST ticklish feet I think we have seen here!' I observe to Wendy.

As all of this is going on, the feathers are still lapping Tamron's crotch... driving her crazy!! After all this, her pussy is dripping wet and her clitty is swollen out like a flower!

Wendy is not about let me have all of the fun.... She picks up the feather she was using on Tamron earlier and begins sawing the rough edge slowly across the news reporter’s breasts and nipples, then moves down to use it between her toes again. Poor Tamron shrieks. I find it amusing that her announcer voice is almost gone by this point!! To compound the tickly sensations Wendy is delivering to Tamron's feet, I begin to saw the teeth of my comb between the toes of Tamron's other foot....

I could have kept this up ALL NIGHT, but suddenly Tamron faints! 'Fun's over!' I laugh to Wendy!

I remain to supervise Tamron's recovery and removal from the 'Humbler'. She is knocked out again, taken to a Manhattan hotel, where she is left to sleep off the effects of the evening! I'm sure she is sore the next day. All of that struggling and laughing would wear out even the most fit gal! I'm sure that neat little pussy of hers is content though!

Oh... Did the treatment resolve Tamron's fear of being tickled? Nope! Maybe she needs another treatment?

- The end -

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