I wrote this story a while back based on a fond memory (and a few vid caps) of the lovely Mrs Emma Peel in my favorite episode of this 60's TV program..... See what you think.




Warning: Theme is BDSM - Harsh Interrogation - Branding Soles of Feet with Hot Iron

Nudity - No

Tickling - No
Consensual - No


This is an alternate version of my favorite episode of the classic 60's British TV show 'The Avengers'. In this episode/story the lovely and sophisticated Mrs Emma Peel and her partner John Steed investigate a case where someone is claiming to be able to transport wanted criminals 'back in time' to escape the authorities. Steed follows a lead and receives a 'demo'. In Steed's case the perpetrator 'sends him back' to a 17t century party for a few minutes as a demo. Steed follows up to figure out how his 'host' performs his illusion, but hits a dead end. Mrs Peel manages to obtain her chance with the suspect, William Tyson. Tyson explains the history of his 'ancestral homestead' including one long dead relative, Matthew Tyson. Legend is that this man was known to be 'cruel, very cruel' to beautiful women! (certainly a hint where this episode is heading!)

Tyson offers to demonstrate his 'escape' service for Mrs Peel, claiming he can send her to a gay 1700's ball for one hour. After providing Emma the proper period costume: a lovely purple party gown, powdered wig, and party slippers. she is 'gassed' (drugged) and awakes in a less 'festive' setting. Tyson has been tipped off of Mrs Peel's real identity and has 'sent her' instead to an earlier time.. the early 1600s .. when Matthew Tyson served as an inquisitor for the crown. When she awakes, Mrs Peel finds herself in the clutches of Matthew and his burly assistant... in Tyson's dungeon!

The next scene opens with Mrs Peel, still in her gown and wig, seated on a heavy wooden bench. We see Emma's sexy bare feet extending over the end of the bench... her gown is pulled up a bit and we see her trim ankles resting in the lower half of heavy stocks! The top portion of the stocks closes down, trapping Mrs Peel for whatever Matthew has planned for her!

The scene continues, panning out to reveal that the bench Mrs Peel is seated on is apparently located in a dungeon. Matthew is standing at the end of the bench near her trapped, bare feet. At this point, the lovely brunette still has on her fancy powdered wig and has her hands folded calmly on her lap... appearing not to have a care in the world! Meanwhile, the assistant is tending to something in a nearby fireplace.

Tyson, remaining in his 'Matthew Tyson' character, begins to interrogate Mrs Peel, asking her what sort of 'witchcraft' she must be practicing! He demands that she explain who she is.. how she got here ...and her strange (bawdy) outfit! Tyson is VERY curious about the low-cut gown Mrs Peel is wearing.. unheard of in 'his' time. Emma responds... 'My name is Emma Peel.... Mrs Emma Peel! She laughs and remains aloof!

Tyson fumes at Emma's disrespectful manner. He steps in closer, then reaches in and suddenly pulls off Emma's powdered wig.... 'What sort of clothes are these? Some sort of sorcery?' he asks. Emma loosens her hair with one hand, then shakes her head, allowing her shoulder length hair to fall completely down.

Mrs Peel laughs... 'If you thinks this is something, you should see some of my outfits 300 years from now!'... As she toys with Tyson, Emma wiggles her bare feet in a VERY provocative way! Her lovely feet look VERY vulnerable in those stocks.

Tyson tosses Emma's wig aside then grabs her real hair, pulling her head back abruptly. 'Laugh will you? I have ways to end your laughter! You will be BEGGING to tell me EVERYTHING!!'. The camera closes in on Mrs Peel's face. You can see the look of concern at his outburst! Tyson releases Mrs Peel's hair and returns to the stocks end of the bench. The shot closes in on the burly assistant working over at the fireplace. You can see that he has two branding irons, their heads resting above flaming coals. This is the point where you, the audience realize what Tyson has planned!! Mrs Peel's bare feet trapped in stocks! Branding irons heating up! Ooooh!!! Tyson wouldn't have Mrs Peel there on his bench, in stocks, if he didn't intend to use the hot irons on the soles of her feet to get the 'truth' out of her!

This is also the point Mrs Peel begins to show increased concern about her predicament. She glances over at the fireplace and sees the irons heating up.... we see the 'look' on her face. It doesn't take imagination for her to realize the unpleasantness those hot irons could inflict. Peel looks on as the assistant removes one of the irons from the fireplace and carefully passes it by its handle to Tyson. Tyson holds the iron's head up and brings the palm of his other hand close to the 'business end'. He holds his palm there for a brief moment, draws it away, then shakes his head... No No... and passes the iron back to his assistant to return to the fire.... It isn't quite hot enough yet! He wants the iron to be HOTTER when he uses it on his lovely guest! He DOESN'T plan to go easy on this beautiful woman!

Mrs Peel has been watching this and her 'concern' shows on her face. Emma is quickly realizing that this may not be just part of the 'act'.... Tyson may REALLY intend to burn the soles of her feet with that branding iron!! Emma bites her lip and trys to keep up her brave appearance.... She isn't about to beg!! She holds out hope that this may be some act to frighten her or maybe Steed will find her in time!

Tyson's assistant employs a set of bellows to help the coals along.... The fire's red glow tells the story... Those irons are getting PLENTY of heat now! He tends the irons carefully, making sure they will be blistering hot for Mrs Peel's feet!

The seconds drag out like hours for Mrs Peel. She knows that with every passing second, those irons are getting hotter... and they are going to be used ON HER!! Her stomach churns! The anticipation is killing her!!

Tyson is enjoying all this. Watching this lovely lady anticipating the cruel treatment she's about to experience turns him on!! He glances at Emma's helpless bare feet. She has lovely feet and cute straight toes. Tyson was intrigued by Mrs Peel as soon as they met. Peel had on leather boots. Tyson selected a pair of low cut slippers to go with her party costume... he knew he would be seeing those lovely bare feet before he was finished with Mrs Peel. The thought of pressing a blistering hot iron to Emma's smooth, high arches excites Tyson! Tyson lets his assistant pump the bellows a few last times, then he alerts the man that he's ready to proceed. 'I'll take that one now... It should be ready for our guest!' Mrs Peel tenses up, but remains silent!

Tyson carefully accepts the iron by its handle and brings it over to the end of the bench. This time Tyson doesn't bother to check the iron's heat. With his assistant's diligent efforts, he knows its blistering hot!!

Tyson smiles. 'My dear. You had your chance to tell me what I wanted to know. Now I'll make you wish you had heeded my warning!'

Mrs Peel can't focus on anything else than the burning hot iron just inches from her trapped bare feet!! Finally Emma breaks her silence... 'No No!! Please!!! Don't!! Not my feet!! Pleeeeze!!'

Its too late. Tyson guides the iron's head, with its letter 'T' (Tyson's mark!) within a scalloped ring towards Mrs Peel's right sole. His target is the spot where ball and arch join... an EXTREMELY sensitive spot! Over his years of cruelty to beautiful women he has honed his techniques of inflicting pain, without harming their beauty. Emma screams as Tyson presses the blistering hot metal to her foot! The head is large enough to cover the entire width of the ball of Emma's foot! The pain is excruciating!! Mrs Peel screams out!! Owwwwh!! Aaaaah!! Aaaahhh!!!!!! Pwwwwh! Ohhh!. Tyson presses the iron to Mrs Peel's sole for a second... You can almost imagine a faint 'sizzling' sound as it makes contact with her soft skin!! That brief moment seems like a lifetime to poor Emma!! She continues wincing and panting out 'oooches' and 'ouches' even after Tyson pulls the iron away!

Tyson hands the 'used' iron to his assistant, who places it back in the fireplace to regain it's blistering temperature. Tyson pauses a moment to study Mrs Peel. Overwhelmed with the pain from her branding, Peel is panting out 'ouches' as she moves her burned foot slowly, wiggling her toes. Tyson smiles and reaches out towards his assistant... indicating that he is ready for the other iron.... He isn't going to use that first iron again. No, he is going to use the other one... fresh from the fire on Mrs Peel's other foot!!

Emma has erroneously assumed that the branding she just received is ALL Tyson is going to do to her. You can imagine her reaction when she sees that he is about to brand her other foot as well!! She shakes her head! 'No Noh!! NOT THAT PLEEEEZ! I'll tell you EVERYTHING!!! '

Tyson closes in with the hot iron.... 'Oh, I KNOW you will... but first I have this for your other lovely foot! Then we will talk some more!! I'm sure you are wishing you had confessed earlier!' Emma looks on in terror and dread!!!

Whether Mrs Peel had 'confessed' earlier or not would not have made any difference! Tyson would have burned her tootsies either way!! His 'Matthew Tyson' character provides this man with a way to indulge in his sadistic fetish! Many lovely ladies, from young harlots, to still attractive older women have been on his bench and felt the heat of the iron or the sting of the crop on their trapped bare feet!! Beyond these cruel foot tortures, these woman receive no further injury from Tyson's hospitality!! The REAL Matthew Tyson also shared this fetish. His cruel treatment of beautiful women was considered just part of his interrogation!! He has the PERFECT cover for his dark fetish!

As the head of the iron approaches, Mrs Peel tries to move her foot away to escape, but the stocks prevent her from doing so! Tyson presses the blistering hot iron to the sole of Emma's other foot... She screams out!!! Aaaah!! Aaaaaaaah! Owwwwwwwh!!! Owwwh!! Tyson hold the iron there just a moment... but that's all it takes to scorch Peel's tender sole!! Now, BOTH feet are smarting!!!

Tyson returns the iron to his assistant. 'I believe this witch should be more willing to talk now... but keep the irons ready, in case she needs a reminder!! ' Mrs Peel shakes her head 'Nohhh!! Nohhh!' Tyson positions himself to get a closer look at the soles of Mrs Peel's feet. A red blister outline of his iron's head is still forming on the sole he just branded! The other foot's blister is fully raised, with an angry red outline extending a half inch on either side of it! Tyson is satisfied with the fiery imprints on Mrs Peel's tender soles. The burns will heal cleanly in due time, but she'll wear his mark on her soles for the rest of her life!

Emma struggles to deal with the pain.... Her poor feet!!

Tyson steps off to the side of the bench and retrieves Mrs Peel's wig. He holds it up, studying it. Then he picks at her loose hair and her silky gown. Finally he speaks up.... 'Now... I'll ask you again. Who are you and how did you get here... and explain these clothes you are wearing... or do you need a bit more persuasion FIRST.' Tyson tosses Emma's wig onto the bench behind her and steps back towards her feet. He signals his assistant to pass him another hot iron.... He's sure they have recovered their heat!

Mrs Peel pleads for him not to burn her again... She advises Tyson that she is an agent of the government!!!

Tyson shakes his head... 'I do not understand this.' He turns to his assistant. ' Shall I do her heels next?.......' It appears that Tyson intends to brand Mrs Peel's feet AGAIN! This time on her heels! Emma dreads doubling the pain she's already experiencing!

Suddenly, a buzzer sounds. Tyson passes the branding iron back to his assistant and steps away. When he returns, Tyson whispers something to his assistant and they both head out of sight behind the bench Mrs Peel is seated on.

Emma is left there waiting for several minutes... Her poor feet are REALLY hurting. Suddenly she hears Steed calling her name.... Emma calls back.... 'Steed. I'm in here!!! '. Steed enters the 'dungeon' set and sees Mrs Peel. At first he is confused.... She's seated on that bench, in costume. Steed sees her bare feet secured in the stocks.'

'Are you all right?'

Emma winces out .... 'My FEET! '

Steed stops to glance at Mrs Peel's feet. As he raises the top half of the heavy stocks to release her legs, he sees the nearby fireplace and the blisters on her soles. Steed encourages her... 'Here you go'.

Emma is so glad to have been rescued! She asks... 'Where are we... how did you get here?'

Steed gently helps Mrs Peel lift her ankles out of the stocks and swing them over to one side of the bench, being careful with her injured feet! Then he explains... 'We're not in the 15th century.... far from it. We are in a warehouse in the Whitehall District. Tyson... or whoever he is... must have been alerted I was coming, he and his team have cleared out.'

Mrs Peel sits on the bench, her throbbing bare feet dangling over the floor, which she now realizes has been painted to appear like ancient stones. This was ALL a set? she thinks. Meanwhile, Steed steps over to the fireplace and studies the two branding irons still resting over the coals. He turns one over, observing the design on the head. He looks over at Emma's feet and puts two and two together!! He realizes what she's been through!! That is definitely for real!! If he had only found Mrs Peel sooner she could have been spared this cruel punishment!

Mrs Peel recognizes that Steed is aware what Tyson has done to her and in her always witty way, manages to joke... 'Thank You! They certainly knew how to treat a lady in those days! I think I've had enough of this century!' Emma slowly wiggles her toes, trying to ease the throbbing pain.

Steed alerts Mrs Peel that they need to go and take care of 'those' (referring to her burned footsies). He carefully picks Emma up to carry her out to his car ... There is NO WAY she would be able to walk with her blistered feet!! If fact, it will be over a week before Mrs Peel will be walking far on them! Longer before she's wearing high heels again!

-- end ---

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