As the opalescent beam that emerged from the lens on the top of the shining green cylinder struck Marva's ebony body, she felt every muscle go limp. Sweat glistened on her forehead and naked stomach, unprotected by the cuirass. She slumped onto the floor. The accursed alien machine stripped Marva of her superpowers!

The Martian officer peeled off Marva's boots, exposing the superheroine's large bare feet with supple long toes and meaty, slightly squared heels. Their rosy-cream-toned soles contrasted with the rich brown of the tops. After hours of traipsing the desert of the hell planetoid Marva's feet pungently reeked with perspiration.

"The xenological records state that feet of Terrestrial humans are relatively sensitive," mused the Martian. "We shall presently see how true that is."

Two guards picked Marva up and placed her on a large semicircular table in the middle of the Control Chamber. She tried to free herself from their clutches, but with her superpowers gone she was no match for two brawny Martians.

The officer produced a stick of bluish tasmir wood, took aim and crashed it on the bottoms of Marva's naked heels.

"Aww! Aargh!" the black superheroine cried as pain shot through her body like an electrical discharge.

The next strike hit the middle of her soles.

"Aaaaww!!! To hell with you, pointed-eared vermin!" she yelled, contorting in stinging agony.

Heels again. "Aay-haa!" Marva's skin burst, and blood sipped on the table metal surface.

"Now will you kindly share with me the nature of your mission here?" the officer asked.

Marva was silent.

"Perhaps I should switch the implement."

The Martian took a whip that seemed to be fashioned of overlapping metal rings and lashed Marva's soles. Now the pain beggared description–the whip was electrified. Marva felt her stomach burn, squirmed and threw up. Sour smell of the barefoot superheroine's vomit filled the Control Chamber.

"Ready to speak?" the officer inquired.

To give them away her mission meant to betray the agent planted deep inside the enemy HQ. The Martians were as capable as Terrans to add two and two. Marva had to endure–

The strokes now rained incessantly, turning the beautiful Negress' vulnerable bare soles into a bloody mash. Marva writhed, cried, her saliva ran down her chin, her bleeding heels drummed on the table. But she remained defiant.

At the end the officer was forced to admit that the xenologists have exaggerated somewhat the sensitivity of human feet. Or maybe the machine that took away Marva's superpowers needed adjustment?..

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