Super fast intro to Bitcoin and Open Bazaar

Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about two cool new, or at least relatively new, technologies: bitcoin and openbazaar

Probably most of you have already heard of bitcoin, but not so of openbazaar.

In short, Bitcoin is kinda like digital money, although people prefer to call it "cryptocurrency".

You know, like when you buy something you pass on your coins and bills to someone else,... well instead of being dollar, euro or any other known currency what you transfer, it's some sort of passwords.

So, I send you the "bitcoins" (those passwords I talked you about) and so the payment it's done. But since those passwords are digital stuff, I could simply send you a copy of them and still own the bitcoins, like effectively printing money, right?

Well, bitcoin solves this problem through a huge ledger that it is distributed all over the internet. So when I send you the bitcoins, this ledger register the transaction, register that now you own those valid passwords for bitcoin and that I no longer do. That's how the "double spending problem" is solved.

If you want to start using bitcoin, all you need to do is to sign up to get a thing called "wallet". Wallets are like email accounts, just that , instead of sending and receiving emails, you send and receive bitcoins. Wallets do all the job of connecting to that huge ledger and register transactions you do (when you send bitcoins) or detect them (when you receive bitcoins). So it's all a transparent process for you.

Probably the most reputable wallets are: coinbase ( and xapo ( Coinbase will even allow you to buy bitcoins directly in your wallet interface, and xapo can send you a physical visa card from where you can spend the bitcoins in your wallet in regular business.

Other way to get bitcoins is through ( In localbitcoins you find people near your location that is willing to buy and sell bitcoins. You can meet them in a cafe or plaza and make the transaction, or do all over chat, email, bank transfer. It has a reputation system, so hopefully you can trust the user if the deal is not made face to face.

Ok, so we have the digital money, where can I spend it? There are hundreds of websites that now accept bitcoin. But if we have decentralized money, it's time to talk about a decentralized market place too!

Here is where OpenBazaar enters..

OpenBazaar is a marketplace, but one that runs on a decentralized, anarchist, fashion. Imagine ebay and bittorrent smashed up together. So it's kind of a big deal, because it's censorship proof.

To start using OpenBazaar just download and run the program from
In windows you don't even need to install it. Just download it, execute it, answer a few questions, and you are ready to go.

To navigate stores you must write the name of the store in the top navigation bar. Try with our recently open store, just type @feet_torture and you will find our first exclusive clips for openbazaar.

From there you can order and buy (yes, you guess it right, with bitcoins) our clips. The big letdown right now is that the processing of digital goods it's not fully automatized, so when you buy the clips, it may take me a few hours to notice, and answer your order with the download links.

You can check a long boring tutorial to openbazaar right here:
but it's pretty much what I already told you.

One weird and important thing to remember about openbazaar, it's that there are no user accounts or passwords. Your account it's directly the computer on which you are running the openbazaar software. So, if you order one of our clips in the morning from your home desktop computer, and later try to check if I already sent you the download link from your job laptop... that won't be possible. This is due the distributed nature of openbazaar, the way it was designed to resist government intervention or censorship.

It IS posible indeed to get an user account and password, and check your openbazaar account anywhere, but it is kind of a weird process that I'm not going to discuss right now, and it's mostly reserved for sellers, not buyers. But you can check all the related info at the openbazaar website.

So... why I'm telling you all this?

Technologies like bitcoin and openbazaar will be of huge importance for the future of internet commerce. And that includes us, buyers and sellers of falaka and bastinado videos.

Right now site likes clips4sale take on HUGE commissions fees for distributing the clips we produce. They impose the rules (like no goat-feet-liking tickling clips allowed, minimum costs per clip, etc.) and mostly accept only credit card as payment method.

Through bitcoin and openbazaar, we eliminate those middlemen, content distribution companies like clips4sale, payment processing companies, like visa, mastercard, paypal, and ultimately even governments that issue their money. This translates directly into cheaper clips, that most people can afford to buy, and ultimately an increasing amount of production in quantity and quality fetish videos.

You can see it for yourself right now. We have two clips ready to buy in our openbazaar store @feet_torture one for only $4.50 usd and the other for only $1 usd approx.

So, come on
Hope you can join the movement.

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