Hello from Germany

I'm new in this forum.

I am 42 years old and as everyone might has guessed, I like bare well-groomed feet of girls/ ladies and almost evrything that could be done with them.

My first fantasy in feet I can remember good was at the age of about 13 or 14 while I read the books of "Karl May" - he wrote for example the stories of "Winnetou". In his travel-stories through the orient there was a discription of the bastinado/ falaka.
I like to torture female feet with falaka, needles, tickle them, and order the lady to walk barefoot on every underground.
But I also like to lick and kiss the feet and give them a massage.

A further fantasy of me is to receive the falaka. I wanna feel it...
Sometimes I have putted needles into my soles, a few very deep, and I took pics of it.

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