Love hurts ... ohuhuhu Love hurts !

Well - Nazareth has something going there! Sweet memories :)

Would I like it?
It does gives tummy tickles to dream about but in the end we have a happy relationship as it stands. I know that I am in firm, save hands. But it is an intriguing thought:

How might it feel firmly tied on on the bed my feet locked in the stocks? A long, loving kiss; a cuddle then I kiss the iron, cold and hard on my lips. "Ah!" I open wide for my gag, feeling it filling my mouth, protecting my tongue, protecting my voice cords. I feel the neck strap tightened. Dumb, helpless there is nothing I can do to save my foot.

I feel my toes tied down onto the stocks to hold my sole firm and tight. I feel my sole brushed to stimulate circulation to ensure a fine, crisp brand. I hear clicking; shiver as I realize that it is the thermostat of the soldering iron heating up.

It is one thing knowing that I am owned but it is a very different thing being branded as my owner's property!

I giggle. I feel the felt tip pen drawing my brand. I giggle and cry all the same time. I feel my owners loving, caring hands on my sole. I whimper. A gentle, loving kiss on my soft, tender arch. And then comes the singeing hot iron ...
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