Quick Poolside Story

I wanted to share this quickie. Years ago I was swimming with my girlfriend. She was a really cute strawberry blonde, fair skin, about 5'0, with the cutest, softest size 5 feet. Other girls were actually jealous of her feet, I heard it from them myself.

Anyhow we got out of the pool to take a break and look around. We were quite a bit away when I noticed she started lifting her feet. The sun was hot that day, and the water on her feet from the pool was left behind in wet footprints, she had no protection left.

She started lifting her feet more quickly, and said "Let's get back in the pool." I couldn't tell her that her cute little dance was turning me on. I made an excuse that I wanted to look at something first, and led her along with me. (She was holding my hand so that was easy.)

She said, "Okay, hurry up. This is hot!" And began doing a quick little hop. After a minute of her hopping from one hot foot to another, accompanied by some rather cute "Ouches" we got back in.

Her normally creamy white soles were a cute pink color. But she wasn't mad at all.

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