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Case: Elisabeth Hasselbeck - TV Network Reporter



Predicament: Interrogation - Tickle Torture.

Tickling: Yes, extreme feet 100%

Nudity: Partial, Topless

Consensual: No

Note: I don't typically do requests for celebrity tickling... but I've been playing with the idea of an 'electro-tickling' device story for a while inspired by some of the neat drawings some talented artists have done featuring gals with 'sparks', 'tickle rays', and such tickling their trapped feet. When a request came in involving the lovely Ms. Hasselbeck being interrogated, this story was born! Hope you enjoy it!

Evening... May 10 2014

I review my briefing instructions one last time as I arrive at the 'Center'. As a representative of the Administration's legal affairs team, I am there to oversee the interrogation of TV network reporter, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. Earlier that day as a guest on another program, Ms. Hasselbeck claimed to be closing in on a 'major scandal' within the White House staff. The administration quickly issued orders to pick the reporter up and bring her to the Center for 'questioning'.

I'm quite familiar with Ms. Hasselbeck.... She's very 'easy on the eyes' and her short skirts and high heels have caught my attention many times. I see in the briefing notes that Elisabeth is quite the adventurer, having appeared on both Survivor and 'Dancing with the Stars'. I can't wait to get a better look at this lovely lady.

When I reach the 'processing' area, I'm greeted by the area manager, Brandon W. Brandon briefs me further on the operation and shows me a view of the room where Elisabeth is being held. On the high def screen I can see Ms. Hasselbeck, apparently still 'knocked out', seated on a large chair. She has on a white silk blouse and a short, tan skirt. I notice right away that her shoes have been removed and that her toes have been secured.

Elisabeth begins to wake up. She looks around and realizes that she's in a small room, strapped down to some sort of chair.. not unlike a dentist's chair (which it indeed started out as!). She panics when she realizes that her wrists are secured to the chair's arms and her ankles are held down at the far end. As her head clears a bit more, Elisabeth sees that her shoes have been removed and her feet are being held in some strange frame... sort of like high tech 'rigging'. There is a thin clamp holding each toe and all of the clamps are attached by thin bolts to the frame. Her toes are bent back and slightly pulled apart. Elisabeth tries to move her feet, but can't. Whatever the device holding her toes is, its holding them TIGHT! I can see her panic increase!

Brandon and I enter the room. Elisabeth IMMEDIATELY begins demanding answers... Who are we? Where is she? She suspects we could be foreign agents but based on her employment as a 'white house' reporter, she suspects that we could likely be FBI or CIA agents!

I ask Elisabeth to explain what she knows about the 'serious scandal' she mentioned during her broadcast that morning.

'I don't have to tell you ANYTHING!! ‘ Elisabeth curtly states and resumes her tirade of protests and demands to be set free IMMEDIATELY!!

I wait until she has calmed down a bit and explain.... 'I'm sorry that you feel that way, but under the authority of Homeland Security we have to check out 'threats' of this type and are prepared to pursue this as a case of terrorism. We also need to inform you that we have been monitoring your contacts over the past 3 years and have documented contacts you'd had with known subversive organizations.' I realize that faced with this evidence, Ms. Hasselbeck won’t be interested in lodging any complaint!

I pause to let all this sink in... As I wait, I look over the 'device' to be employed to extract the information out of Elisabeth.

There are two cones, one in front of each of Elisabeth's bare feet. My briefing materials explained that the device utilizes the principle of high voltage with low amperage, which avoids any injury. The high tech feature is that the high voltage discharge can be focused on a specific target, causing an EXTREMELY tingling, tickling sensation. Experimentation has demonstrated the device's ability to extract information and confessions from even the most hardened individuals. Use on the soles of the feet proving to be the MOST effective method. The 'toe frame' was added recently. Trials of the beam with the toe frame increased the effectiveness three times over!!

I repeat my request to Elisabeth. Once again she refuses to answer my questions. Fine with me!

I confer with Brandon, 'It looks like we should begin using the device.'

Brandon nods to the control operator. A buzzing-clicking sound begins.... but almost immediately, we can barely hear it over Elisabeth's laughter and begging. I see that the cause of her obvious distress is a trail of sparks.. more like mini-lightning bolts.... jumping from the cones directly to Elisabeth's feet. The sparks jump in random patterns.. sometimes only one reaching a sole, other times several... landing in random patterns. The frame securing Elisabeth's toes prevents her from being able to move her feet to escape the torment! All the lovely reporter can do is laugh... and beg for the device to stop!!

I can tell from Elisabeth's soft, smooth soles and exquisitely painted red toenails that this gal pampers her feet with regular pedicures. I can understand that. Her job demands hours in high heels every day and most of her shoes show off her heels.... or her toes, like the pair she HAD been wearing. It's no surprise that Elisabeth's feet would be EXTREMELY ticklish. Those sparks dancing on her soles must feel like red-hot pins pricking deep into her MOST ticklish flesh!

I had not asked how long to expect before Elisabeth would 'choose' to reveal her source, but based on her reaction to the device, I figured it wouldn't be long. Between her shrieks of laughter and chorus of 'oooowh!! 'Eeeeeh!! and Aaaaahhh! Elisabeth manages to fit in.... 'OK! OK! STOPPP!! I CAN'T TAKE IT!! I'LL TELL YOU THE TRUTH!!!'

The device fades and Elisabeth lets out a long 'aaaahhh' of relief. She's panting and breathing hard from all her carrying on. We give Elisabeth a few moments to catch her breath, then I resume her questioning.

Our sexy reporter starts off by SWEARING that she's telling us the honest truth, then explains that she REALLY didn't have any source.. or any story for that matter. She had not broken a big story in a while and needed something BIG to keep her viewer ratings up. Her plan was to plant this rumor as a 'hail Mary' ploy in the hopes that someone in the administration would slip-up and give her something REAL. She has NOTHING!! and would drop the entire plan if we would just let her go.

I step back, then nod to Brandon with the 'I don't believe her' look.

Elisabeth senses I'm not buying her explanation and insists she's telling us the truth!! ' Pleeeze! Pleeeze!! I'm telling you the truth!! Pleeeze! I don't have ANYTHING! There's NOTHING I can tell you You've GOT to believe me!!

I nod to Brandon again and he instructs the operator to resume the interrogation.....

Elisabeth's pleas for us to believe her INSTANTLY change back to gales of screamed laughter!!

Hoooo Noooh!! Pleeeze Pleeezee IT T-T-TICKLES!!! PLEEEZE Hooo!! MY FEET!! Ahhhhhh!

The sparks are RELENTLESS!! Time and time again they dance up Elisabeth's high arches. This is a ticklish gal's WORST nightmare! Elisabeth is EXTREMELY ticklish everywhere on her body, but her feet are BY FAR her MOST ticklish spot! She's had boyfriends tickle her and she can't take it!!

By this point I realize that Elisabeth IS probably telling us the truth... There is NO WAY she would endure this torment if she REALLY had information which would make the tickling torment stop!! The difference between interrogation techniques and punishment techniques is sometimes a bit blurred. Ms Hasselbeck has repeatedly been a thorn in the administration's side over the past few years. I decide to continue the 'interrogation'. We'll even 'step up' the intensity since our lovely reporter has not cooperated so far.

I turn to Brandon and the operator... 'Let's go to the next level'.

The sound emitted by the device changes, getting a bit louder. So do Elisabeth's pleas and laughter!! More intense beams are now reaching EVERY ticklish square inch of BOTH silky soles!! Each time a spark finds one of her trapped toes, Elisabeth lets out a shriek! She's in quite a predicament!! Those beams must be tingling nerve endings Elisabeth never knew she had! It's GOT to be driving her CRAZY. I think about the times I've seen Ms Hasselbeck on the air, pontificating about some political view or another. Always dressed up in hot outfits including sexy high heels! Seeing this sexy babe this way is a dream come true for me!

I glance up Elisabeth's legs and notice that with all her struggling, the hem of her already short skirt has ridden FURTHER up her tanned thighs!! I muse to myself... 'If we keep this up much longer, we'll be seeing Elisabeth's PANTIES!!' That would certainly be OK with me.... those legs are DELICIOUS!!

I turn and instruct the operator to increase the device one more level. The result is devastating!! Poor Elisabeth shakes her head and babbles' Aaah! Oooooh Hooooo!! STOPPPP!!

Brandon steps closer so I will hear him over Elisabeth's carrying on... 'We can also focus the sparks on a single spot if you'd like'. He makes a circle about the size of a quarter with his fingers, indicating the precision the device can focus the tickling beams. I nod my head... 'Yes... The balls, right in the middle, right where they join her arch... '. Brandon advises me that we probably should reduce the intensity back to the initial level, but I wave his advice off. I want to see how Ms. Hasselbeck reacts to all that tickling energy on that exact spot!

The sparks pause for just a moment and I see a red beam appear on both of Elisabeth's soles... exactly on the spots I described to Brandon. A moment later, the sparks resume... this time the sparks jump DIRECTLY to 'the spot'!! Elisabeth lets out screams of crazy laughter!! Then NOTHING comes out..... She’s laughing so hard!!

A few seconds go by, then Elisabeth passes out!! The operator shuts down the device. Brandon advises me that they keep smelling salts on hand for this event (evidently this frequently happens). I instruct Brandon to do that, but to wait a moment. I step closer to Elisabeth and begin unbuttoning her blouse.... I explain to Brandon. 'She's sweating from all that laughing. I'll open this up a little. '

I soon have Elisabeth's blouse pulled out from her skirt and completely unbuttoned. I push it back, revealing her white bra. Elisabeth's breasts are large and round. They fill those bra cups... and just enough cleavage is showing. I ask Brandon if he has any scissors. He retrieves a pair from a drawer of a nearby desk. I thank him then proceed to cut the piece connecting the cups then the even finer straps over Elisabeth's shoulders. I lift the cups aside... WOW!!

Elisabeth's bare boobs are awesome... tight, with nipples worthy of Playboy or Hustler! All three guys in the room are in awe of that gal's rack!

I manage to regain my focus and indicate to Brandon that he should go ahead and revive Elisabeth. I also comment that I understand his warning about reducing the intensity!! 'I hadn't considered we could tickle her THAT much!'.

As Elisabeth comes to, she realizes where she is and the situation she's in!! The first words out of her mouth are... 'I've told you the truth!! Pleeeeze' Then she realizes that her blouse is open and her bra is gone!! 'Hey... What's going on???'

I calmly explain, 'It's for your safety, you were getting too hot with all that on.' I can tell that this added indignity REALLY pisses Elisabeth off but there isn't much she can do about it.

Before Elisabeth can raise any further protest about me exposing her breasts, I step back and direct Brandon. 'It appears that Ms. Hasselbeck hasn't changed her mind about cooperating... Go ahead. Set the level back down to position 1'. Then I have an idea..' Can you direct the beam to pass back and forth across her soles, kind of like a zigzag pattern, starting at the base of her toes and work down to her heels?' He acknowledges that the device can do that. 'How slow do you want it to move?'. I laugh... 'Fairly slow would be PERFECT.'

Elisabeth is still trying to talk her way out of her predicament when the red beams appear again, laying out a 'line' across the balls of her feet, just below where the toes join..... A moment later the device comes to life.

'Hoooh Aaah!! Haaaah!! STOPPP! Hoooo!!! Elisabeth would NEVER have imagined ANYTHING could tickle this much!! The sparks' slow path across the super-sensitive skin in that area is maddening!! I can't help but keep glancing up to Elisabeth's lovely globes bouncing around merrily as she laughs and squirms in the chair. This time, I've heeded Brandon's warning. Elisabeth ISN'T going to escape having her feet tickled by passing out!! I want her to endure EVERY second of this!

The beams reach the sides of Elizabeth’s sole's, pause, then begin the slow trek back across, less than a half inch below the previous pass. Poor Elisabeth is going crazy... laughing and pleading... 'Noooh!! That Tickles!! Aaaah!! Nohhh!! PLEEEZE Make it STOPPP!! '. Elisabeth's hysterics raise several decibels each time the zinging sparks pass over the middle of her soles! ' It takes SEVERAL passes to reach the bottom of the balls of her feet. I CAN'T wait to see her reaction when it reaches her silky, high arches!

I glance over at Elisabeth's cute peep-toe pumps sitting there empty on the console of the device. They have to have 4 1/2 inch heels... very hot! I would guess she had those shoes on earlier in the day when she was appearing on the news talk shows promoting her 'breaking story'. With that skirt on and her legs crossed, I bet she looked GREAT! She looks even BETTER to me right now with her skirt showing off lots of leg and her bare boobs bouncing around as she laughs hysterically.

The shrieks of laughter get even louder when the sparks reach the area where ball meets arch. I'm concerned that Elisabeth is going to pass out again. I don't want her getting off that easy.

Fortunately (probably 'unfortunately' for Elisabeth), the device set back to its lower setting is PERFECT for the effect I was hoping for! The focused beam moving slowly... tickling its way... across Elisabeth's high arches drives her crazy, but is not so intense that she might pass out from it!! No... we can let the device cover EVERY square inch of those lovely arches!! By the time the beam has worked its way down to Elisabeth's heels, her voice is practically gone from all the screamed laughter!

As the beam crosses back and forth over Elisabeth's soft, round heels, Brandon asks, 'What next?.'

I think a moment... 'Once this pass is done, let's give her minute to recover and get a drink. Then we'll do it again... only on that pass, let's start at the tips of her toes'. I figure with her feet secured in the frames, running the beams across the undersides of her toes will REALLY get Ms Hasselbeck's attention!

I noticed in the briefing report that while the beam causes no permanent damage, it does leave the 'target area' VERY sore if applied for an extended period. I can imagine the balls of Elisabeth feet will be PLENTY sore after this! She won't be wearing her trademark high heels, like the ones she had on, for a few days!!

Elisabeth must have assumed her torment was over when we stop for her 'break'... The look of shocked surprise on her face is priceless when Brandon asks his assistant if he is 'ready' with the next pattern. 'No!! No!! Please! No More!! Come on!! Please!!'.

The red beams appear on the tips of Elisabeth's trapped toes. I ask Brandon ... 'Will it go slow like before? '

He assures me... 'Yes sir. We're ready'. I nod my approval to proceed. I don't even bother asking Elisabeth if she wishes to disclose her source... I know she has been telling us the truth all along. Its just more interesting to continue the interrogation. . A moment later the machine revs back up and lines of sparks jump to the tips of Elisabeth's big toes. Ohhh does she scream!! Like a Banshee!!! The spark beams move slowly and follow along the shape of her foot to the next toe... her longer 'middle toes'. Elisabeth's laughing and screaming is NON STOP! The focused arc on the pads of her toes feels like red-hot razors blades... only instead of slicing her flesh... it SERIOUSLY tickles it! By the time the beam finishes its first pass over the tips of Elisabeth's toes, she is a wreck... panting and red in the face! The beams start their return pass... a little ways down the underside of Elisabeths toes. As I had hoped, the beam tickles our reporter EVEN MORE there!! I'm sure that to Elisabeth, it seems like it takes an HOUR for the beams work their way across to reach the undersides of her big toes. Once they do get there, they reposition again, this time right where toe joins foot. This is what I was waiting to see. I suspect that area is going to be super sensitive. I'm not disappointed.... Elisabeth can only laugh and babble!! The beam continues its path... catching the skin between her toes... driving her into hysterical laughter!

The best part is that when the tickle beams finally finish this pass zapping the undersides of Elisabeth's toes, we'll be basically where we STARTED the last round. From there the beams will repeat EVERY pass across the balls, arches, and heels of Elisabeth's tender soles! I'll be surprised is she doesn't pass out again!

I feel a bit guilty for enjoying this assignment so much, but we have our instructions to confirm what Ms Hasselbeck knows... or doesn't know. It could take an hour, two.. possibly ALL evening before we can be SURE she doesn't have any valuable information.... and I am going to be there to supervise EVERY minute of it.

-- The end --

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