School Teacher's Punishment at Islamic School

Suzanne was apprehensive when she heard the news. All day long, rumors circulated around the school that the Dean was going to apply Sharia law on her for frequently disrespecting his authority. He told her multiple times that her dress and shoes were inappropriate for the Islamic school that they were in; and her negative demeanor towards him was unchanged despite the three meetings they had about it. The rumors about Sharia law being enforced on her did not reach her ears yet, but she heard from another faculty member, who was friends with her, that something odd was happening in the auditorium. A punishment table was being set up on the stage. At the head of the table, which faced away from the seats in the auditorium, were two shackles on either side; and at the foot of the table was a three foot high post in the shape of a T. It was the existence of this table in the auditorium that made Suzanne apprehensive. Apparently, every faculty received an invite to the auditorium after school for a “special presentation.” Suzanne received no such invite, which made her tremble even more.
The school Suzanne taught in was an Islamic high school in Dubai of the U.A.E. She was American by descent, but ended up living in the country after being invited to teach English at this school. She was a 5’6” 26 year old woman, who weighed 125 lbs, and had blonde hair of medium length. The school required her to wear a veil around her face, and to have no skin showing. She followed this dress code on most days, but sometimes she would wear her “American” clothes to protest the rules. On this particular day, she was wearing tight jeans, a white dress shirt, and a pair of black flats on her feet. She received a lot of attention from the students for wearing these types of clothes, especially from the girls, since none of them liked being covered head to toe. Suzanne happened to be talking to some of the girls in her classroom about her clothes when the final bell rang. The students quickly ushered out of the room as she repeated to them the homework assignments with a loud voice. It was now 2:30 PM.
Suzanne was seated at her desk doing paperwork when she heard two individuals approach her door. She looked up and saw two school security guards enter the room. Suzanne gulped as they approached her desk.

Security Guard: “Ms. Clark. Follow us to the Dean’s office.”
Suzanne: “What if I’m too busy right now?” She said in an obstinate tone.
Security Guard 2: “I’m afraid you have no choice.”

The first security guard pulled out a pair of handcuffs and applied them to Suzanne’s wrists. She realized her situation was hopeless, and stood up to leave the classroom with the guards. They proceeded down a number of corridors, passing fellow faculty members on the way. Some of the faculty smirked at Suzanne as they went by. After what seemed an eternity, they finally reached a door that said “Office of the Dean,” and they entered. It was now 2:45 PM.
The Dean was sitting at his desk with his chin resting on his fists. He perked up when Suzanne was prodded in by the guards. He looked at the handcuffs on her.

Dean: “She resisted?” He asked the guards.
Security Guard 2: “Yes sir. She said she was too busy to see you now.” He said while grimacing at her.
Dean: “That doesn’t surprise me.“ He chuckled.

His focus shifted back to Suzanne.

Dean: “Ms. Clark. I think you know why you’re here. Your disrespect towards me and that of Islam can no longer be tolerated within this building.”
He looked at the clock.

Dean: “In five minutes you will be led to the auditorium, where there are now over 500 people anticipating your arrival. They include the school faculty, students’ parents, and members of the press. These people have the unfortunate task of witnessing your Sharia punishment. You will receive fifty lashes to the soles of your bare feet, and an additional fifty lashes to your bare back. This punishment will be filmed and broadcasted to the local community. Moreover, there is no use in having this stopped by the American consulate. They have consented to this punishment, and so too did the local magistrate. Do you have anything to say?”

Tears streamed from Suzanne’s eyes, as she stared at the ground beneath her.

Suzanne: “Please, not my feet. Can I have all 100 lashes done to my back instead? I beg you.”

Dean: “I cannot accept that, Suzanne. Keep in mind that Sharia law requires all 100 to be done to your feet, but I asked the magistrate if we could do half and half instead, and he relented.”

Suzanne remained silent as the tears kept streaming.

Dean: “Save those tears for later, you’ll need it. But in the meantime….”

He turned himself around to pick up a special garment for Suzanne to wear. It was designed to cover the front of her torso but to leave her back completely bare.

Dean: “Put this on.”

At this moment, a female guard entered the room and led Suzanne to an adjoining room so she could put the garment on. The guard temporarily removed the handcuffs, but reapplied them after Suzanne was finished. They re-entered the room where the Dean and the two other security guards were waiting.

Dean: “Alright then. It is time.” He motioned to the three guards, “Take her up on to the stage and prepare her.”

They promptly took hold of her, with two on either side holding her arms and the third followed from behind. It was a short walk from the Dean’s office to the auditorium, from which Suzanne could hear hundreds of people talking. The room hushed as they entered, with all eyes focused on Suzanne and the guards who led her on. She saw the table on which she was about to be restrained. Next to it was a big burly woman who was practicing her strokes across the table. The smacks of the whip echoed across the auditorium, which caused Suzanne to freeze in her tracks. The guards didn’t like her stopping and so prodded her on until they reached the stage.
Suzanne bravely walked up the stairs, and finally reached her destination. The table was very old looking, and was probably the bearer of many punishment victims. Suzanne’s handcuffs were taken off. The three guards stood back a bit to let the punisher lay Suzanne face down on the table, and the guards left the stage as her hands were shackled above her head. At this moment, Suzanne looked around her. Behind her she saw over 500 faces staring at her on the table. She also noticed cameras situated all around her. One was directly in front of her pointing at her face, the image of which was on a large screen attached to the front-left wall of the auditorium. On the opposite side was another screen, which had an image of the T-post which was about to be the resting place of her feet. The punisher grabbed both of Suzanne’s ankles, rolled up the bottoms of Suzanne’s jeans, and firmly locked them in place. She then took Suzanne’s flats off, which Suzanne realized when a breeze of cool air surrounded her feet. Suzanne looked at the screen to her right again, which now showed her bare soles completely exposed. She laid her head down in embarrassment, and rightfully so, because most of the people in the room were fascinated by her perfect arches and their smoothness.
The Dean was now on the stage in front of a microphone that faced the crowd.

Dean: “I would like to thank you all for coming here today. For those of you who don’t know, Suzanne here is guilty of violating Sharia law. She frequently wore clothing that was unbefitting of a Muslim woman, and she showed disrespect for my authority on numerous occasions.”

The charges read by the Dean were followed by “ooohs” and “aaahhhs” from the crowd. Suzanne listened with her eyes closed, as she helplessly tried to wiggle out of her constraints. The Dean continued…

Dean: “Sharia law will not let her go unpunished though! She is sentenced to 100 lashes….” the Dean turned to look at Suzanne. “…a punishment we hope she will never forget.”

His last comment was followed by brief cheers from the crowd. The Dean took the microphone and put it up to Suzanne’s mouth, after asking her if she was sorry for her transgressions of the law.

Suzanne: “No!” She yelled into the mic.

Sounds of rage and astonishment roiled through the crowd, as the Dean motioned everyone to hush. With a grin on his face, he made one last statement.

Dean: “Commence with the flogging!”

Suzanne froze with terror as she listened to her punisher walk behind her. She peered over her shoulder and saw the big burly woman standing by her feet with an 18-inch whip in hand. When she raised the wiry whip above her head, Suzanne couldn’t look any longer and buried her head into the table. Whack!!!! The first stroke struck the middle of her left arch. A sharp searing pain followed, and the loud echo created by the stroke was followed by Suzanne’s scream.
I ended the story here, because if you didn't bust a nut by now there is something wrong with you :)

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