slavelless sub-stancial sub-ject less play column

Hy Folks,

You might wonder where I've been....I wonder where you are.
But as the sun is shining, and sommer is heading towards us with full power and nice feet everywhere I thought I might tell you about one of the strangest ideas about subs I've come across during the week.;)

Did you know subs are either cats or dogs? Well, then you are way beyond me. I thought they were either male or female, submissive or masochistic, but cats and dogs? Can anybody stop the rain?

Of course I stood up, waved my beautiful lionesque tail and asked for an explanation....
Can you believe it? There are subs that have the soul of a cat, and other's that behave like a dog.
And all these without even considering pet play. Gee, the SM World is a very complicated place for little girls like me to understand.

A dogish sub is a sub sitting down whenever told, waiting for every comment, doing only what it's allowed to, never asking, fighting, but never showing these kind nice surprising moves and ideas that make it funny and special to a Master. A dogish sub would commit herself to every Master that tries to dominate her, or that she is told to.

A catlike sub is fighting, forcing her Master to restrict her, chosing the person she likes and wants to submit herself to. A catlike sub is surprising, challenging and funny. It is free of mind, and binds her soul in free will to her Master.

But what about the subs inbetween?
I'm sure I'm a cat!!! *rrrrrrrrrrrrr* Head over tail in love with submission.

Would you want a sub that never gives you reason for your actions, a model you don't have to form, because it does all that has to be done?
Is there any fun in that?
Tell me;)

And what about the Masters??

Are they Dinosaurs, strong, slightly silly, with all thoughts to their needs? or Dragons, golden, shimmering, wise and powerfull, or Spiders that catch little subs in their nets?

What are you??

You see, there are things more difficult than postmodernism...;')
Or is there a deep socialistic structure behind the hirarchic element of SM?

So long for now....

~~ If you found a natural diamond, would you not give it to the best shaper you could possibly get? ~~

~~~Are you game?~~~

:shock: wow
now i can understand where have you been salvelless.... and it's nice to read your posts again...
about your question about the they are dragon...etc??
i'll talk about my silf if you don't mind ...cause there is so many kinds of masters....they share in many things .. but they have deffrents also
for me its more complacted than that..... masteres don't see things like slaves do... ofcorse you theory about subs is right and great but i think with salves only ... the problem is that slave so carios to know what the master do,, what the master planning to do with me,, the master know what his slaves allways want to know,,, and master cann't easy tell to his slave what she wants to know ,, cann't give his clues to her,, cause when she knows.. she leaves,, she don't want to saty here.. she looks for another master ,,have new ideas, new styel she don't know
thats how mastters look to things ,, and thats why slave likes and get her self under the master control...
ps many masters like the dog sub i know ,,some time i like it my self but in my darkest rages,,, most of the time i like cat sub ;)
and i think some cat subs like to act like dog subs from time to time
am i right?
wish to hear from you soon ;)
seef :8
To be a master... it is like have the heven and hill inside
to be a master .. to be a man .. women .. may be slave
see.. it is clear if you feel .. it is the heven and hill inside

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