Some self torture

As things are a bit stressed at work, I pampered myself with a nice self torture session. For the beginning I smoothed the arch of my soles with a pedi-device, to have really soft and tender skin. Then I started with hot wax play, then heated the already hardened wax on my soles again and again. But still, it was not good enough, so I had to use some cigarettes. At last, by stepping on the lit cigarette butt gave me the feeling I was searching for. It was so wonderfull! And still it is, the blisters are stinging with each step I make. Maybe I continue tomorrow, to have some more blisters. I think I will.

Re: Some self torture

Thank you guys. I had another session a few days ago. This time I started with the hair dryer, after that came some walking on sharp objects and also beating my sole with the sharp objects on it. I made this before several times but usually I stopped as I drew some blood. Not this time. So there was quite some blood and after that I rubbed some salt into the wound. That was 5days ago and my sole still hurts like hell... But that was totally worth it. As I wrote before, for me it is all about the arch. I want to achieve that the arch is so swollen that it is not an arch anymore but is at least level with the sole. Or even more swollen. With the salt treatment I came close to this. Now it is healing time.

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