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This is a story a friend and I are writing. It was born out of a conversation we had, he told me he was spending a lot of time in airports due to work travels, and he had an idea...

He wrote the first chapter, I've written the other ones.

I hope you like the story.





HappyFeet Airlines - Employee Policy

I.) Preface

1. We here at HappyFeetAirlines (HFA) believe that just trying is not good enough. We expect professionalism and full-time devotion to the happiness of our passengers. The customer is always right and never wrong. All wishes and needs of the passenger have to be served promptly within the boundaries of normal decency and guidelines set out in our policy.
2. A solid education in basic professional skills and ongoing training are the only way to achieve perfection. All our employees are subjected to intensive job training and rigorous skill enhancements. Not meeting the required level of performance can lead to layoffs.

II.) Cabin Crew

1. All cabin crew have to remain barefoot at all times (24/7), no matter if on- or off-duty. There is no exemption from this rule. No member of the cabin crew is allowed to possess any kind of shoes or footwear. The beauty of the female foot is to be on full display for all passengers and fellow employees to observe. It is the most basic and fundamental belief of the owners and founders of HFA. The barefoot employee will be recognized even if not on board one of our planes, so that the spirit and high motivation of our cabin crew can be seen by every citizen, even under the harshest condition.
2. The feet of the cabin crew have to be healthy and well cared for. Our passengers only want to see beautiful and well pedicured feet.
3. The soles of the cabin crew feet have to be considerably dirty at the beginning of the employees’ shift. All employees are encouraged to clean the soles of their feet as little as possible. We here at HFA believe that a permanent black sole is the desired condition of the female foot.
4. The uniform of HFA consists of a tight white polyester blouse (short sleeved) and a blue skirt ending no lower than 20 centimeters above the knees of the female employee. The uniform shall enhance the exquisite femininity of our cabin crew and guarantee an unhindered view of their naked feet under all circumstances.
5. As the naked and dirty female foot is a precious and marvelous thing, the members of the cabin crew are advised to present their naked feet for inspection to any passenger and male crewmember if requested. Passengers and male crewmembers are allowed to touch, feel and inspect the black sole of the naked female employee as they see fit.

"Any employee that has demonstrated excellence in her duty and
dedication to any task assigned shall deserve a promotion."




Work, work, work. Lots of work to be done. Lots of work travels. He was everywhere and nowhere.

Now that he thought about it, he had spent more time waiting at airports and flying in the last two months than that he has spent studying for exams at university! Ha ha ha!

What the hell was "Happy Feet Airlines"? Will he arrive there walking instead of flying? The secretary had, for sure, chosen the least expensive, "el-cheapo" airline for him. He arrived at the airport, checked in on time, and took a seat and started working on his laptop... Oh, yes, he was there "in working hours" so he could not simply linger around or read the newspaper or a magazine, no... he had to be productive and useful "for the company" all the time, everywhere... Damn laptops! And cellphones too. He couldn't hide, Big Brother was always watching him.

He was absorbed with working on his report. Ah, the battery was drained! So he moved to get near an outlet... and suddenly everything was clear. That was it! Happy Feet Airlines, of course!
She was gorgeous... young, not older than 22, but so distinguished and elegant! Tall, slender, generous breast and hips, sensual curves yet not exaggerated, graceful long neck that ended on a beautiful face with delicious eyes and lips. She looked like a modern Valkyrie, and she could fly of course! The simple uniform looked superb on her: a short sleeved white polyester blouse, a short, blue skirt with no adornments. Her blond hair in a braid, her endless legs, and her shoes...her shoes??? Where were her shoes? Happy Feet!!! Was this true or some kind of joke? For some strange reason, this gorgeous girl was not wearing shoes. Her feet were completely naked. She didn't even wear stockings, just plain, bare feet and legs. As she walked, he could see her dirty soles, black as charcoal, with only her high arches creamy white.

It was funny, the contrast between the dirty part of her soles and her arches was strangely beautiful, alluring. He noticed how curvaceous her feet were, and that they were long and slender, with somewhat long toes and beautiful heels. Delicate, graceful feet. She walked so confidently, as if she were used to it, as if she were wearing shoes. Why was she barefoot??? That was weird!

Weird? He was not ready for what came next. Two more beautiful girls, similar age, same uniform, no shoes... and then another woman, about 25 years old, with a slightly different uniform, that somewhat denoted a higher rank, more experience... this woman, "the boss", a Senior hostess, had a special gait, more elegant, more self assured, and made a weird noise with every step she took. Well, being the boss, she was allowed to wear shoes for sure, sandals at least... or not?

He thought that it was fun that this "Happy Feet Airlines" had all his female crew walking in bare feet. For sure they looked far more comfortable and happy that any other hostess he had ever seen, wearing those high heels, uncomfortable as hell, that only cramped the feet of the girls and that were not safe at all in an emergency. He had always asked himself why if in every safety card he read during his endless hours flying he had seen that "remove your shoes in case of an emergency" sign written in different languages,colours and pictograms, always depicting a lady removing high heels... yes, high heels were definitely unsafe, what the hell were the hostesses themselves wearing them? "Happy Feet" made sense, for sure... it was not only a matter of comfort, but of safety. Safety first.


As his thoughts were straying , his eyes came back to the "boss" lady. She wasn't wearing shoes, but she made a noise while walking. She was as beautiful as the others, maybe even more. As she passed by, he paid special attention to her feet. Beautifully shaped, long and slender, healthy feet. No polish seemed to be the norm of the airline. Her soles were as dirty as those of the other girls, but he could notice some circles on them that, with a metallic shade, reflected by the artificial light of the airport. What was that??? Whas that what made that "click, click, click" noise?.

The Captain appeared. The parade went on, all the crew was getting ready for the flight. He approached the counter and all the girls greeted him in a polite, professional manner. He inspected their uniforms. Everything had to be perfect. Then, all in a sudden, all the girls knelt down on the floor, their backs facing the Captain, their feet together. From the place he was at, Dieter could watch everything as if he were in a V.I.P. seat. The captain checked the soles of every girl with care. Felt those of the girls that seemed younger, less experienced, and with a smile told them a "good job!" in a sincere encouraging voice. He took a while to check the soles of the older girl,including the Senior Hostess, who made the noise. Now Dieter could see it. He was astonished... those round things, five in total on each sole, as he could count, looked like thumbtack heads...no, no way, that couldn't be true!

-Good pattern Anja, good job!
-Thank you Sir

He pressed every head of the protruding thumbtacks to make sure they were deeply inserted on the soles of the girl.

-Does it hurt?
-It hurts Sir. Terribly.
-Can you manage it?
-Yes Sir!

The girl had answered as if she were a soldier. With pride and honour. Then, the Captain said:

-Crew, I have a surprise for you. It's a pleasure and a honour to me to tell you all that your co-worker and friend, Amber, has been promoted. Well done, Amber, good work!

All the girls cheered up and clapped, while they stood up and started jumping like schoolgirls. They looked like a family, like sisters. The captain himself joined the general joy (he didn't jump, though). After they calmed down a bit, he announced.

-And now, let's procede with the ceremony.

All the girls approached the counter, as the formal ceremony of promotion started.

The Captain produced a little blue book out of his pocket and, after browsing the index, started reading:


One. Any employee that has demonstrated excellence in her duty and dedication to any task assigned shall deserve a promotion. This comes together with experience and is not only the result of knowledge but attitude and service.

Two. The Supervisor will write a report twice a year, on all of her assigned crew. Those employees that have not attained a minimum of 7 out of 10 will be sent back to the Academy for training.

Three. The employees that have accomplished the requirements stated in number One, and have attained a minimum qualification of 9 out of 10 on the last four reports are ready for a Promotion to Senior Hostess, according to the following table:

After two years of service : Three Stars
After three years of service : Five Stars
After five years of service : Ten Stars

These Stars will be worn with pride while on duty, and shall be removed after every shift, as they are part of the Uniform"

Finishing reading, he added:

-Fraulein Einsberg, Hostess, approach please

All the girls smiled. With a huge smile on her face, that made her look even more beautiful, the "Valkyrie", the girl that had impressed Dieter, approached the counter with a serene pace.

-Procede please

With agility and elegance, Amber climbed the counter and knelt down on it, her feet hanging on the edge, so that her soles were clearly visible to everyone. It was not only the crew members, but a lot of people now who were surrounding the group. Some of them whispering "A promotion, a promotion!" in a excited way. It seemed a few of them had seen that before.

-"I, Amber Einsberg von Waldorf, offer my soles and soul to the Passengers, my Captain, my Crew and my Company. I will humbly do my best to serve, to learn and to teach. I accept these Stars not as a symbol of superiority, but as a remembrance of my service attitude and to be always alert"

The girl pronounced the vows in a loud voice, with pride and with a serene face. It seemed she was mentally preparing for what came next.

-Anja, the Stars please

Anja approached the Captain and gave him a small box. He opened it and took three shining gold thumbtacks: the Stars. He approached Amber's feet and said

-It's my honor to concede these Stars to you, Amber Einsberg von Waldorf, in merit of your achievements and constant dedication.

After saying this, and while everyone around was watching expectantly, he approached the girl and firmly took her right foot with his left hand, so that the upper part of it was secured in his palm. With his right hand, he started to introduce the thumbtacks on the girl's sole. It wasn't an easy task, the tough skin offered some resistance at first, but then the sharp point of the first Star made the work it was built for and penetrated the skin. The rod was 10 mm long, and it entered at full length on the girl's flesh. After a minute, the three Stars were installed, one on the heel, one on the ball and one on the middle of the foot, not on the arch but on the part that touched the ground.

The Captain secured the left foot this time and proceeded with the ceremony, inserting the Stars on the girl's sole flesh.

The crowd remained silent, respectfully, astonished. Amber hadn't uttered a noise, she had been trained not to do it and her will was stronger than the physical pain she was suffering in this very moment.

All had lasted no more than a minute, but it seemed an eternity for Amber. She was happy and proud of herself. She would give the surprise to her Mom once she arrived home. She had decided it: She would go home wearing her Uniform and, of course the Stars, to show her mom, to make her happy... It had been far painful that she had ever dreamed of, nothing had warned her how painful this would be. Anyways, there was no means to measure pain, so their trainers couldn't tell them "Once you have the Stars inserted for the first time it will feel like a 8th degree pain", such scale didn't exist, pain was an illusion, pain was experienced differently by every person, pain was weakness leaving the body...and it was well known that women had a greater pain threshold than men... they were the only ones to give birth, to bring a new life to the World... the whole painful process of having a baby...

It hurt like hell, like her soles were on fire...but she endured it, and was happy and proud of it... this pain made her aware, made her feel alive... From now onwards she would have to wear the Stars while on duty, all the time, everywhere...they were part of her uniform. She would remove them at the end of her shift, clean the wounds and disinfect the golden tacks, only to have them inserted the next shift, on a different spot of her soles every time.

-Crew members: Dismiss!
-Aye Sir, Bravo!!!

Everyone, the crew and the crowd, cheered and burst in a long applause. Amber got off the counter and for the first time stood on her tacked feet. God, it hurts, it hurts! The pain...the pain... She approached the Captain and hug him warmly, he gave her a kiss on the cheekk and, softly, she whispered in his ear, while tears were slowly running down her cheeks

-Thank you

All the girls hugged her in the middle of "well dones" and "bravos".

-OK, OK, back to duty ladies - said Anja, and all the crew went back to formality and took their positions, getting ready to call the passengers aboard.

"Passengers of Flight 626, Happy Feet Airlines welcomes you. We will be aboarding on five minutes" Anja said, in a professional manner and with a beautiful voice.

While standing on line next to the gate, ready to receive the passengers, Amber felt strange... she felt the pain constantly, and, yes, it kept her always aware and ready of everything she did...it was an amazing sensation, she felt as if she had gotten new energy, as if she were ready to do anything, as if she was more awaken. It was just like spicy food... and then it came...unexpected...weird...sweet... a wave of pleasure that moisted her... feelings, sensations mixed in her mind, pain that brought pleasure, the thumbtacks that were deeply inserted in her soles sending intense pain to their nerves, torturing her feet, had, somehow, sent another signal to other nerves, and thus the pain turned into pleasure, both sensations, both feelings melted in her brain. It got more intense almost orgasmic ... she felt weird, she felt dirty, she felt like a slut... how could it be? How could it be that she could get sexual pleasure out of pain? Her face didn't show the inner struggle. She was learning to deal with this and, as she observed the passengers getting ready, awaiting for the call to get aboard, she watched those eyes that observed her.

Dieter was fascinated with this girl, with the whole thing, with the ceremony. It was amazing. How could this delicate beauty endure that pain so serenely? My God!

Happy Feet Airlines had just gained a faithful customer for life.





-Mom, mom!!!

Amber rushed into her home. Nobody was there. She was excited and happy and still wearing her uniform and Stars. She wanted to tell her mom that she'd been promoted! Only Wanda, her faithful dog, appeared and welcomed her. Wanda moved her tail and started to smell Amber's feet. Amber went to her bedroom and, still dressed, got onto the bed and waited for her mom.

Wanda started licking her soles. The intelligent animal felt something was wrong, her "mommy" was hurt but she was exhilarating, so she didn't know how to react so she just curled and started to sleep by the end of the bed, right under Amber's feet. Meanwhile Amber had fallen asleep and was having a strange dream in which she was tied to a table, naked, and an executioner was wildly whipping the soles of her feet...her brain was acting out the pulsating pain the "stars" caused...


Frau Julia Einsberg opened the door, carrying a bag of groceries. She left them on the kitchen table and went upstairs. Wanda appeared moving her tail. Through the open door she observed Amber sleeping. Her poor girl! She must be exhausted. She went to her own bedroom to change into something more comfortable. Her mind couldn't leave Amber. Her little girl was a great daughter, always caring and loving, and hard working too. BUt she was a bit crazy. Well, having lost her father at the age of five was really hard for her. And her teenage years were wild. She never fully understood why she quit wearing shoes at 16. She wasn't a hippy, she wasn't a goth, she wasn't emo... what happened? One day she came home from the high school and was already barefoot. She just let her do it. The next day Amber dressed for school and didn't put her shoes on. She didn't say a thing, her daughter had always been independent and responsible, so she decided not to question it. It could be some kind of experiment, that Waldorf school was a bit odd after all and she knew that some of Amber's friends used to go barefoot to school , such as Shirin, Kaya and Heike. The weekend had arrived and Amber was still barefoot...and it was Autumn! When she saw Amber collecting all her shoes and socks and putting them on a box that she left on the door, next to the garbage, she thought it was time to act.

-Amber, what are you doing?
-Nothing mom
-Come on girl, why are all of your shoes in that box?
-They are for charity mom, don't worry, I won't trash them.
-Are they not fashionable now, do you plan on me to buy you new shoes? Amber, you know we don't have enough money for extras and...
-No mom, don't worry. On the contrary, be happy, you won't have to spend any more money in shoes for me
-What do you mean young lady?
-I won't wear shoes anymore
-I won't wear shoes anymore, I made up my mind.
-May I ask you why?
-Do you know how many poor kids work in shoe factories in Asia? Do you know how many cows are killed just for the leather? Do you know that, actually, we do not need shoes? I am a barefooter, mom.
-A what?
-A barefooter. I need no shoes, I won't wear them. Shoes are unnecessary.
-OK, as you wish

She smiled as she remembered that conversation. She had forgotten about the Asia thing and the kids exploitation in factories... that was the reason Amber gave her by then. Anyways, she let her do as she wanted. It would not be too expensive to buy some shoes once the Winter arrived and Amber came crying to her, begging "Mom, it's freezing, can I borrow your shoes just for a while?"

But, actually, that never happened. Amber never came to her asking for shoes. She just went on with her life, as usual, only that she was barefoot. Winter came and went, and Amber was still barefoot. Being as smart as she was, she had done research. She came to the website of a Russian dancer who happened to be a "barefooter". She contacted her by e-mail and it seemed that she had given Amber some good advice. Julia watched how, on the coldest Winter days, Amber ointed some grease on her feet and wore warm clothes, even leg warmers, but not shoes or socks at all. She didn't stay too long outside on cold days, and when she had to walk, she entered stores and places to get her feet warm. An amazing thing was that Amber never ever had a cold again. Her mother just watched her dear daughter walking barefoot everywhere, as if nothing. She still got good grades, she kept her friends and once the Summer came even got a job in a pizza restaurant and started bringing money home.

She used to check Amber's feet from time to time to make sure she wasn't hurt. At the very beginning she found some gashes and cuts, but Amber had taken care of them and, after all, she never gave them too much importance. "If we would need shoes, we would have been born with them" she used to say. Julia noticed how Amber became more and more pretty, and more healthy too, she was developing well. And her feet... well, her feet looked happy, healthy and pretty. No blisters, no callouses on her toes (which were straight and had spread a bit since she quit shoes), nothing bad. Her soles didn't have callouses, it was strange. But in fact they had become evenly thick and hard, and had gotten a slightly yellowish shade because of the thickness of the skin . Only her arches reminded her of how her daughter's soles used to be... her arches were still soft and pink. Amber liked when her mom massaged her feet, as she felt pampered and spoiled as if she were a little child. It was also comforting and relaxing.

Lost in her thoughts, she heard the dog bark. So she went to Amber's room, it was time for this girl to wake up and tell her how the day had been. She entered the room, Amber was still sleeping, curled, as she did when she was a little girl, her little girl. She saw her feet hanging off the edge of the bed. Her soles were black, as usual. It was amazing how Amber had found a job in an airline! And it was even more amazing that the dress code encouraged girls to walk barefoot... she didn't know that in fact it was a company policy, girls were not "encouraged", they SHOULD be barefoot, not only at work, but 24/7. Most amazing was the fact that so many barefooter girls existed and that they were happy to work there.

Under the dim light, she saw a bright on Amber's soles. Good God, what had this girl done now?

-My poor child! What's this? She said, as she inspected the embedded thumbtacks on her girl's soles. They seemed made of gold.

Amber awoke.
-Hi mom
-Amber, what's this???
-Mom, guess what!!!
-Are these thumbtacks??? Tell me they are not...
-Mom, I was promoted to Senior Hostess! And those are my Stars...
-Your what?
-My Stars! Aren't you happy mom??? Amber said, pouting her lips, she was dissappointed her mom wasn't happy of her promotion.
-Oh, my dear! said Julia, hugging her child. Of course I am happy! You're my pride. Well done! So these stickers are your Stars? It reminds me of your school she said, smiling.
-Mom, not stickers...Stars
-Yes, Stars, whatever...but if they are stuck to your soles, they are stickers too...
-They are not stuck

Amber didn't say a thing. She was ashamed. She never mentioned her mom about the company's policies, about THAT company policy. She knew she would never let her work there if she had known...

Julia's face was serious now, severe... She took her daughter's feet in her hand. With her nails, she tried to take one of the "stickers" off...nothing. She applied more strength... and saw that it was not a sticker, that that evil thing was actually nailed to her girl's flesh... she removed it and the little puncture it left produced a tiny droplet of blood. In terror, she started removing the rest of the thumbtacks. She got mad, seeing that her daughter was hurt, had been hurt...

-Who the hell did this?
-It was the Captain...Mom...
-I'll call the police!!!
-Mom, no!!!
-I'll call the police! This is torture!!!
-No, Mom, let me explain
-Let me explain mom, and then you call the police if you want

Taking a deep breath, Julia regained her temper and calmed down...a bit. As in a dream, as in a nightmare, she heard Amber explain everything... the barefoot thing, the safety issues, the training course, the promotion, the policies...the Stars...

-So, you allowed them to do THIS to you?
-Of course I did Mom, it's a honour, I've been promooted! Can't you understand?
-But they cannot do it, Amber! My child, this is cruel, this is agains Human Rights, this is torture and...
-Mom, it's on the contract, I signed it. It's legal.
-You knew about this?
-Of course mom! All the time, since I entered the Academy. They tell you about this during the first week, so girls can leave if they want. In fact, almost half the class leaves after they know about the Stars.
-So it's over. You won't get back.
-Are you telling me you want to get back after...after "this"?
-Of course mom! I want "this", those are MY stars, and those are MY feet. It's my career mom, don't you understand I've been promoted? This means more money too!
-It's not an issue of money darling!
-I know, but it's my careeer and...
-OK, so you want this?

Julia knew how stubborn her daughter was. She had inherited that from herself. Amber had made up her mind and she knew it. And she couldn't go against her daughter's freedom, she was a grown up and she had always knew what had been best for her. She had always made good decisions...

-Doesnt't it hurt?
-Doesn't it hurt? Just tell me, I won't bother you anymore about this...
-Yes,it hurts.
-A lot?
-Like hell!...but I'm getting used to it. And don't worry, I will wear them only while on duty, they are part of my uniform and I am supposed not to wear the uniform outside the airport. I had to get special permission from the Captain to came home wearing them, I wanted to show you, I wanted you to be happy with me, proud of me...
-My child... forgive me
-It's OK mom...

And both women started to cry...





Dieter left the plane. It was the weirdest yet most fascinating flight he'd ever taken. His mind was a tornado of emotions and thoughts, and none of them was about his job. He had to see them again, so he took a seat next to the entrance gate and waited. In the meantime, he came back to the free airline magazine he had picked out of the plane. He re-read that fascinating ad that said "Wanted - Flight attendants" adorned by the pic of a beautiful girl in bare feet, smiling and wearing the airline's uniform. The airline had it's own Academy...which was, of course, a logical thing. Dieter wondered about the training the girls would receive there. It had to be extreme, for sure.

He saw the parade he was waiting for... one by one, the girls entered through the gate, chatting and laughing. He saw the blonde girl that had just been promoted talk with the captain, smile at him and then run in a hurry with a happy face as her new Stars made a lovely "clap clap clap" on the polished floor. As she passed next to him she gave him a glance and smiled, blinking an eye as she showed a business card before putting it into her pocket. He returned her the smile, whispered "See you soon!!!" and started to remember


-Your attention please, snacks and sodas will be served in a minute

As the girls passed with the little cart, serving the passengers, Dieter got the courage to ask this blonde girl

-Yes Sir, can I help you?
-May you come back after the snacks have been served, please?

Five minutes later, the young, beautiful girl appeared again, with a kind smile and big blue eyes

-May I help you Sir?
-Oh, thank you! Yes... it's rather embarassing though...
-How can I help you Sir?
-Fraulein Einsberg... may I examine your feet, please?

Amber didn't hesitate at all. She was fully devoted to the company, and knew all the policies well. The passengers had the right to examine her feet anytime they wanted to. She turned backwards and lifted her right foot, posing it on Dieter's armrest with the sole upturned. It was a magical moment. Dieter took a look close. The girl's foot was beautifully shaped: it was long, slender, with a high arch...very elegant indeed. Her sole was deep black with dust and grime, except on the arch, where it was clean and creamy white. Three golden spots were shining under the electric light. He touched the girl's sole and felt it... it was somewhat coarse on the edges, specially on the heel and the ball of the foot. Under the dirt, the skin looked thick, yet supple... it wasn't rough, but it felt hard and pliable, just like old worn leather.

Without a word and realizing he had finished, Amber changed to the other foot. Dieter proceeded to examine it, it was as beautiful as the right one. The toenails were nicely trimmed and had no polish at all. Those beautiful feet were indeed strong, he wondered when it was the last time this beauty had worn shoes. Not in a long time, for sure, as if those feet had never been caged, as if they were free, happy little beasts, untamed yet eager to please.

-Does it hurt? He said, immediately thinking of how a stupid question it was
-Yes Sir, it hurts. It keeps us alert all the time. Amber added, in a professional, emotionless tone.
-Thank you Fraulein Einsberg
Amber put her foot down and turned towards Dieter. She said "You're welcome Sir" and smiled. Dieter, knowing not what else to say, was at least smart enough to give her his business card. The young lady sayd "Thanks!" in a sincere manner and went back to her work.


-How stupid I was! Dieter told himself, patting his forehead.

He hadn't know what else to do or to say after feeling Amber's soles. Thousands of questions rushed in his brain...he wanted to ask her how it was to have those terrible thumbtacks embedded in her flesh, how it was that she could endure such pain, when it was the last time she wore shoes, how, when and why she started to walk barefoot...And now that she had just passed next to him, he had only said "See you soon". Stupid!

He then saw that cute redhead flight attendant pass by his side. She was alone, engrossed in her own thoughts, in her own world, not wearing her uniform anymore. His mind went astray again, as he remembered the amazing scene that happened some minutes before the landing...


He had not recovered yet of the confusion and mixed feelings that touching this girl's feet had caused him. But it was not over...more surprises were yet to come. Across the aisle, three lines ahead, in Business Class, a passenger was finishing smoking a huge cigar and had just pressed the bell. A girl approached from the back of the plain, passing next to Dieter's seat. He observed her as she kindly talked to the smoker. She was young and beautiful. Not tall, but with a beautiful, well toned body. Her eyes encircled by glasses, her red hair in a ponytail. She was very pretty indeed, and had a special, intelligent bright in her eyes that gave her a very smart look. No, this was not a simple girl at all... there was far more than beauty in her. Besides her uniform, she wore a nice black leather collar with a metal stainless steel ring on the front part. He wondered what it could mean.

-May I help you Sir? The well mannered cutie said, with a lovely and subtle Southern U.S. accent.
-Sure little gal, I need an ashtray, you see, and I can't find the damn thing in this seat... said the man, blinking an eye. American too, maybe Texan, Dieter thought, without losing a single detail of the scene, mesmerized.

Right after that, the girl turned and offered her right foot to the man, with the sole upwards, just as Amber had done some minutes ago.

The man took the girl's foot on his big hand, gave a last puff to his cigar savoring the smoke and making the cherry alive. Then, slowly, enjoying it, put the stub out on the girl's sole, as if it were a living ashtray... the skin sizzled for a second, a cloud ofsmoke rose from her burnt sole and it was all.

-Thank you little lady! He said after cleaning the ash out of her sole, savoring it's texture.
-You're welcome Sir

The girl left in silence... Her face reflected pain...that cigar must had hurt her... However, an astonished Dieter saw through the white fabric of the uniform's blouse that her lovely breasts were firm and that her nipples were erect... The redhead smiled at him and he saw that, besides pain, her face showed pleasure too...The little metal nameplate on her blouse read ..."Lucinda"


His eyes went back to the redhead again as the call for the next flight awakened him out of his thoughts... She was wearing a nice, beige short skirt and a lovely blouse with ruffles. Now, besides the black collar, both ankles were adorned with black leather cuffs. She walked slowly, carelessly, as if she were waiting for someone. From his seat he observed her feet... they were exquisite! High arched, with stained soles. The ball of her feet was a little bit wide, her toes were straight and slightly spread... those feet seemed not having ever worn shoes in her full life... She was young, 19, 20? He couldn't guess but was sure he was close.

A good looking fellow wearing a US Navy uniform appeared.

-My wild child!

He said. The girl ran towards him, her face was bright with happiness, and they both embraced in a deep, sweet kiss...

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