The Jewel on Our Crown

She’s walking like a proud mare
But watch her eyes burn you away
Like her hair, striking was her golden stare
Turning the night into a dazzling day

Her mesmerizing gaze confines me in wonder
Like a fool in daze, walloped with her whips of splendor
Lost in amaze how even to charming veil surrenders
Such glorious blaze, and so humbly resides there under

The untouchable mystery opens only to few
While others live their wild dreams but without a clue
Of what lies beneath this charming veil
That captures their souls but never tells its tale

Yet reveals just much of their orient queen
Through imprisoning eyes she allows to be seen
Reflecting but a mystery of power and might
Reflecting true brilliance escaping through her sight

A glorious master her chosen one is not just any
For he is the proud master of a mistress of many
Who dream of her fury and submit to her pain
Who lust for her blows to their soles but in vain

For very lucky few get a taste of her pleasure
Who with envy I address “behold this treasure”
For as long as you live, even if it were forever
None other to your souls could such bliss deliver

In submission an elegant royalty enslaved
Facing her fate never hoping to be saved
Form every strike and those ruthless blows
That proudly land on her magnificent soles

For even a whip among implements would be proud
Honored to be the one in such magnificence crowned
Hoping to gain past this passionate encounter
It’s retirement from pain after meeting its dreams’ founder

But for long she disappears as a breeze she glides away
Takes all the light like the sun finishing the finest day
Leaving desperate souls locked in the darkness of their times
In anticipation of her return to add tunes to their lonely rhymes

Again the veil shines with dignity and all glory
Spreading hope and life and tells a new story
Of a grand dream and a vision for all to live
But not revealing her secret, the one she will never give

[i:aaec174cf9][b:aaec174cf9]With much admiration to our beloved mystery…you give us
Hope, like a long lost ship finally reaching its bay
Thrill, like a caged bird flying freely on its way
Beauty, like a clear blue sky decorating a lovely day…

You are the Jewel on Our Crown[/b:aaec174cf9][/i:aaec174cf9]

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