The Light Of The Blind

Living a lie, but wishing to fly
It just might go by, if you give it a real try
Before fear closes in, and the nightmares begin
Wash away what has been, your reprehensible sin
Sleep worries away, and realize a new day
Rise up to its ray and to your dim past at bay
You’re beautiful, such is your soul
Make a life that’s full, of delight be your goal
An easy way for the blind to go, a clever path for those who know
The secret of the mysterious glow, carve the way for you to follow
Then the whole world shall sing, and before you its majesty bring
It’s time you to be the king, not the watcher in the ring
The time has come to close your eyes and still the wind of sad demise
Ride above the clouds on the rise, sail on the sun high in the skies
All the birds that once flew, when your passion was only new
Could become your savior crew, on a journey to liberty serving you

But if you won’t go, I will try to understand
Just leave me enough hope, to hold in my hand
And if your days remain young, and restless nights seem long
Don’t blame me for this wrong, for that’s where you chose to belong…
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damnt :sl: i need somebody to translate mi this...i dont undrestane half of it
but seems to be very deep poem

btw very nice subject !!
Thanks mbf

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