The memory of your feet

My cigarette is burning
The world around me is turning

I cant sleep, I cannot eat
I live in the memory of your feet
The smoke is perturbing the picture of them
But they still look sweet

In my mind the memory grows
The pink color of the arches of yours
I will never forget the moment,
When I stuck my nose between your toes

Don’t care if my friends criticize
I need no reasons, no alabies
I know that your feet is a gift,
That came directly from paradise

I care not if it looks odd
I kneel under them on one knee
As I drew it … I want it to be
As if I am a worshiper and you are god

I started kissing them without shame
My kisses were mixed with the tenderness of a mother
I don’t know if you feel the same
But my lips and your soles belong to each other

Stuck out my tongue
Licked them all the way
Pressed so strong
And it lasted the whole day

Until you said with a firm voice
Clothes off, and lay down !!
I knew I had no choice
You wanted to take care of my clown

Your feet caress my dick
As I lie naked on the floor
It feels fantastic
I keep asking for more

You are stroking now fast
“faster fasterâ€

:shock: woow..i know you in diferent world man..this is supraised me very much..
exelent work my friend , thanks :P

Yes, really great pictures and feelings, well transported. I liked it!
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congratulations bastinrobin...thats art..your words reflect ur absolute love for feet...and what is art other than a translation of true feelings...
the images were great..I wish u live thosew moments not only in imagination but in real life..

Re: The Memory Of Your Feet

waooooooooo I want to tell you something bastinrobin its one of the best for me its so wonderful thank thank thank you...

but I want to ask you something else i just want to know do you speak arabic or not
Ladies i will lets you flying with bastinado

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