The slave in me

[color=darkblue:ee69f9be6b]You'll create me
with patterns all anew
from deep inside

shadows behind
the walls
-i saw them well
with eyes gone blind
untamed disdain
for life
i went on shallow ways
my mind in
self ajusted chains

You'll create me
after patterns all anew
that grow inside me
come to life
and tenderly
will lay between the pain
-i felt it all inside of me
though my heart gone blind
send them to other places
far away.

You'll build me
all anew with life
all pure, with pain,
with truth, with Your desire
i take them hesitatingly
the consequence in pain
i had to learn
and freely take,
with all my soul
and wide awake
i see them well,
the shadows of another time.

You'll build me
after patterns all anew
You close my eyes
place ties into my hands
with dark assurance
calm my soul
for once
beyond coercions
of another time

tightening the bonds
anew for once again
a last first time
addict me to You
all else is a crime[/color:ee69f9be6b]
[b:2b5e63d99f]~ i'm addicted to 7-Methyltheobromin ~[/b:2b5e63d99f]

~ Denn so wie der Schmerz dich krönt, kreuzigt er dich.
So wie er dich wachsen lässt, beschneidet er dich. ~

~ Die Illusion ist alles. ~

i m not intend much about poetry,but this is very s great that this forum have this thanks [color=cyan:9a8c27e39b]deena[/color:9a8c27e39b]

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